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Inside the Celestial Immortal Manor in the Barbarian God City, Yao Chi was cultivating, absorbing the grade five spiritual vein that Huang Xiaolong had given her when, all of a sudden, five terrifying presences appeared above the manor.

Under those five terrifying auras, the Celestial Immortal Manors defensive formation crackled as if it was going to shatter in the next moment.

Yao Chi paled.

Just the other partys auras were this terrible, what\'s more their strength.

Despite the manors defensive formation, Yao Chi discovered that she was unable to move a finger under those five peoples pressure!

In the next second, brilliant green light expanded behind her as cold crystal green ice covered the manors surface. 

Left with no option, she could only summon Bing Xingying.

With her help, the pressure Yao Chi felt was immediately reduced and she was able to stand up.

“Oh, a First Order Ancient God Realm Green Ice Hail Devil!” Above the Celestial Immortal Manor, Ouyang Jiang was slightly surprised.

“I didnt expect a First Order Ancient God Realm Green Ice Hail Devil to be protecting this female disciple.

She really has some background, no wonder Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling insisted it isn\'t their decision to make.” Ouyang Xuns brows creased into furrows.

The rest were also surprised when Yao Chi called out Bing Xingying.

“So what if she has some background” Ouyang Jiang scoffed.

“On the neighboring dozens of islands, regardless of which force it is, none of them would dare to offend our Ouyang Clan, even fewer than those who dare to defy us.

Death to those who dare to defy our Ouyang Clan!”

Ouyang Xun subsequently reached out and pressed his palm down in the air.

In this split second, the Celestial Immortal Manors defensive formation was torn open.

Although the formation was strengthened by Huang Xiaolong in the past, under a mid-Fifth Order Ancient God Realm masters deliberate attack, that strengthening was meaningless.

After tearing a hole through the defensive formation, Ouyang Xuns hand pulled the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast beside Yao Chi into the air.

Bing Xingying bellowed in disagreement, causing frigid cold qi to surge out from her palms, attempting to stop Ouyang Xun from taking away the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast.

“A person who doesnt know her limits!” Ouyang Xun snorted coldly, easily ignoring Bing Xingyings struggle, continuing to target the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast.

Under Ouyang Xuns force, Bing Xingying was knocked towards the wall, followed by Yao Chi.

The two women were akin to withered leaves carried away by a hurricane, helpless.

Yao Chi and Bing Xingying crashed into several stone pillars inside the manor before crashing onto a street in the Barbarian God City.

The street cracked with a resounding boom.

On the other side, the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast was firmly bound by Ouyang Xuns godforce, unable to move; it was then easily caught.

Ouyang Xun didnt spare a glance at Bing Xingying or Yao Chi, smiling as he looked at the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast in front of him, “Just like the message we received said, a variant Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast, its grade is close to a chaos spiritual beast!”

“With this Black Flame Sea Emperor Beasts blood, our Young Lord will be able to step into the seventh stage of the Immeasurable Beast King Scripture!” Ouyang Jiang too was laughing heartily.

“In the upcoming All-Islands Great War, theres a great chance he will enter the top one hundred!”

“Based on our Young Lords talent, after entering the Fortune Gate, he will definitely be valued by their Elders and taken in as a personal disciple!” The other three Ouyang Clan Elders laughed in agreement.

“That woman, how should we deal with her” Ouyang Xun asked Ouyang Jiang, pointing at Yao Chi.

He only used some strength just now, hence, Yao Chi was heavily injured but not dead.

“Leave it; its fine since weve captured this Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast for the Young Lord.” Ouyang Jiang spoke in a solemn tone.

“Her background is probably quite strong.”

Ouyang Xun nodded, “Youre right, we\'ll spare her life for now.

If the force behind her doesn\'t know whats good for them, coming to provoke our Ouyang Clan, then well wipe them out completely!”

“This womans quite a beauty, moreover, shes still a virgin, it\'s a pity that her cultivation is too low, else we could bring her back to use as a cauldron and enhance my cultivation.” Ouyang Mingzhi, one of the five Grand Elders present, said.

He practiced an ancient Plucking Essence Art and he frequently needed to find strong female cultivators to steal their yin essence for cultivation.

However, Yao Chis cultivation was too low, merely a peak late-Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm, no use to him at all.


“Lets return and report to the Young Lord.” Ouyang Jiang spoke.

The other four nodded in agreement.

The five of them tore space like a piece of fabric and disappeared into the void in a flicker

Not long after the five Ouyang Clan Grand Elders left, two figures whistled through the air from the Barbarian God Sects great hall.

They were none other than Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling.

Earlier, Ouyang Jiang used a secret technique to temporarily restrict them in the great hall; when the five Ouyang Clan Grand Elders left, the force holding them down disappeared, allowing them to come out.

The instant the restriction disappeared, Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling rushed to Yao Chi as if their lives depended on it.

If any mishap happened to her, how were they to explain to Huang Xiaolong upon his return from the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield

In the blink of an eye, the two arrived above the Celestial Immortal Manor.

Looking at the shattered formation and the ruins of the manor, their hearts fell to their stomach.

Their eyes swept over the surroundings and spotted an injured Yao Chi lying on the street, hastening to her side. 

Detecting her breathing, although weak, they were relieved and elated.

After some clumsy movements trying to heal her, Yao Chi finally regained consciousness.

Seeing this, Lu Zhuo and Gu Lings finally let down their hanging hearts.

Puffing out a long breath, cold sweat dampened their bodies.

“Miss Yao Chi, how do you feel”Lu Zhuo asked Yao Chi, extremely concerned.

Yao Chi shook her head, faintly answering, “Im alright.” She slowly stood up, then inquired from Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling about the five people who appeared earlier.

When she heard that they were the Grand Elders of the Ouyang Clan, her already white face went several shades paler.

She had been in the Divine World for several hundred years now, she naturally knew of the Ouyang Clan and what they represented.

“Miss Yao Chi, do you think we should inform Xiaolong about this matter” Gu Ling sought Yao Chis opinion.

She pondered for a moment, but shook her head, “No, the All-Islands Great War is more important, I do not wish to distract him from his cultivation.

Moreover, Xiaolong is about to return, lets talk about this after he returns.”

Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling exchanged a glance, then nodded at Yao Chi.

This was the best option at the moment.

After capturing the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast, the five people rushed back to the Ouyang Clan without resting.

However, their Clans Wide Emperor Island was a far distance away from the Green Cloud Island, taking them one month to make it back.

Seeing that the five Grand Elders successfully brought back the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast, the Young Lord, Ouyang Yunfei, was overjoyed.

Laughing excitedly, he said to Ouyang Jiang and the rest, “Excellent, excellent, I have troubled the several Grand Elders.

With this beast, Ill definitely be able to reach the seventh stage of the Immeasurable Beast King Scripture, thus breaking through to the Ancient God Realm.

At that time, snatching a spot within the top one hundred in the All-Islands Great War won\'t be a problem!”

Ouyang Jiang beamed, “This is what we should do.”

Ouyang Xun hurried to join in, “I dare say Young Lord could even enter the top ten after breaking through to the Ancient God Realm.”


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