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Chapter 128: Meeting Jiang Teng Again

A while later, Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu arrived in the Holy Hall.

Like in previous years, after both of them arrived, one of them would speak words of encouragement and explain the rules of the competition before declaring the start of the competition.

And the two candidates that Chen Feirong recommended for Second Year Class Six were still Huang Xiaolong and Lu Kai.

During last year’s annual competition, Lu Kai was a peak late-Seventh Order warrior, and this year this little rascal finally managed to break through to the Eighth Order.

Standing on the stage, Lu Kai called out his Sky Peng martial spirit and soul transformed in the blink of an eye.

Without saying a word, an attack of Colossal Decimate Fist struck out at full force towards Huang Xiaolong.

Although Lu Kai knew he would lose, as the Prince of Luo Tong Kingdom, Lu Kai still needed to challenge and battle with Huang Xiaolong despite knowing how much stronger Huang Xiaolong was.

Otherwise, it would create an adverse effect on the kingdom.

Watching Lu Kai’s Colossal Decimate Fist coming at him after soul transforming, Huang Xiaolong stood quietly on the stage without moving.

Before everyone’s dumbstruck eyes, Lu Kai’s fist landed on Huang Xiaolong squarely in the chest.

Whoom! A loud muffled blast resounded.

Lu Kai and the crowd were shocked and bewildered.

While everyone was still in confusion around why Huang Xiaolong neither dodged nor attacked, Lu Kai was shocked to discover his fist felt like it hit against a solid iron wall when it landed on Huang Xiaolong’s chest.

Huang Xiaolong stood there, immovable like a mountain.

“This!” Lu Kai’s eyes widened with shock and amazement.

At this time, a terrifying energy gushed out from Huang Xiaolong’s body, and with a shake of his right shoulder, Lu Kai was knocked back, stumbling all the way until he fell off the stage powerlessly.

Mouths were agape.

Even Lu Kai felt stupefied.

He had already stepped into the Eighth Order, and in addition to his soul transformed physique, he was using an Earth rank battle skill, even an average peak late-Eighth Order wouldn’t dare to take his fist attack head on like Huang Xiaolong just did!

Not only did Huang Xiaolong take his Colossal Decimate Fist at full force without soul transforming, he even successfully repelled him off the stage with a shake of his shoulder

Lu Kai shook his head: “This freak, has he broken through to the Ninth Order”

Maybe he really has stepped into the Ninth Order! Lu Kai thought as his eyes widened.

Having the same thought as Lu Kai, everyone who was watching was sure Huang Xiaolong had advanced in his cultivation.

Up on the main platform, watching this result, Sun Zhang chuckled: “This little guy already broke into the Ninth Order He was faster than what we estimated by half a year!”

“Yes ah, there’s still a month away before this little guy reaches sixteen.”

Xiong Chu looked enviously at Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette on the battle stage.

A sixteen-year-old Ninth Order warrior!

This was an unprecedented event in the entire Duanren Empire’s history!

Freak or monster was a lackluster definition to describe Huang Xiaolong.

Super freak, super monster!

After defeating Lu Kai, Huang Xiaolong became the Class Six winner as expected and the event moved on to the Second Year competition.

Again, Huang Xiaolong defeated his opponents from the other classes effortlessly, taking the championship for the Second Year.

However, Huang Xiaolong’s final opponent last year, one of the three big beauties of Cosmic Star Academy, Chen Caixiu, had advanced to the Ninth Order and had passed the assessment test to advance to the Third Year class.

A few hours later, the year’s Academy competition ended smoothly.

As the tradition goes, other than the usual competition rewards, Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu each gifted a high Grade Five Spirit Dan to Huang Xiaolong.

The main reason Huang Xiaolong participated in the Academy’s competition was not for cultivating in the Dragon Flame Valley, but for these Grade Five Spirit Dans.

These three spirit dans were given to his parents and siblings every year.

Even though Huang Xiaolong’s Nine Tripod Commerce earns more than several thousands gold coins every year, high Grade Five Spirit Dans were not something that could be bought with sacks of gold coins.

When Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu were giving him the two high Grade Five Spirit Dans, Huang Xiaolong inquired about the class advancement assessment test for the Third Year.

Sun Zhang laughed and said: “You have broken through to the Ninth Order, and the level of your strength has surpassed most of the Third Year students.

Still, to advance to the Third Year class you must go through the Academy’s test.

This rule, even the two of us must adhere to it.”

Xiong Chu added: “The year has ended, so if you want to apply for the assessment test it can only be carried out next year.

When the new term starts, come to us and we will arrange it for you.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded: “Okay then.”

Seeing that Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu both believed he had just broken through to the Ninth Order, Huang Xiaolong did not correct them by saying that he had in fact stepped into the Tenth Order, for it is too frightening.

During last year’s competition when he defeated Chen Caixiu, he was only an Eighth Order.

If people knew he already broken through to the Tenth Order in no more than one year’s time, perhaps the million li away Duanren Empire would be alerted.

Then again, when Huang Xiaolong revealed his grade twelve superb talent martial spirits, the Primordial Divine Black Dragon, the Duanren Empire should’ve been made aware of this.

The progress of a young and talented youth such as Huang Xiaolong is usually given top priority.

On the other hand, the Duanren Empire wouldn’t deliberately protect or cultivate people like Huang Xiaolong unless they participated in the Battle of the Imperial City and successfully entered the top one hundred places, qualifying to enroll into Duanren Institute.

Huang Xiaolong returned to Tianxuan Mansion with his younger sister and brother, Huang Min and Huang Xiaohai.

His sister, Huang Min, indeed won the class competition.

Back in Tianxuan Mansion, Huang Xiaolong entered the ancient battlefield to practice.

Soon, another month passed.

In another two days, it will be New Year.

The entire Tianxuan Mansion was decorated vibrantly, immersed in a cheerful, festive atmosphere.

Like every New Year, Huang Xiaolong would stop practicing to accompany his parents and younger siblings.

It had already been sixteen years since he was reborn in this world, but most of his time was spent on practicing and cultivation, and the time he had to talk with his family was very little.

“Pity that Li Lu is not here.” In the main hall, everyone was happily chatting when Su Yan suddenly remarked: “This New Year could have been even better and livelier.”

Huang Min also agreed: “Right ah, if Sister Li Lu was here, how wonderful it would be!”

The atmosphere in the main hall took a sudden drop.

Huang Xiaolong stood up and left the main hall.

Coming to the streets, he strolled without a specific destination in mind, just wanting to take a breath of fresh air.

The weather was cold, yet there were many people on the streets, and it was bustling and lively.

There were noises everywhere of common folk buying things for the upcoming New Year celebration.

Huang Xiaolong observed these common folk preparing to welcome the New Year in a jovial mood and in turn, it made his mood better.

The truth was, a person doesn’t seek much– as long as they could stay together with their family and be happy, this was also a blessing.

After taking a stroll around the city, Huang Xiaolong went back to Tianxuan Mansion.

Night descended and Tianxuan Mansion lit up brightly.

Instead of practicing, Huang Xiaolong provided constructive advice to Huang Min and Huang Xiaohai on the problems they encountered in cultivation.

Very quickly, the New Year passed.

The Cosmic Star Academy academic year had started.

Huang Xiaolong headed towards the Cosmic Star Academy and immediately went straight in the direction of the Principal’s office.

What Huang Xiaolong did not expect was that Jiang Teng was inside the room when he walked in.

A few years had passed and Jiang Teng had grown into a young man over five feet tall.

With Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu’s attentive nurturing, Jiang Teng who possessed the superb talent martial spirit, Sacred Bright Tiger, had advanced to late-Seventh Order.

The gap between him and Huang Xiaolong was like heaven and earth.

Huang Xiaolong had turned into an existence he could only admire from afar.

Obviously, Jiang Teng also did not think he would run into Huang Xiaolong at this time and place because he had actively avoided Huang Xiaolong.

Thus, it had been two to three years since they last met face to face.

“Se, Senior Brother Huang!’ Seeing Huang Xiaolong walk in, Jiang Teng practically jumped out from his seat, stammering out a greeting.


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