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Seeing the Giant Dragon Spear that was close to sinking into his flesh, Huang Xiaolong clenched his right fist and punched.

What! He actually wants to counter the Giant Dragon Spear with bare fist! Some experts in the crowd gasped.

Wasn\'t this seeking death! Although they knew that Huang Xiaolong\'s True Dragon Physique was freakishly strong, that Giant Dragon Spear was a mid-grade chaos spiritual weapon ah.

Forget Huang Xiaolong who was just a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm, even a Fifth or Sixth Order Ancient God Realm cultivator\'s body could easily be pierced through by that spear!

Watching Huang Xiaolong\'s action, the killing intent in Zhou Xu\'s eyes intensified.

\'Die, die, die! Go die for me!\'

Right at this time, a dazzling golden metallic light burst out from Huang Xiaolong\'s right fist, colliding with the Giant Dragon Spear.

Bang! Dang!

It was as if the Giant Dragon Spear had struck a primordial mountain, causing sparks to fly everywhere.


The great impact threw Zhou Xu staggering backwards.

Pain snaked up his hand holding the weapon, and the Giant Dragon Spear in his hand actually wanted to break free from his grasp, infuriating him.

Zhou Xu\'s blood flowed in reverse, causing warm liquid to rush up his throat. \'Wah!\' blood spurted out from his mouth, splattering all over the stage.

Below the stage were various dumbfounded expressions.

Metal element godforce! Blood Knife Ancestor exclaimed in surprise.

Myriad Flames Ancestor was staring in disbelief at the golden metallic light shrouding Huang Xiaolong\'s right fist, as were the other three Fortune Gate Ancestors.

It was truly metal element godforce!

 Other than that dark frigid element and wind element godforce earlier, Huang Xiaolong actually had a third kind, metal element godforce!

For a moment, Myriad Flames Ancestor and the others felt their minds go blank.

At this moment, the azure wind cyclones suddenly spun toward Zhou Xu, startling him.

The Giant Dragon Spear in his hand quivered and thrust forth, its power like surging violent thunderclaps meeting the azure wind cyclones.

This Violent Thunder Sect\'s Violent Thunder Spear technique!

Someone recognized the technique Zhou Xu used!

The Violent Thunder Sect didn\'t belong to the Fortune Mainland, it was instead a super force of the Primal Chaos Mainland.

Who would have thought Zhou Xu would know their Violent Thunder Spear Art.

Just when Zhou Xu\'s Violent Thunder Spear collided with the azure cyclone, Huang Xiaolong punched out with both fists, causing pure dragon qi to surge out.

Two giant fire dragons flew out, their roars reverberating through the sky.

Zhou Xu dodged in a hurry, performing a teleportation technique to successfully dodge one of the fire dragons, but was hit by the other one, sending him flying through the air.

One could see that the divine armor on Zhou Xu\'s chest had an enormous singed hole, the scent of burnt flesh coming out from it.

Fi-fire, fire element godforce!!! Blood Knife Ancestor stammered.

Sky Sword Ancestor, Myriad Flames Ancestor, and others too were agape with shock.

Before Zhou Xu\'s body crash onto the stage, Huang Xiaolong disappeared in a flickered, arriving above him.

His foot came kicking down.

We admit defeat! Dragon Origin Sect experts anxiously shouted but they were a step too late.

Zhou Xu was kicked by Huang Xiaolong, smashing straight onto the stage, creating a big human-shaped hole.

Not a sound could be heard around the square.

Rocks and dust continued to fall on the person inside that human-shaped pit.

You! Dragon Origin Sect\'s experts  were glaring hatefully at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong, we\'ve loudly admitted defeat, yet you still attacked Zhou Xu.

You violated the competition rules! One of Dragon Origin Sects experts shouted angrily.

Elder Gong Fei, according to the rules, Huang Xiaolong\'s participation qualification should be revoked!

That\'s right, revoke Huang Xiaolong\'s qualification! Our Senior Brother Zhou Xu is the real number one!

Some Dragon Origin Sect disciples clamored.

Huang Xiaolong sneered and kept silent.

Even though the Dragon Origin Sects people did cry out, throwing in the towel, he had already kicked Zhou Xu before that.

Therefore, he did not violate the rules.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong believed that the Dragon Origin Sects experts as well as Gong Fei were well aware of this.

They were just causing trouble.

However, Huang Xiaolong was waiting to see how Gong Fei would handle this matter.

On the main stage, Gong Fei\'s brows wrinkled slightly.

Just as he was about to speak, two figures were seen flying toward the square with the wind whistling behind them in the distance.

The two figures were actually walking casually in the air, but in the next moment, they had already arrived above the stage.

 Seeing who the two figures were, Gong Fei, Chang Yan, and the others were greatly surprised, but they were quick to salute.

Greetings, Gate Chief! Greetings, Golden Brow Ancestor!

The Fortune Gate disciples in the vicinity all knelt down in salute.


Dragon Origin Sect Chief Chen Ding, Twin Cities Sect Chief Zhou Xuantong, and the others were taken aback by their appearance, all quickly saluted, Greetings Gate Chief, greetings Golden Brow Ancestor! 

 The two figures were none other than the Fortune Gate Chief Zhu Yi and Golden Brow Ancestor!

The Fortune Gate had seven Ancestors in total, and Golden Brow Ancestor was the strongest amongst them.

His status was also the highest.

He also had another identity as the previous Fortune Gate Chief!

Dragon Origin Sect, Twin Cities Sect, and many other forces were under Fortune Gate\'s governance, thus Chen Ding, Zhou Xuantong, and all other islands\' experts were required to salute to Zhu Yi in his presence.

Of course, Chen Ding, Zhou Xuantong, and other top ten islands\' Rulers and Ancient God Realm masters weren\'t required to kneel like the others, merely bending their bodies slightly.

Come on, let\'s go out! In the void, the five Ancestors were surprised by the sudden appearance of Zhu Yi and Golden Brow Ancestor. 

The five of them tore through space barrier and stepped out.

Subsequently, the Grand Elders who were hidden in the void also flew out.

Greetings to all Ancestors and Grand Elders! Seeing this, Gong Fei and three other Elders quickly greeted.

I didn\'t expect several Ancestors to also be here. Zhu Yi grinned.

Myriad Flames Ancestor laughed, So many emperor rank godhead genius disciples appeared in this term\'s All-Islands Great War, it\'s difficult not to alert us old bones.

Laughter rang, then Myriad Flames Ancestor greeted Golden Brow Ancestor, Senior Brother Golden Brow.

Golden Brow Ancestor nodded, laughter in his eyes.

He then said to Gong Fei and the rest, Everyone, stand! 

Only then did everyone dare to stand up.

Golden Brow Ancestor shifted his gaze to Zhou Xu who was still lying in the human-shaped pit.

No one saw what he did, but Zhou Xu floated out.

A golden light flickered in Golden Brow Ancestor\'s eyes and a ball of golden misty fog enveloped Zhou Xu, causing his injuries to heal at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Finally, Golden Brow Ancestor\'s gaze fell on Huang Xiaolong.

The Fortune Gate was a super force in the Vientiane World, a hegemon of Fortune Mainland.

Facing the Fortune Gate Chief and so many Ancestors, Huang Xiaolong was feeling a little nervous.

Your name is Huang Xiaolong Golden Brow Ancestor asked with the hint of a smile in his eyes.

Yes. Huang Xiaolong honestly answered.

Put out your hand. Golden Brow Ancestor then said.

Huang Xiaolong knew this Golden Brow Ancestor wanted to inspect his godhead.

Without a word, he extended his arm out.

 Golden Brow Ancestor lightly clutched Huang Xiaolong\'s arm, sending a small golden bead into Huang Xiaolong\'s body through his hand.


Everyone watched nervously.

Dragon Origin Sect Chief Chen Ding and Twin Cities Sect Chief Zhou Xuantong were more nervous than others, both of them naturally hoped that Huang Xiaolong did not have an emperor rank godhead.

Yao Chi was looking without blinking from outside the stage area.

The brilliance in Golden Brow Ancestor\'s eyes increased as he looked at Huang Xiaolong with excitement, letting out a hearty laughter.

Watching Golden Brow Ancestor\'s reaction, Chen Ding and Zhou Xuantong felt their hearts plummet to an endless abyss.


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