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Clear Spirit World Huang Xiaolong looked at Meng Yuan with doubt.

In these past years, Huang Xiaolong had learned about the surrounding neighbors of Vientiane World, but there was none called Clear Spirit World in his recollection.

The Divine World was boundless and if this Clear Spirit World was a long distance away, he might not be able to arrive there in the next ten thousand years.

Meng Yuan guessed Huang Xiaolong\'s worry in a glance.

He smiled and said, Young Warrior Huang, worry not.

Although this Clear Spirit World is a little far from our Vientiane World, you can reach there through Void Sky World\'s transmission array.

Huang Xiaolong was obviously relieved after he heard Meng Yuan\'s words.

He knew of the Void Sky World; indeed, it was close to the Vientiane World.

In the vast Divine World, the bigger world surfaces has grand scale transmission array built, such as the Void Sky World that Meng Yuan mentioned.

The Void Sky World\'s transmission array could transfer people straight to another world surfaces.

Huang Xiaolong roughly estimated that it\'d take him around one year\'s time to reach Void Sky World from Vientiane World.

One year\'s journey was not too long.

But… the transmission fee for travelling from Void Sky World to Clear Spirit World was not cheap. Meng Yuan hesitated briefly then elaborated, For cross- world transmissions like this, one person needs to pay at least two hundred billion!

Two hundred billion!

For one person!

Huang Xiaolong was a little shocked, just a little.

For other common Ancient God Realm cultivators, two hundred billion was an exorbitant amount.

On top of that, Huang Xiaolong was also bound to bring the little cow with him as well as Xie Li, Xie Xuan, and Xie Ying.

Five people; that came up to one trillion!

One trillion could buy a residence in Fortune City.

Fortunately, since Huang Xiaolong had destroy Ouyang Family and Demon-Buddha Clan\'s headquarters not long ago and pocketed their treasuries, he was a rich man.

Still he felt reluctant to spend one trillion on transmission array.

Subsequently, Huang Xiaolong asked some questions about Xiao Family and Elder Xiao Teng.

He learned from Meng Yuan that Xiao Family was one of the hegemon of Clear Spirit World.

Their status in Clear Spirit World was almost equivalent to Fortune Gate in Vientiane World; and that Xiao Teng was a First Order Ancestor God Realm master.

First Order Ancestor God Realm! Huang Xiaolong\'s brows furrowed slightly.

Looks like this has become troublesome.

Under these circumstances, even if he managed to reach Clear Spirit World, getting the three pieces of chaos five-colored heaven refining stone from Xiao Teng would prove difficult.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong and Yao Chi walked out from the commerce hall.

Before leaving, Huang Xiaolong went to collect one trillion gained from his auctioned items.

He gave Meng Yuan the remaining amount which was a little over three hundred billion as a token of appreciation to keep an eye on any news related to the chaos five-colored heaven refining stone, chaos spiritual liquids, Deep Sea Crystal and Enigmatic Yang Thistle.

Although Meng Yuan was the Head Supervisor of Infinite Circles Commerce Hall, three hundred billion was absolutely not a small amount to him.

He promised Huang Xiaolong\'s request, smiling from ear to ear.

Xiaolong, when the time comes, you really want to go to Clear Spirit World Yao Chi asked after they left the commerce hall, sounding worried.

According to what Meng Yuan had said earlier, the Clear Spirit World was exceptionally turbulent and disliked outsiders.

Disciples below Ancestor God Realm rarely returned alive.

Furthermore, this time, Huang Xiaolong\'s target Xiao Teng was an Ancestor God Realm master!

Don\'t worry, I\'ll be fine. Huang Xiaolong smiled reassuringly at Yao Chi and added, There\'s still Xiaoniū with me and if there\'s an enemy, Xiaoniū can let out a fart.

Even an Ancestor God Realm is guaranteed to explode into dust!

Yao Chi giggled then admonished Huang Xiaolong, Never serious.

Then, Yao Chi thought of something and burst into a fit of giggles.

The little cow rolled its eyes at Huang Xiaolong, objecting, Master, I\'m afraid that if the other side was to let out a fart then we would be dust as well!

Yao Chi couldn\'t help but laugh louder.

\'These two jokers.\'

They did not stay any longer on Wu Island and flew back to Fortune Mainland on the same day.

Huang Xiaolong was bound to go to Clear Spirit World.

Regardless of the cost and trouble, he must acquire the chaos five-colored heaven refining stone.

\'Wangu Ziyi!\' Huang Xiaolong then remembered Wangu Ziyi had intentionally purchased all the chaos spiritual liquids he needed.

A murderous intent towards Wangu Ziyi flitted into Huang Xiaolong\'s eyes.

\'You better would have not used those chaos spiritual liquids, or else, I will cripple you in the Four Mainlands\' New Disciples Battle!\'

Completely crippled! Waste!

The Infinite Circles Commerce Hall had actually found all the chaos spiritual liquids Huang Xiaolong needed.

In other words, as long as he would have won the first place in the Four Mainlands\' New Disciples Battle; he would have received the metal source chaos spiritual liquid in addition to the chaos spiritual liquids he would have bought from the Infinite Circles Commerce Hall.

This way he would have had all the chaos spiritual liquids needed for repairing the Pill Blending Tower.

But Wangu Ziyi was one step ahead of him and had bought six kinds of chaos spiritual liquids!

One can imagine the fury burning in Huang Xiaolong\'s heart.

Several days passed and Huang Xiaolong\'s group was back in the Myriad Gods Manor in Fortune City.

Huang Xiaolong stayed in Myriad Gods Manor for a few days.

He then had Yao Chi stay there longer, whereas he returned to Fortune Mountain Range alone.

When he arrived at the Fortune Mountain Range\'s Nine Boundaries Summit Nine Boundaries Tower, Hu Dan was fuming in anger.

Her cold gaze was fixed on the three people in front of her— Yang Liming, Hu Qi, and Ouyang Yunfei.

In the last one year or so, Yang Liming, Hu Qi, and Ouyang Yunfei had entangled her endlessly; especially Yang Liming and Hu Qi, had often used their identities to suppress and make things difficult for her.

For example, in tasks delegation, they both had made the disciple in charge give Hu Dan tasks that were the most difficult to complete.

At another instance, Hu Dan\'s monthly allowance of divine pellets and spirit stones thats given to every disciple was always deducted through various excuses.

The most annoying thing was that every time Hu Dan wanted to cultivate inside the Nine Boundaries Tower, the disciple in charge of the Nine Boundaries Tower collected a fee which was a hundred times higher than that of the other disciples!

For disciples who were below Ancient God Realm, like Hu Dan, only need to pay ten Ancient Exudes Pills every time; but Hu Dan had to pay one thousand!

Hu Dan knew very well that these were all tricks played on her by Yang Liming, Hu Qi, and Ouyang Yunfei.

Ever since she had dismissed their attempts to woo her, they had been using these foul tricks against her.

When Senior Brother Huang returns, I will tell him what all of you have been doing, every single thing! Hu Dan glared at the three jerks, anger dancing in her eyes.

Senior Brother Huang Yang Liming chuckled maliciously, Hu Dan, don\'t think of using Huang Xiaolong to suppress me.

Do you really think the three of us are afraid of Huang Xiaolong Once we get the opportunity, we\'ll deal with Huang Xiaolong once and for all!

Ouyang Yunfei\'s gaze turned venomous glaring at Hu Dan when she brought out Huang Xiaolongs name.

He was already aware that Ouyang Family headquarters was destroyed by Huang Xiaolong, and he had also killed his grandfather Ouyang Bin along with his father Ouyang Xuguang.

Hatred roiled in his heart, he wanted nothing more than to chop Huang Xiaolong into a million pieces! Skin Huang Xiaolong alive!

Hu Dan, let me tell you the truth, Hu Qi sneered, Our Fortune Gate Young Lord and Senior Brother Wang Wei doesn\'t find Huang Xiaolong pleasing at all, and they\'ll get rid of him sooner or later.

He wouldn\'t even manage to protect himself; if you\'re smart, you should know what to do!


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