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At this moment, Chen Weiping actually thought of the first time he had killed after entering the Spirit Lake Cult.

The scene flickered in his mind repeated, but a heavy crash jarred him.

He had crashed to the ground, feeling his consciousness slipping further away.

His numb body didn\'t feel anything, but he heard screams and shouting; Wang Haiyaos voice, Zhao Jianyus voice, and the others as well.

Wang Haiyao, Zhao Jianyu, and the others arrived at Chen Weipings side.

Everyone was sucking in cold air, horrified by the large fist hole in Chen Weipings chest.

These Spirit Lake Cult disciples looked deathly pale.

Huang Xiaolongs terrifying fist force rendered them fearful and forgot to immediately rescue Chen Weiping.

With an indifferent expression, Huang Xiaolong slowly walked to Wang Haiyaos group. 

In truth, he barely used five-tenths of his strength.

Purely half of his True Divine Dragon Physiques physical strength, he had yet to use even a shred of godforce.

In a way, it was fortunate that Chen Weiping was not the average peak late-First Order Ancient God Realm disciple, otherwise that punch earlier would have reaped his life in a split second.

Even though Chen Weipings vitality was slowly leaving his body, he had yet to die.

At the end of the day, he was the Spirit Lake Cults number one genius disciple, an exceptional talent.

Killing Chen Weiping without employing any godforce was difficult to do.

Detecting Huang Xiaolong approaching them, Wang Haiyao, Zhao Jinayu, and the others backed away in fear.

Especially the four Spirit Lake Cult disciples who arrived with Chen Weiping, they looked at Huang Xiaolong as if he was some ferocious beast.

Wang Haiyao previously reminded Chen Weiping to be careful of Huang Xiaolong, that he was quite strong, but no one believed him.

Now, however, they realized that Huang Xiaolong was not only quite strong, he was simply heaven-defying!

The Dragon Origin Sects number one genius disciple Zhou Xu, with his Thousand Dragon Physique and low grade emperor rank godhead, was admired by all talented participants, but compared to this black-haired young man, Zhou Xu was akin to wet paper, no different than garbage.

Wang Haiyao and the rest fell to their knees, begging for mercy. 

At this time at the Fortune City square, the Spirit Lake Cult Head Chen Fangzhen was extremely gloomy.

Moments ago, their Spirit Lake Cult disciple ranked forty-fifth, Sun Fangliang, had fallen!

The Spirit Lake Cult experts standing behind Chen Fangzhen looked just as bad.

According to the All-Islands Great War rules, disciples within the top one hundred would be accepted as personal disciples by Elders of the Fortune Gate, whereas the top ten disciples would be accepted as personal disciples by the Grand Elders!

Chen Fangzhen believed, based on Sun Fangliangs talent and strength, that he absolutely could maintain a position within the top fifty.

At that time, he would become the personal disciple of a Fortune Gate Elder, but now, Sun Fangliang was dead!

Right at this time, the Spirit Lake Cult group saw Wang Haiyaos name at forty-seventh on the ranking crystal wall suddenly burst like a star.

The crystal wall shook from the impact.

Che Fangzhen and the Spirit Lake Cult experts were momentarily dumbstruck, fury filled their hearts.

“Wang Haiyao is a genius disciple of the Spirit Lake Cult! They actually lost such a talented disciple!”

“Sun Fangliang had just died, now its Wang Haiyao, whats happening there!”

The surrounding crowd at the square was in a commotion.

Two disciples ranked in the top one hundred died at the same time! On top of that, both of them belonged to the Spirit Lake Cult, this was definitely a rare occurrence in the All-Islands Great War.

In the past terms\' preliminary rounds, very rarely would there be deaths amongst the top ten islands disciples.

The crowd\'s discussions turned to the Dragon Origin Sect disciple Liu Lei who died ten days ago.

Counting him, three of the top ten islands genius disciples had met their ends!

Following this, a bright burst of light attracted everyones attention, and the rankings changed once more.

All eyes were focused on the crystal wall.

Zhao Jianyus name at the ninety-fifth place burst apart, causing sparkling lights to spread over the square.

Everyone in the crowd was dazed; yet another Spirit Lake Cult disciple had died! Another disciple in the top one hundred!

A palpitating killing intent surged out crazily from Spirit Lake Cult Head Chen Fangzhen, almost corporeal, scaring other cultivators nearby to retreat far away in shock.

“Find out immediately!” Chen Fangzhen roared, “Find out what exactly happened!”

The group of Spirit Lake Cult experts behind Chen Fangzhen was shivering in answer.

Before they left, a burst of light came from the crystal wall again. 

Chen Fangzheng and all Spirit Lake Cult experts hearts trembled as they looked at the crystal wall and saw that it was another disciple of their sect, ranked below one hundred and ten.

The crowd was startled seeing Spirit Lake Cult disciples dying consecutively, this scene was simply too strange.

This was already the fourth dead Spirit Lake Cult disciple.

In less than a second, a burst of light came from the crystal wall again.

Another Spirit Lake Cult disciple had died!

Subsequently, almost every second, there was a Spirit Lake Cult disciples name disappeared from the ranking.

Watching one disciple after another dying, pain threatened to tear out the hearts of the Spirit Lake Cults group.

Even if Chen Fangzhen was an Ancestor God Realm master, he had a feeling that his heart was about to stop beating in the next moment.

When the eighth Spirit Lake Cults disciple died, the crystal wall stopped emitting bright lights.

Just as everyone thought things had calmed down, the entire crystal wall shook violently as if it was attacked.

Ranked eighth, the Spirit Lake Cults number one genius disciple Chen Weipings name burst into a bright glaring light akin to thousands of stars exploding at the same time.

All the cultivators in the crowd were stunned by the glaring light.

Chen Fangzhen was dazed, all Spirit Lake Cult experts were dazed, everyone, including Fortune Gate disciples at the square were dazed.

Chen Weiping was dead!

Someone likely to be accepted as a personal disciple by a Fortune Gate Grand Elder actually died in the preliminary round!

This…! Everyones mind was buzzing, finding it hard to believe.

The Ouyang Clans Ancestor and Patriarch, Ouyang Bin and Ouyang Xuguang, were stunned agape looking at the ranking on the crystal wall.

Briefly, after Chen Weipings name disappeared from the ranking, inside a luxurious manor in Fortune City, the Fortune Gates Young Lord Zhu Feng was enjoyably sipping tea when Elder Lu Tai walked into the room, reporting, “Young Lord, just now, the Spirit Lake Cults Chen Weiping died!”

 Zhu Feng was dazed for a good while before asking, “Did you just say Chen Weiping”

Although this terms All-Islands Great War preliminary round was set at the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, being slightly more dangerous than previous terms, before the preliminary round began, the Fortune Gate\'s Ancestor God Realm cultivators had swept the mainland where the disciples were supposed to appear and even the several mainlands nearby, therefore it was impossible for magic beasts, ghouls, and evil spirits above Third Order Ancient God Realm to appear.

This was a form of protection for Zhou Xu, Tan Lin, Chen Weiping and other genius disciples.

For top geniuses like Chen Weiping, the Fortune Gate did not allow any accidents to occur.

“Yes, its Chen Weiping!” Lu Tai nodded, looking solemn, “Other than Chen Weiping, Sun Fangliang, Wang Haiyao, and six other Spirit Lake Cult disciples have also died!”

It didn\'t matter that Sun Fangliang and other Spirit Lake Cult disciples were dead.

Chen Weiping, on the other hand, was the Spirit Lake Cults number one genius of this generation, his death showed there was a problem.

“Have Gong Fei investigate this matter.” Zhu Feng said solemnly, his fingers tapping on the table surface.

Lu Tai nodded and went out.


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