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High grade emperor rank Five Elements Godhead! Zhu Feng jumped to his feet in surprise, You mean the Five Elements Godhead ranked four hundred and fifty-eighth Zhu Feng didn\'t look so good.

 Lu Tai nodded heavily.

It was normal for Zhu Feng to react this way, wasn\'t he the same when he first heard about it That was a high grade emperor rank godhead, not merely a low grade one!

Although Zhu Feng, as the Fortune Gate\'s Young Lord, also had an emperor rank godhead, his was a low grade emperor rank  Firmament Sea Godhead ranked eight hundred and twenty-one.

It was higher than Zhou Xu, but the gap was too big compared to Huang Xiaolong!

Zhu Feng was the Fortune Gate\'s Young Lord, but that did not mean the Gate Chief position would be his to inherit.

According to long established Fortune Gate rules, if there was a disciple who had higher talent than Zhu Feng, they were naturally qualified to compete with him for the Gate Chief position.

Hence, even though getting a high grade emperor rank godhead disciple was good news, to Zhu Feng it was nothing good

Gate Chief, Golden Brow, Myriad Flames, Black Ice, Sky Sword, Blood Knife, and Lightning Hammer Ancestors had personally inspected it, there should be no mistake. Lu Tai went on, Although this Huang Xiaolong\'s godhead isn\'t like Li Lu\'s or Wang Wei\'s, Golden Brow Ancestor particularly likes him due to the nature of his godhead and values him quite a bit.

Speaking of this, Lu Tai described Golden Brow Ancestor\'s happy reaction after inspecting Huang Xiaolong\'s godhead to Zhu Feng.

Though Li Lu and Wang Wei\'s godheads were ranked higher than Huang Xiaolongs, neither of them had metal element force.

Huang Xiaolong\'s Five Elements Godhead had it, which meant that it was suited to inherit Golden Brow Ancestor\'s technique.

 Hearing this, Zhu Feng\'s face darkened even more.

In any case, Young Lord needs not worry.

In another hundred years is the election for the next Gate Chief. Lu Tai reminded, As high as Huang Xiaolong\'s talent is, his cultivation cannot reach the Ancestor God Realm before then, therefore he is no threat to Young Lord.

In fact, subordinate thinks it would be more beneficial to Young Lord in winning that position if we could bring Huang Xiaolong to our side!

The Fortune Gate Chief changed every three hundred thousand years, however, according to the rules, only Ancestor God Realm cultivators with an emperor rank godhead could be the next Fortune Gate Chief.

Zhu Feng\'s expression finally relaxed  a little, a smile on his face.

You\'re right, Huang Xiaolong is no threat to me at all.

He\'s still just a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm, isn\'t he In a hundred years or so,  no matter how fast his cultivation will rise, he cannot break through to the Ancient God Realm.


Lu Tai laughed, That is so.

Young should Lord first bring Huang Xiaolong to your side, then obtain Li Lu\'s favor.

If you dual cultivate with her and absorb her yin essence, Young Lord can definitely advance to the Ancestor God Realm in a hundred years.

At that time, Myriad Flames Ancestor and Black Ice Ancestor will naturally choose to support Young Lord.

Adding the Sect Chief\'s support, Young Lord rising to that position is only right and proper, Wang Wei definitely cannot compete with Young Lord.

Zhu Feng nodded, a smile on his face.

He then changed the subject, Miss Li Lu is still in the Pure Snow Manor  

Mn, she\'s at the Pure Snow Manor right now. Lu Tai nodded.

Good. Zhu Feng said, Have someone prepare some snowflake jelly, I\'ll be making a trip.

He knew that Li Lu liked snowflake jelly.


In another place inside the city, Huang Xiaolong, Yao Chi, Lu Zhuo, and others were standing in front of a residence on the southside of Fortune City.

This residence had just been bought with Huang Xiaolong\'s winnings from his three hundred billion bet.

The gambling house was operated by several super trading houses, but facing Huang Xiaolong, the gambling house dared not play any tricks, giving Huang Xiaolong his winnings of 1.5 trillion.

The gambling houses higher echelon even walked Huang Xiaolong out to the entrance.

Golden Yang Divine Manor. This was the manor\'s original name.

However, after a second thought, Huang Xiaolong raised an arm, erasing two characters and changing it to \'Myriad Gods Manor\'.


The Myriad Gods Manor was the name of the residence where his family lived in the lower realm.

Let\'s go in. Huang Xiaolong led Yao Chi, Lu Zhuo, and others inside as his hands pushed open the main entrance doors.

The manor grounds were planted with spiritual flowers and divine trees, even having a spiritual pond.

There was also a cold jade bed in each room.

The full set of furniture was made of divine wood, creating an atmosphere of old charm.

The residence was quite large, with about thirty rooms.

Yao Chi happily selected a large room, smiling from ear to ear as she said, This Manor is wonderful!

Compared to the Barbarian God Sect\'s Celestial Immortal Manor, this place was definitely much better.

Not just the spiritual energy, but also the quality of the decorations was much higher.

Huang Xiaolong smiled wryly, \'Of course it\'s good ah, this place cost me more than I won from the bet.\' His winnings were just 1.5 trillion, and he topped up several hundred million to purchase this residence.

 Although it wasn\'t on par with the better manors inside Fortune City, Huang Xiaolong was satisfied.

He then grinned and said, As long as you like it.

Later in the afternoon, we\'ll go to some of the nearby markets and see if there\'s anything you want to add.

Yao Chi was delighted, nodding and answering affirmatively.

She then dragged Huang Xiaolong through all the nearby markets.

In a single afternoon, the things inside his Ghost Buddha Ring were piled up high.

Although the All-Islands Great had ended, Lu Zhuo, Zhu Huan, and the rest need not hurry back to Green Cloud Island, so Huang Xiaolong had them stay a bit longer in Fortune City.

Lu Zhuo, Zhu Huan, Ren Changhai naturally complied.

The sky gradually darkened.

Fortune City\'s night sky was extremely clear.

Huang Xiaolong stood in the yard, pondering about the future.

Now that the All-Islands Great War had ended, his immediate plan was to breakthrough to the Ancient God Realm.

After that, he would be making a trip back to Green Cloud Island with Lu Zhuo and the rest, then head to the Nefarious Devil Island for their ancestral burial ground.

After he subjugated the Nefarious Devil Tribe, he would annihilate the Ouyang Clan along the way.

At that time, he also needed to go to the Soul Tribe Islands to see what was being sealed under the Shredding Wind Mountain if he could. 

Despite not knowing what was sealed there, Huang Xiaolong guessed it must be a certain chaos spiritual artifact of the Soul Tribe, and there might be more than one.

The little cow was still in seclusion to breakthrough, but Huang Xiaolong was sure the little cow would have succeeded as well by the time he himself broke through.

At that time, the little cow would be able to break the Shredding Wind Mountain\'s formation.

After getting that spiritual artifact, he would hurry back to the Fortune Gate, his timing would be just right to participate in the Four Mainlands\' New Disciples Battle.

The search for the remaining few chaos spiritual herbs needed for the Reverse Incarnation Pill must continue.

Other than that, the Pill Blending Tower must be repaired as soon as possible.

However, in order to repair it, I must find the chaos grade five-colored heaven refining stone as well as the dozen kinds of chaos spiritual liquids! Thinking of all this, a frown wrinkled Huang Xiaolong\'s forehead.



One of the rewards for winning first place in the All-Islands Great War were ten Blue Flaming Heart Fruits, then.

Other than that were three kinds of chaos spiritual herbs, the Golden Radiant Needle Mushroom, Deep Sea Crystal, and Enigmatic Yang Thistle.

Forget it, I can only take things one step at a time. Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

With the little cow\'s secret art, Yao Chi had been able to suppress the Heart Devil Blood Curse\'s backlash these years.

The sky gradually brightened as the sun gradually rose.

When Huang Xiaolong arrived at the stage battle square, more than half of the top one thousand disciples were already there.

Dragon Origin Sects and Twin Cities Sect\'s disciples arrived consecutively.

When both sects\' disciples saw Huang Xiaolong, their eyes were filled with hatred as well as a hint of fear.


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