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Chapter 118: Crawl from Here

A brilliant smile flashed across that Senior Brother Wu’s face seeing Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou stand up, praising them generously: “Little brother truly is someone who knows how to bend where the wind blows, a wise man!”

He assumed the two people stood up because Huang Xiaolong had weighed the situation over properly and were planning to leave.

“Wait! Senior Brother Wu, isn’t it too generous letting them go so easily” The tall and skinny young man who spoke earlier suddenly spoke up again.

“Right, they cannot leave here just like this!” Another young man in the group, a fatty quipped in support.

Senior Brother Wu looked at his two Junior Brothers wryly: “This….”

The tall and skinny young man directed his words at Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou, “For Senior Brother Wu’s sake, we will not embarrass you too much.

How about this, both of you can leave but you must crawl through here!” Then, he stood in the middle of the path and spread his legs, one finger pointing below his crotch.

The young men and women from the group burst into jeering laughter while watching from the side.

Then, Senior Brother Wu turned back towards Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou with a difficult expression on his face, “Little Brother, so sorry, my intention was to let you leave this place peacefully, but it seems my Junior Brother meant for you to leave by crawling beneath his pants.

I can only wrong you a little!”

Even he couldn’t resist breaking out in a raucous laughter at the end.

“How about you say some good words and beg my Junior Brother; perhaps this way you might not need to crawl under his pants to leave!” He suggested while laughing in an unrestrained manner.

However, before the first note of laughter fell, a claw flashed and the sounds of his hearty laughter were abruptly cut short.

He looked at Huang Xiaolong in shock and fear.

At this point, Huang Xiaolong’s hand grasped firmly on his throat, crushing his windpipe as blood slowly spurted out.

“Who told you that we wanted to leave” Huang Xiaolong’s cold eyes bore into this Senior Brother Wu and then his hand exerted a little more pressure; sounds of bones breaking crackled out as loud as thunder.

Senior Brother Wu’s eyes protruded from his eye sockets as he stared fearfully at Huang Xiaolong.

In the next moment, his head hung limply to one side and his body fell to the ground.

The group of youngsters watched dazedly as Huang Xiaolong crushed Senior Brother Wu’s throat, their laughter had disappeared; the turn of events was too abrupt.

This included the tall skinny young man standing in the middle of the path with his legs spread out waiting for Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou to crawl under.

He was petrified like a statue, remaining in the same posture.

Next, his spread legs started to shake uncontrollably.

In the split second that Senior Brother Wu’s soft body fell to the ground, Fei Hou behind Huang Xiaolong flashed, and in an instant reached the tall, skinny young man.

Lifting one foot up, Fei Hou sent a ruthless kick down on him.

However, the kick wasn’t aimed at the chest; Fei Hou’s kick went straight to the middle of that young man’s crotch.

A clear, crisp sound rang out no different than the sound of an egg breaking.

The tall, skinny man let out a tragic howl like a pig squealing while being slaughtered as he clutched at his ‘tool’, jumping around in agony.

“My thing!”

“My thing is broken!!”

He screamed nonsensically.

At this time, the rest of the group finally recovered their senses.

“Senior Brother Zhang!” The fatty hurried towards the tall, skinny young man and asked anxiously, “Senior Brother Zhang, how badly are you hurt”

Evidently, his words were superfluous; the tall skinny young man’s ‘tool’ was crushed, how good could he fare

The rest of them surrounded Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou in the middle with swift action.

“You actually dared to kill a disciple of my Nine Phoenix Valley!” The young woman that wanted to kill Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou immediately shouted.

“So what if I killed him” Huang Xiaolong retorted.

In fact, he already knew this group of young men and women were disciples from the Nine Phoenix Valley; once when he was training in the Silvermoon Forest, he found a cycad tree in an underground cave and had also killed two disciples from the Nine Phoenix Valley at that time.

He even found a book called Treasure Mirror from one of the bodies.

So what if I killed him The young woman’s anger peaked hearing Huang Xiaolong’s reply.

However, just as she wanted to attack, another young woman behind her held her back and persuaded, “Senior Sister Feng, it’s not too late to make a move after Master is here!”

Senior Brother Wu was an early Eighth Order whereas Senior Brother Zhang was the peak of late-Seventh Order; despite their strengths, neither one of them managed to dodge Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou’s attack.

In that girl’s opinion, though they have more people, it was not a guarantee that they could fight these two opponents.

Senior Sister Feng hesitated when she heard this.

Watching their reactions, Huang Xiaolong sent Fei Hou an eye signal and Fei Hou nodded astutely.

A long sword appeared in his hand and it swung out, a ray of sword light flickered and disappeared.

The tall, skinny young man jumping all over the place clutching the crotch of his pants while howling, suddenly ceased all movements without any indication.

His hands loosened, eyes wide as he tumbled to the ground.


Bright red blood spurted out like a fountain.

“Senior Brother Zhang!”

The Nine Phoenix disciples that surrounded Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou in a circle shrieked and shouted, terrified.

The fatty retreated in fright.

But, while he was retreating, Fei Hou waved his long sword again and another sword ray fleeted passed; like the tall, skinny young man, the fatty fell limply down.

Watching the tall, skinny man and the fatty killed with just one strike from Fei Hou’s long sword, the remaining Nine Phoenix Valley disciples turned green.

“Everyone don’t be afraid, we–!” Before she could finish what she wanted to say, she felt her throat being squeezed tightly, and unable to breathe as her pupils shrunk in horrified fear when she saw it was Huang Xiaolong at the end of the arm.

“Wu oo oo!” She struggled to say speak.

Cold light shone in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, exerting pressure on her throat and this Senior Sister Feng died with her mouth agape.

“You were right; there is no need for nonsense, directly killing is the best way!” Huang Xiaolong muttered an agreement with a cold expression on his face; his right hand released her and the body collapsed to the ground.

The Nine Phoenix Valley disciples’ screams filled the air, and they were retreating as far back as they could from Huang Xiaolong.

Fei Hou remained standing in the same spot.

Raising his long sword, he made a move considered very strange in the eyes of the Nine Phoenix Valley disciples; Fei Hou pointed the tip of the sword to the sky and slashed down with an abrupt action.

Countless rays of sword light broke out from the long sword like a bright, blooming flower in the air.

The flowers of sword rotated at high speed, shuttling besides these Nine Phoenix Valley disciples.

Before it dissipated, the group of young men and women tumbled to the ground one by one, each marked by a captivating flower emblem of swords on their necks with red blood oozing out from that flower emblem, dying the soil red.

Some distance away, an audience that was gloating while enjoying a good show of Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou’s predicament instantly displayed reverence on their faces in view of their strength.

“Who dares to kill disciples of my Nine Phoenix Valley!” The second these disciples tumbled to the ground, from far away, an angry howl cut through the air and a silhouette came piercing towards the mountain where Huang Xiaolong was at.

A flood of halberd images spun like a violent gale, aiming at Fei Hou’s chest.

Fei Hou’s eyes narrowed solemnly and the long sword in his hands slashed out a storm of countless sword lights, crashing against the incoming halberds.

~Zi~ A series of explosions resounded, agitating the airflow and raising a turbulent gale, sweeping out in four directions.

The opponent’s feet touched the ground – it was a middle-aged man.

The robe the middle-aged man was wearing was similar to the robes that were on the Nine Phoenix Valley disciples; it was just the color of the mythical bird on his chest that was different.

As the middle-aged man floated down, his internal blood flow was chaotic.

He looked at Fei Hou with shock, and at this time, another three old men wearing Elder robes of the Nine Phoenix Valley were rushing over with the wind whistling behind them.



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