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Nefarious Devil Tribe experts were gathered inside the great hall of Nefarious Devil Tribe Ancestral Hall when Huang Xiaolong was leading Xie Li and thirty-three Nefarious Devil puppets towards the Nefarious Devil Tribe Ancestral Hall. 

At the center of the hall, four Nefarious Devil experts sat in a row.

Their physiques were clearly taller and bigger than others.

Their auras were also the strongest in the great hall.

These four were the Heads of the biggest Nefarious Devil Tribe settlements.

Each one of them was a late-Fourth Order Ancient God Realm master.

Seated below them in the great hall were the Grand Elders of four biggest settlements as well as the Heads of other settlements.

There were more than five hundred Nefarious Devils in the great hall.

This was the first time in the past several hundred years that all of Nefarious Devil Tribe settlements Heads were gathered here.

The atmosphere inside the great hall was tense and gloomy.

I believe, all of the settlements Heads know why we are gathered over here right now.

One of the biggest settlements Head— Head Xie Sheng of the Evil Heart Settlement said as he broke the silence.

We\'ve obtained news that the Demon-Buddha Clan has joined with Ouyang Family to attack our Nefarious Devil Island in the next few days. Xie Luoxing said.

He was the Head of another big settlement called The Evil Ghost settlement.

He then added, Ive also heard that Ouyang Family Ancestor Ouyang Bin is personally leading Ouyang Family and the Demon-Buddha Clan to attack our Nefarious Devil Island!”

Ouyang Family Ancestor Ouyang Bin!

The atmosphere in the great hall turned gloomier at the mention of Ouyang Bin.

Ouyang Family was the top force within a hundred million miles of the sea region, and not just that, but Ouyang Familys Ancestor Ouyang Bin was a Seventh Order Ancient God Realm master with a resounding reputation.

If Ouyang Bin joined forces with the Demon-Buddha Clan to attack their Nefarious Devil Island, it would be catastrophic for the Nefarious Devil Tribe...


“In the recent couple of years, Ouyang Family has gained alliance with Dragon Origin Sect and Twin Cities Sect.

Their forces have expanded at a whirlwind pace.

In this short time, over a dozen islands forces have aligned themselves with Ouyang Family.” Head Xie Shan said with forlorn expressions, “To this day, Ouyang Familys forces have more than doubled in size, ah!”

“However, in the last one million years, our Nefarious Devil Tribes strength has sunk to the bottom; so much so that we couldnt even retaliate attacks from the Demon-Buddha Clan.

With the addition of Ouyang Family, we wont be able to withstand their attacks, even if the ancestral burial grounds Imperial God Killing Formation was activated!”Head Xie Xiao sighed heavily, “Does the Heaven really want our Nefarious Devil Tribe to perish!”

“If our Nefarious Devil Tribe really perishes, then I am a sinner to our Nefarious Devil Tribes generations of ancestors!”Head Xie Xin lamented. 

“Anyone has a suggestion, what are we going to do”

“Even if all of us die in the fight, never will we ever submit to the Demon-Buddha Clan!” A small settlement Head vowed as he rose determinedly from his chair.

“Thats right! Even if all of us die fighting, we absolutely will never submit to the Demon-Buddha Clan or serve under Ouyang Family!”

“Well fight to the death with them!”

All settlement heads of Nefarious Devil Tribe stood up, filled with a desire to battle.

There was a blood feud spanning over several generations between the Nefarious Devil Tribe and Demon-Buddha Clan.

It had especially escalated in the last million years.

The Demon-Buddha Clan had killed countless of Nefarious Devil Tribes disciples and this made all Nefarious Devils furious at the mere mention of them.

Xie Sheng, Xie Luoxing, Xie Shan, and Xie Xiao exchanged glances amongst themselves.

“Then we shall fight to the death with them!” Xie Sheng suddenly rose from his seat, thick desire to battle surged from his stalwart figure.

“Well inform the Ancestors immediately.” Xie Luoxing said solemnly.

The Nefarious Devil Tribe still had four Ancestors with strength between late-Sixth and peak late-Sixth Order Ancient God Realm.

However, the four Ancestors were cultivating in seclusion in a secret ground of the tribe for the last several thousand years and had not taken a single step outside.

But now, they needed to alert these four Ancestors, as they were at the brink of their entire tribes annihilation!

Just as Xie Luoxing and the other three Heads were about to inform their four Ancestors to leave their seclusion, an Evil Heart Settlements Elder rushed into the great hall with a scared and flustered look on his face, but at the same time he was strangely excited.

Watching this sight, everyones heart sank.

‘Could it be that the Demon-buddha Clan and Ouyang Familys experts were attacking their Nefarious Devil Island in advance

“Whats the matter!” Xie Sheng demanded, the furrows between his brows deepened.

“Hh-Head, there, theres…” The Evil Heart Settlement Elder stammered unintelligibly, looking extremely nervous. 

“Theres what!” Xie Luoxing snapped at the Elder, with an uneasy feeling in his heart.

‘Were the Demon-Buddha Clan and Ouyang Family really attacking them in advance

But why was this Evil Heart Settlement Elder looking so excited then

“A-a-a lot-t of experts, experts!” The Evil Heart Settlement Elder could finally spit out a string of understandable words: “Experts of our Nefarious Devil Tribe!”

Nefarious Devil experts! Everyone was in a daze listening to the Elders exclamation.

Other than the four Ancestors who were in seclusion at the secret ground, all Nefarious Devil Tribe Ancient God Realm masters were assembled in the great hall.Where did these Nefarious Devil experts drilled out from

“Where” Xie Xiao asked as he also found this to be a little strange.“ They have recently passed the Evil Fire City and are headed in this direction, towards the Ancestral Hall!” The Evil Heart Settlement Elder sounded extremely excited.

“Come, lets go out and see!” Xie Shan said with a serious expression.

Hence, Xie Sheng, Xie Luoxing, Xie Shan, and Xie Xiao led all of the assembled Nefarious Devil experts outside of the Ancestral Great Hall.

As soon as they hey flew out of the Ancestral Halls great hall, an overwhelming pressure submerged them like a tidal wave.

All of the Nefarious Devil experts paled under this overwhelming pressure.

This terrifying pressure was…!

All of them looked toward the horizon and saw a black-haired young man riding on an azure cow coming towards them.

Behind him was a group of Nefarious Devil experts with crimson fires flickering in their eyes!

One, two, three, four… thirty-four of them! There was a total of thirty-four Nefarious Devil experts! 

On top of that, all of these thirty-four Nefarious Devil experts strength was equivalent to that of the Ancient God Realm masters!

Pressure that was coming from every single one of these Nefarious Devil masters had locked onto them like a prison.

The lowest realm among them was still stronger than Xie Sheng, Xie Luoxing, Xie Shan, and Xie Xiao! The four of them and all other Nefarious Devil Settlements Heads sucked in a breath of cold air, shocked to the core.

They were rooted to the spot.

Not one person dared to move and were scared to even make a slight noise.

Over five hundred Nefarious Devil Tribe experts stood dazedly like this, waiting for Huang Xiaolongs group to arrive.

The little cow flew with Huang Xiaolong on its back.

From afar, the two of them were surprised to see a large group of Nefarious Devil experts, including the four most powerful Heads of the four biggest Settlements, dazedly standing outside the Ancestral Hall.

“It couldnt be that they already knew that you wanted to conquer the Nefarious Tribe, hence all of them are assembled at the Ancestral Hall waiting for your arrival, right” The little cow joked happily.

Huang Xiaolong merely smiled at this.

Just then, four figures whistled across the air at their fastest speeds towards the Ancestral Hall from the Nefarious Devil Tribe secret ground; arriving at a lightning speed.

Obviously, the terrifying strength of Huang Xiaolongs group of Nefarious Devil experts, especially Xie Lis, had alarmed the four Ancestors.

“Greetings to four Ancestors!” Xie Sheng and the others saluted hurriedly as they were jolted to their senses.

However, the four Nefarious Devil Tribe Ancestors didnt even look at them, their gaze was fixed on Huang Xiaolong, Xie Li, and others.

When their gaze fell on the last person— Xie Dong, the four exclaimed, “Its, its Old Patriarch Xie Dong!” 

“Old Patriarch Xie Xuan!”

“Old Patriarch Xie Zhuojue!”

The four Ancestors exclaimed with uncertainty.

Xie Sheng, Xie Luoxing, Xie Shan, and Xie Xiao quivered violently.

Looking again at the group of Nefarious Devil experts behind the black-haired young man...

‘Arent these experts their Ancestors who had been lying in the ancestral burial grounds

“How come all of these Ancestors are resurrected


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