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After a scheme appeared in his mind, Zhou Xu chased after Huang Xiaolong\'s group with a bright smile on his face.

Tan Lin and the other two were dubious of Zhou Xu\'s action.

At this point, Li Lu, Huang Xiaolong, Wu Qian\'er, and Luo Yunjie also saw Guo Gang and his guards blocking everyones path and checking through their spatial rings for golden beads, while they were returning from the golden beads volcano to the Golden Wheel City.

Huang Xiaolong continued flying with Li Lu and others toward the Golden Wheel City.

“Stop right there!” When Huang Xiaolongs group was about to fly past Guo Gangs check point, one of the guards barked as he blocked their path.

The guard frowned slightly recognizing the Fortune Gate disciple robes worn by Huang Xiaolongs group and softened his expressions as he spoke, “Dont you know the rules Everyone must be checked before they are permitted to leave.”

“Are these Golden Wheel Citys rules” Huang Xiaolong asked indifferently. 

The guard glared at Huang Xiaolong stating, “Our Young Master Guos words are the rules here.”

“Excuse me, I dont think your Young Master Guos words can be considered as rules.” Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

The guards slightly amiable expression turned cold in an instant, “Punk, dont think that just because you are a Fortune Gate disciple, we wont dare to deal with you.

In Golden Wheel City, whoever dares to violate our Young Master Guos words, ends up being extremely miserable, irrespective of their identity!”

“How much miserable do you mean by extremely miserable” Huang Xiaolong said with a hint of bloodthirst.

The guard was enraged by Huang Xiaolongs words.

A cold metallic glint flashed as a long blade appeared in his hand.

“Whats going on here” Guo Gang came over with several of his guards.

Under the setting sun, Guo Gangs icy blue hair emitted a demonic blue glow as it hung loosely over his shoulders.

Coming to a halt in front of Huang Xiaolongs group, Guo Gang stared fixedly at Li Lu and Wu Qianers faces and smiled, “So its Fortune Gates Miss Li Lu and Miss Qianer.

When Changzhi Hongfei had told him about Li Lu, Guo Gang had sent people to investigate the identities of Huang Xiaolongs group.

Both Li Lu and Wu Qianer kept silent.

The smile on Guo Gangs face did not diminish despite the two young womens silence, and he introduced himself.

“I am Guo Gang and Golden Wheel Citys City Castellan Guo is my father.” He went on, “Everyone that looks for golden beads, regardless of who they are, their spatial rings must be checked before they could leave.

This is a rule, therefore, although two young misses are Fortune Gate disciples, I cannot make a special exception ah.” Guo Gang even made a troubled face as he said this to look genuine.

However, Guo Gang didnt take notice of Huang Xiaolong and Luo Yunjie during this entire exchange, as if both men were invisible like the air.

“Everyone looking for the golden beads must be inspected before they can leave” Wu Qianers temper flared up, “Does this volcano belong to your family We have searched very hard for these golden beads, so why should we give you one What gives you the authority to make such unjustifiable demand.”

Huang Xiaolong and Luo Yunjie exchanged a glance as they both gave Wu Qianer a silent thumbs up.

The cultivators nearby also cheered for Wu Qianer in their hearts when they heard her words.

Guo Gangs frosty blue eyes were focused on Wu Qianer, “Miss Qianer, maybe you arent aware, but indeed, this volcano belongs to our family because it was first discovered by us.

The fact that anyone can come here to look for the spiritual energy golden beads is nothing but our generosity, therefore, it is warranted that we collect one golden bead from those who find two or above.”

The corner of Guo Gangs lips curved into a sinister smile.

Wu Qianer was indignantly speechless.

Guo Gangs face was too thick as he lied with his eyes open.

Everyone could come here to look for golden beads because his family were generous! This volcano was discovered by their family!

The surrounding cultivators were also angry listening to Go Gang\'s words but no one dared to refute.

You say this volcano was discovered by your family Huang Xiaolong interjected.

I say this volcano is discovered by me; not only this volcano but the Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain is also discovered by me!

The surrounding cultivators burst into laughter at Huang Xiaolong\'s words.

Haha, I think the entire Vientiane World is discovered by me. Luo Yunjie chimed in from the side.

The laughter grew louder.

That\'s it, if you can say that since this volcano was first discovered by your family then it belongs to you; then I can also say that this Vientiane World was discovered by me, therefore, the whole Vientiane World belongs to me, right

Guo Gang\'s smile disappeared as his face darkened.

He looked at Huang Xiaolong and Luo Yunjie like he had just noticed the two of them.

Huang Xiaolong and Luo Yunjie, is it Guo Gang sneered coldly, Huang Xiaolong, I know that you are the Fortune Mainland\'s All-Islands Great War champion, and also a personal disciple of Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor, however, this high-profile identity is useless here.

I have heard that you\'re quite an arrogant person

Killing intent flickered in the depths of Guo Gang\'s eyes as he said this.

Until now, those who have dared to act arrogant in front of me are all dead! Died miserably! Even if you are Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor\'s personal disciple, I would have you crippled just the same!

You have one last chance, each of you obediently take out one golden bead and offer it to me with both hands, then only I can let you leave safely! Guo Gang was no longer hiding his killing intent. 

It seemed like if Huang Xiaolong did not hand out a golden bead, Guo Gang was really bent on crippling him one way or the other.

In Vientiane World, sea tribe was the most powerful force.

The combined forces of the three mainlands—Fortune Mainland, Eternal Mainland, and Dark Elf Mainland could barely stand against the sea tribe.

Hence, the sea tribe was always condescending towards the human race.

Although Fortune Mainland, Eternal Mainland, and Dark Elf Mainland were human race forces, the three mainlands had always been in competitive dynamics with each other.

If it was not a matter of life and death, it was impossible for these three forces to cooperate.

Zhou Xu who had chased after Huang Xiaolong, came up to him and said with a smile, Huang Xiaolong, I overheard that you found more than twenty golden beads.

Young Master Guo Gang merely wants four golden beads, so don\'t throw away your life over just four golden beads, that\'s so not worth it!

More than twenty!

Greed flitted across Guo Gang\'s eyes when he heard Zhou Xu\'s words.

He looked at Huang Xiaolong and said, I forgot to tell you that there is another rule, which states that no matter who finds more than ten golden beads, they have to give half of it to me!

Half! Luo Yunjie was angered, shouting, You must be sick down below! 

Must be sick down below!

Li Lu and Wu Qian\'er blushed red.

Wu Qian\'er even glared at Luo Yunjie, this indiscriminate guy.

On the other hand, the surrounding cultivators looked at Guo Gang\'s crotch as a reflex action.

Guo Gang\'s legs squeezed together for a moment being stared at by so many pairs of eyes.

Go cripple them! Guo Gang bellowed in anger, waving his hand at his guards, and added, I want all the golden beads on them!

Immediately, the guards behind Guo Gang all rushed up to Huang Xiaolong and Luo Yunjie.

Guo Gang\'s guards were all Eighth Order Ancient God Realm masters.

Luo Yunjie retreated a step in shock, Guo Gang actually ordered his guards to cripple them!

Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent, though he had left Xie Xuan and Xie Ying at Fortune City to protect Yao Chi, he had brought Xie Li and several other Ninth Order Ancient God Realm Nefarious Devil masters to accompany him. 


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