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This amazing spiritual energy!

Huang Xiaolongs eyes lit up with joy, this rich spiritual energy definitely came from either a grade four or above spiritual vein!

All of a sudden, the little cow tilted its head and whooped in ecstasy, rushing in excitedly with Huang Xiaolong on its back.

Master, I smell Ancient God Realm godheads! The little cow squealed.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes shone even brighter—Ancient God Realm godheads!

Huang Xiaolongs eyes looked around the bright inner hall the moment they entered, seeing the rare precious herbs placed on top of rows of jade drawers.

The resplendent light filling the room came from these herb.

“White Phoenix Fruit!”

“Metallic Purple Thistle!”

“Bloody Golden Sand!”  

All these rare and precious medicinal herbs were all forty-million-years-old and above, and the ones on the six largest jade drawers were at least fifty-million-years-old!

There were six of them!

Even for someone like Huang Xiaolong who had seen a lot of good stuff felt a strong desire for them.

But he only caught a glimpse as the little cow sped shot straight to the center of the inner hall.

Floating In the air above the hall center were three enormous godheads, each several hundred meters in diameter, emitting an alluring luster.

At the same time, pulses of tremendous pressure came from the three enormous godheads, spreading out in the surroundings.

Ancient God Realm godheads!

Moreover, there were three of them!

Huang Xiaolongs breathing unknowingly quickened.

Never had he imagined that the inner hall of the Zhenyu Sects treasury would not only contain six stalks fifty-million-years-old herbs, but also three Ancient God Realm godheads!

The little cow opened its eyes so wide that its eyeballs nearly popped out, “This cows daddy, three Ancient God Realm godheads ah! Master, weve run into super cow luck.”

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help laughing loudly hearing the little cows words, in an excellent mood.

Inside the inner hall, other than the precious medicinal herbs and Ancient God Realm godheads, there was a great hill of piled up shenbi.

Huang Xiaolong estimated there were at least three to four hundred billion! Not to mention the dozen of spiritual veins, however, only two of them were low rank grade four, the rest were top and high rank grade three spiritual veins.

The four side walls of the inner hall were lined with bookshelves that were filled to the top with various books.

Huang Xiaolong randomly picked a few books from one of the bookshelves and flipped through the pages, most of them were historical records of the Green Cloud Island over a hundred thousand years ago, listing the top sects and forces, as well as their famous techniques.

A small portion of the books were anecdotes of the Green Cloud Island as well as the neighboring islands.

Any one of these cultivation technique and combat art manuals could fetch an exorbitant price if taken out to auction.

Just the Zhenyu Sects supreme art, the Imprisoning Technique was worth billions.

Huang Xiaolong took a full round tour of the inner hall before walking back to the center while trying his best not to give into the wild elation pumping in his heart.

Not counting the three Ancient God Realm godheads, just the dozen over forty-million-years-old and six stalks fifty-million-years-old herbs were sufficient for him to advance to Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm.

Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm… at that time, his strength would rise by leaps and bounds to another level.

When Huang Xiaolong once again returned to the hall center, the little cow raised its eyes and blinked pitifully at him.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled before raising his palm.

He then caused one of the Ancient God Realm godheads to become smaller and fall onto his palm.

“This is yours.” With a wave of his hand, the Ancient God Realm godhead slowly floated toward the little cow.

Looking at the godhead in front of its eyes, the little cow was moved until tears were swimming in its large eyes.

Itsaffectionate gaze filled with gratitude sent goosebumps down Huang Xiaolongs neck.

Although the little cow was female, it was a cow after all.

Huang Xiaolong didn\'t have that kind of hobby.

Suddenly, the little cow nudged Huang Xiaolongs thigh, its voice choked with emotion, “Master, I have decided.”

Huang Xiaolongs heart tightened with unease.

“I will cultivate harder in the future and live up to your expectations.” The little cow added.

Huang Xiaolong secretly breathed out in relief but he soon stared sternly at the little cow, that meant the little cow had never put in the effort to cultivate in the past Even so, this little ones growth was already a tad too terrifying.

Huang Xiaolong had three supreme godheads.

In the entire Divine World, he believed there were only a handful of people that could rival his cultivation speed, yet this lazy little cows cultivation speed was almost comparable to his own.

“I say, Xiaoniū, you shouldn\'t be some great Grandmist spiritual beast, right” Huang Xiaolong suddenly asked.

It had been a few years since Huang Xiaolong arrived in the Divine World, and as time passed, he came to know that above chaos spiritual beasts, there was still an even more powerful existence called Grandmist spiritual beasts.

However, it had been hundreds of billions of years since a Grandmist spiritual beast appeared in the Divine World.

The little cow grinned widely at Huang Xiaolong at his question, harrumphing proudly, “Grandmist spiritual beast Is a Grandmist spiritual beast so great How can this cow be a mere Grandmist spiritual beast”

Huang Xiaolong was rendered speechless.

Give this cow a brick and it could build a whole stage.

Huang Xiaolong was too lazy to discuss this matter further.

He also planned to remain in the treasury for the time being.

With his current cultivation at peak late-Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm, he planned to advance to Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm here before leaving.

Huang Xiaolong turned to look at the dozen stalks of forty-million-years-old herbs.

In a flicker, he was already sitting cross-legged in the air above them, sucking all of  them into his mouth.

Huang Xiaolong was going to refine over a dozen stalks of forty-million-year-old medicinal herbs at once! Not even a Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm cultivator dared to attempt this.

Both the little cow and the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast were stunned agape by Huang Xiaolongs action.

With more than a dozen potent forty-million-years-old herbs entering his body, Huang Xiaolong felt if there were oceans of violent energy playing tug-of-war inside him.

His body trembled and swayed, on the verge of being torn to pieces from within.

Yet he gritted his teeth and endured the excruciating pain, pushing his three supreme godheads to the extreme to absorb the violent energies running rampant inside him.

Despite his three supreme godheads horrifying devouring abilities and his True Divine Dragon Physique, Huang Xiaolong was barely holding onto the vast energies coming from so many potent herbs.

Hence, red blood lines appeared as his skin cracked from the overwhelming force.

As time passed, more and more red blood lines appeared on his body, faster than his True Divine Dragon Physique could recover. 

Watching Huang Xiaolong being close to exploding as his flesh expanded, the little cow suddenly opened its mouth and breathed out; numerous streaks of tiny purple lightning formed a cloud that floated towards Huang Xiaolong, stopping above his head.

Purple-colored raindrops fell from the lightning cloud.

Only then did the rupture of Huang Xiaolongs flesh slowed, even beginning to heal at a faster rate.

The little cow was panting heavily after breathing out the puff of lightning.

Seemingly, puffing out that lightning cloud drained it.

Resting briefly, after little cow confirmed that Huang Xiaolongs True Divine Dragon Physique had stopped splitting, it began to work on the Ancient God Realm godhead Huang Xiaolong had given it.

The Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast also swallowed some divine pellets and found a spot to cultivate.

In the blink of an eye, two months went by.

The sphere of light enshrouding Huang Xiaolong became increasingly brighter, completely bathed in a prism of colors.

Above him was a vague shadow of a coiling blue dragon.

Then, loud popping noises came from Huang Xiaolongs body and the light around him burst forward like a dazzling sun.


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