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Suppressing the impulse to beat up someone, Huang Xiaolong said, “What if I have Bing Jiuyi, Xie Tu, and Xie Du to help you”

The little cow shook its head, “Thats the chaos grade Traverse Nine Heavens Lightning Divine Formation, only after a breakthrough to the Ancient God Realm can my lightning force break the formation.

Forget Bing Jiuyi and the other two, even a high-level Ancient God Realm master could do nothing here.”

Huang Xiaolong was inwardly alarmed, “Not even a high-level Ancient God Realm master can break this formation”

The little cow nodded solemnly, “For those Soul Tribe ancestors from a few million years ago to be able to lay out this Traverse Nine Heavens Lightning Divine Formation, the sealed item should be some kind of treasure of their tribe or something they obtained.

The formation they arranged is coincidentally the chaos grade Traverse Nine Heavens Lightning Divine Formation that my lightning can suppress, otherwise, even if I reached peak late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm, I still wouldn\'t be able to break the formation.”

Huang Xiaolong exclaimed in surprise.

“But, if the thing sealed below is a treasure of the Soul Tribe, its impossible for them not to know.

How come they haven\'t sent anyone to search for it”

The little cow shook its head, “Who knows, maybe they think no one can break the formation here.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, that was a possibility.

After a brief stop, the two of them flew away from the Shredding Wind Mountain toward the Soul Tribes main island.

Five days later, Huang Xiaolong and the little cow appeared at the Soul City on the main island.

Huang Xiaolong found an inn and stayed in the city while searching for information related to the Soul Tribes Treasury.

Besides that, he also absorbed the energy inside an Ancient God Realm godhead.

After a month of inquiring, he determined that the treasury was inside the Soul City\'s back mountain, protected by an ancient grand formation and guarded by six old monsters day in day out.

Although Huang Xiaolong didn\'t know the overall strength of those six guardians, he estimated they should be mid-level Ancient God Realm and above.

Therefore, his initial thoughts of barging inside relying on brute strength were unrealistic.

However, Huang Xiaolong found out there were two keys that could open the treasury.

One of the keys was in the hands of the current Soul Tribe Chieftain while the other was held by his son!

The Chieftains son!

Thus Huang Xiaolong decided his target and planned to find an opportunity to search the Chieftain sons residence.

He may not carry around an important item such as the treasury key on him at all times, which meant there was a chance the key might be hidden somewhere in his residence.

Of course, this was only Huang Xiaolongs guess.

Then again, even if there was only a slim chance, he decided to take this risk.

And it was quite a risk.

The Chieftain sons residence was heavily guarded, Huang Xiaolong needed to prepare well in advance.

Above the sea surface not far away from the main island, Huang Xiaolong had the little cow arrange a chaos grade divine formation.

If he was unlucky enough to be discovered by some Soul Tribe experts, he could borrow the power of this divine formation to momentarily delay them.

When all the preparations were in place, he decided to act three days later.

On a dark and windy night, a black shadow moved in the shadows as if it had merged with the darkness of the night, avoiding layers after layers of Soul Tribe guards perception, floating into the Chieftain sons residence.

Once inside the residence, Huang Xiaolong headed straight to the northern courtyard.

According to his findings, the Chieftains son lived in the northern courtyard, therefore the treasury key was likely to be there as well.

“The young lord went to the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield some time back and found two ancient Cloud Devouring Divine Beast corpses.

Ive heard the two corpses had at least Fourth Order Ancient God Realm strength when they were alive!”

“Fourth Order Ancient God Realm Cloud Devouring Divine Beast corpses How much could they fetch in an auction Several billion, perhaps”

“I heard the Young Lord is experimenting with some corpse controlling techniques, I think he plans to refine the two Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts into undead mounts.

If it is successful, the battle power of two Fourth Order Ancient God Realm undead mounts must be startling! Oh right, the Young Lord also brought back a woman, captured from the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield!”

“Woman What woman”

“That I do not know the details of.

The point is, shes a real beauty.

Some say shes a disciple of the Fortune Mainlands Fortune Gate and has quite a status! Shes being held at the secret chamber in the backyard!”

Huang Xiaolong had just arrived at the northern courtyard when he heard the conversation of the two guards at the entrance.

Fourth Order Ancient God Realm Cloud Devouring Divine Beast corpses!

A Fortune Gate female disciple!

Huang Xiaolongs heart skipped a beat hearing these words.

The Soul Tribes Young Lord actually found two Fourth Order Ancient God corpses, this was truly a piece of great news ah!

 The so-called corpse controlling method the Young Lord was experimenting with was merely the lowest level of ancient puppetry techniques.

Even if he succeeded in refining the two beast corpses, they could barely retain a fraction of their original battle power.

If Huang Xiaolong used the Grandmist Parasite Medium that the little cow had given him to refine the two corpses, they could retain at least sixty percent of their strength!

That was a heaven and earth gap.

Calming his excited heart, Huang Xiaolong had Xie Du survey the surroundings with his divine sense to ensure there was no Ancient God Realm master in the vicinity before he snuck up behind the two guards.

The two Soul Tribe guards were enthusiastically discussing the woman that their Young Lord brought back when their vision turned black as they lost consciousness.

Huang Xiaolong quickly arranged a simple barrier over them.

His hand then reached out and pulled one of the guards up.

After a quick search through his memories, two slivers of fire shot out from Huang Xiaolongs fingers, burning the two corpses to ashes.

From the two guards memories, Huang Xiaolong found out that the two Ancient God Realm beast corpses were kept in the secret chamber below the northern courtyard, where the Fortune Gate female disciple was also being held.

As for Huang Xiaolongs main purpose, the treasury key, neither of the guards knew anything, but it could very well be somewhere in the underground chamber as well.

However, the entire northern courtyard was covered in formations and barriers, if he accidentally stepped into any one of them, it would alert the surrounding experts.

For safetys sake, Huang Xiaolong released the little cow from the Xumi Temple and had it break all the formations and barriers.

After the little cow came out, lightning flashed in its eyes, instantly clearing all the formations in their path as it lamented, “What a guy, this courtyard has thirteen divine formations covering it, seven of them were attack formations while the remaining six were defensive formations.

On top of that, all of them were ancient divine formations, enough to kill any reckless low-level Ancient God Realm master that barges in.

However, with me here, they aren\'t a problem.” With that said, tiny streaks of lightning crackled around the little cows golden horns, causing the mysterious lightning symbols on them to fly out and form a lightning diagram.

The lightning diagram expanded in midair, covering the entire courtyard.

All the formations in the surroundings rippled and turned into wisps of light under the lightning diagram.

Roughly ten minutes later, the lightning diagram disappeared, leaving the little cow panting heavily.

“Xiaoniū, are you alright” Huang Xiaolong asked.

The little cow shook its head, “Its nothing.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, knowing this wasn\'t the time to be wordy about this.

He immediately flew into the courtyard, heading straight to the underground secret chamber.

The door to the secret chamber was in the wall at the back of the courtyard.

Huang Xiaolong soon stood in front of the wall.

“Wait!” Just as Huang Xiaolong was about to touch the wall with his hands, the little cow suddenly stopped him.

It then spat out a ball of lightning fire that enveloped the entire wall, causing a greenish smoke to immediately curl out from the wall, emitting a foul stench.


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