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Focused on the Ancestral Dragon Tree bark hovering in front of him, Huang Xiaolong steadily circulated his Archdevil Supreme Godhead\'s devouring power. 

Faint green spiritual energy flowed out from the piece of bark.

This seemingly faint green spiritual energy contained a terrifying amount of power, turning into fierce giant waves the moment it entered Huang Xiaolong\'s body before rushing to every inch of his body.


Huang Xiaolong noticed the presence of divine dragon qi within the green spiritual energy, the strongest divine dragon qi he had come across so far. 

He understood very well the Ancestral Dragon aura within the tree bark, for even a strand as fine as a hair would bring unimaginable benefits to him.

As Huang Xiaolong continued to refine the wood element spiritual energy within the Ancestral Dragon Tree bark, a green light enshrouded his body, causing a layer of green dragon scales to gradually emerge over Huang Xiaolongs skin. 

At the same time, a primordial blue divine dragon hovered above his head.

While Huang Xiaolong was cultivating, the little cow found a comfortable spot, took out an Ancient God Realm godhead and started crunching.

Huang Xiaolong took away twelve Ancient God Realm godheads from the Soul Tribe treasury.

Adding another three godheads he acquired from the Four Seas Trading House Guardians and branch supervisor, he now had fifteen Ancient God Realm godheads, enough to feed the little cow for a period of time.

Even though Xiaoniū\'s strength had improved over the years, its size remained much the same.

When it stood up, it looked similar to a common warhorse.

However, Xiaoniūs golden horns and tail nearly doubled in length, dotted with dense lightning symbols that gave off a dangerous feeling.

Bing Jiuyi, Xie Tu, Xie Du, and the two Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts were also cultivating after consuming the divine pellet Huang Xiaolong gave them.

During the time Bing Jiuyi, Xie Du, and Xie Tu followed Huang Xiaolong, they had been diligent in raising their cultivation.

Despite the fact that their speed couldn\'t be compared to Huang Xiaolong and the little cows, their strength had risen a significant degree.

Time flowed by, in the blink of an eye half a year was gone.

Huang Xiaolong had long finished refining the first piece of Ancestral Dragon Tree bark.

Right now, he was close to fully refining the second piece.

Compared to half a year ago, Huang Xiaolongs aura had risen considerably.

Just a few days ago, he had advanced to late-Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm.

Ever since he started absorbing the Ancestral Dragon aura, the primordial blue divine dragon hovering behind Huang Xiaolong exuded a vast dragon might, causing its blue scales to shine brilliantly.

His Holy Dragon Supreme Godheads radiance lit up his godsea as if the godhead itself came to life in the form of a Chaos Ancestral Dragon.

Within his Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead, the abundant dragon qi gave birth to a kingdom of dragons.

Huang Xiaolong refining speed became increasingly faster as time went on.

The days and seasons on the small island passed in a blur.

After Huang Xiaolong refined all four pieces of Ancestral Dragon Tree bark, he finally broke through to Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm, much earlier than he had expected. 

Hence, he still had ample time until Chen Hao\'s return in the estimated three years.

Following this, Huang Xiaolong took out the hill herb filled with fifty-million-years-old herbs that hepicked up from the Soul Tribes treasury and started refining the herbs on it.

Even though he had already broken through to the Seventh Order and his True Divine Dragon Physique was beyond monstrous, he dared not swallow all the herbs on the hill in one go.

Last time he was at the Zhenyu Sect treasury, he had swallowed sixteen stalks of fifty-million-years-old herbs at once, nearly causing himself to explode.

If it wasnt for Xiaoniūs purple lightning liquid, he could imagine the consequences.

On this hill herb, there were roughly four to five hundred stalks of herbs.

Huang Xiaolong opened his mouth and sucked twenty stalks into his body, however, this number was enough to terrify Xiaoniū until all four of its legs were shaking.

Even a First Order Ancient God Realm master would explode to death after consuming twenty stalks of fifty-million-year-old herbs at once, while Huang Xiaolong was just a Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm cultivator.

Xiaoniū looked extremely sullen, ‘His mother, I\'m being forced to do hard labor again!

As expected, as soon as all twenty stalks entered Huang Xiaolongs body, his flesh ruptured.

Loud crackling noises sounded from his body akin to firecrackers.

Seeing this situation, Xiaoniū quickly opened its mouth and spat out a purple lightning cloud toward Huang Xiaolong.

Hovering above his head, golden raindrops fell from the purple lightning cloud over Huang Xiaolong.

Only then did his flesh stop rupturing and slowly mended.

“His mother, Ive seen people risking their lives, but Ive never seen such insanity!” Exhausted, Xiaoniū laid sprawled on the ground, grumbling to itself.

Watching the way Huang Xiaolong cultivated, Xiaoniū confirmed that he was using his life in exchange for strength.

What Xiaoniū did not know was that, although Huang Xiaolong took great risks, he had confidence which stemmed from his three supreme godheads.

Huang Xiaolongs breakthrough to Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm was consolidated by the time he completely absorbed all twenty fifty-million-years-old herbs.

While he was busy refining those herbs, inside a cave on a desolate mainland at the edge of the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, the Giant Tribe Patriarch Ju Wufei was laughing with exhilaration.

After several years of tireless attacks, they had finally broken the formation to the cultivation dwelling inside this cave.

The several Giant Tribe Elders, together with Chen Hao, were also grinning from ear to ear.

Ju Wufei and the rest rushed inside immediately like a whirlwind, turning the entire cultivation dwelling upside down.

To Ju Wufei groups delight, this ancient cultivation dwelling not only had a large number of divine pellets refined by powerful Ancient God Realm masters, but also thirty and forty-million-years-old herbs and several grade four spiritual veins.

“Our years of effort have not been in vain!” Ju Wufei laughed heartily.

“Godfather, should we return now” Chen Hao inquired.

Ju Wufei nodded with a big smile, “Anxious Dont worry, that Huang Xiaolong cant escape.

Well rest for half a day, then I will accompany you to the Barbarian God Sect.

I dont believe Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling will dare to protect that Huang Xiaolong anymore!”

Chen Haos heart was screaming with joy, “Thank you, Godfather!”

Half a day later, Ju Wufei, Chen Hao, and several Eminent Grand Elders of the Giant Tribe left the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, making their way back to the Vientiane World.

Roughly two months later, a group of people appeared in the air above Green Cloud Island.

“Godfather, the Barbarian God Sect is right ahead.” In the air, Chen Hao pointed at the mountain range in front of them, informing Ju Wufei.

Ju Wufei looked at the mountain range in front, chuckling softly before he flew forward together with the accompanying Eminent Grand Elders and Chen Hao.

As they got closer to the Barbarian God Sect, Chen Haos fists clenched tightly as the desire for battle flickered in his eyes.

These years in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, after days of arduous training, he had finally broken through to Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm! Coming back, he wanted nothing more than to abuse Huang Xiaolong, brutally abuse him to death!

At this time in the Barbarian God Sects back mountain, Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling were discussing some sect matters when, all of a sudden, one of Lu Zhuos servant boys rushed into the hall in a panic, panting heavily, “Ancestor, Sect Chief, th-the Giant Tribe Patriarch and Eldest Senior Brother Chen Hao, theyre here!”

The Giant Tribe Patriarch!

Lu Zhuo and Gu Lings faces tightened.

The thing they worried about the most in recent years had happened.


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