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Huang Xiaolongs cultivation was currently at early Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm, close to reaching peak early Fifth Order.

If there was a chance of consuming the Ancestral Dragon Fruit, he would be able to advance several times, reaching peak late-Fifth Order, maybe even Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm!

He immediately replied to the Three Evils and Wei Chao, urging them to locate the Ancestral Dragon Fruit as soon as possible and report to him as soon as they narrowed their search down a certain area.

After replying to their message, Huang Xiaolong breathed out loudly, as if that could calm his heart.

According to his estimation, they would be able to locate the Ancestral Dragon Fruit within two months.

One month later, after he took the chance to snatch away the Nine Petals Spiritual Lightning Lotus from the Golden Dragon Gate Chief while he was refining the Lightning War Monarch Pill, it would be time for him to leave the Golden Dragon Gate and rush back to Green Cloud Island.

With a direction in mind, Huang Xiaolong stepped out from Tang Hongs dwelling and headed to the library.

He came across others on the way, but these disciples would look at him in an inconceivable manner.

Once he was far away from them, they would whisper secretly behind his back.

Without exception, these disciples topic of discussion centered around the alchemy refining competition that took place yesterday where he executed the Hundred Thousand Divine Beasts technique, producing grade three Hundred Scales of the Golden Dragon Divine Pills.

As usual, Huang Xiaolong went straight up to the fifth floor of the library, picking up the next divine battle arts manual where he previously left off.

Regardless of what type of divine battle art or technique it was, Huang Xiaolong would go through it once, then organize the information in his mind according to his own comprehension before moving on to the next manual.

Soon, the morning was gone.

“I heard Senior Sister Hu Dan went to the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple yesterday.” A core disciples low whisper fell into Huang Xiaolongs ears at this time.

“How was it Did Senior Sister Hu Dan awaken all nine dragon souls inside the golden dragons pearl” The core disciples companion urgently asked.

“No, they said she only awakened six dragon souls.” Another core disciple lamented, shaking his head in pity.

“Six dragon souls! Six is already considered a good result, most of us core disciples barely average at three dragon souls.”

“It is said that if one can awaken all nine dragon souls, they would be able to obtain the Golden Dragon Divine Art left behind by our Golden Dragon Gates First Ancestor, as well as the nine dragons soul force that is sealed inside the dragon pearl.

The lucky persons strength is sure to rise by leaps and bounds.”

“If one can awaken all nine dragon souls inside the pearl, not to mention the Golden Dragon Martial Ancestors successor, even our current Ancestor and Gate Chief would need to salute to that person, but it is easier said than done.

How could awakening all nine dragon souls be so easy The dragon pearl was left behind by our Golden Dragon Martial Ancestor more than twenty million years ago.

Until now, how many generations of Golden Dragon Gate disciples had tried without success”

Listening to the several disciples conversation, Huang Xiaolongs interest was stoked.

The golden dragons pearl!

There was some information in Tang Hongs memories related to this dragon pearl, but not much.

Tang Hong only knew that this golden dragon pearl was inside the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple and supposedly there were nine dragon souls sealed within.

Now, listening to these disciples conversation, it seemed like, as long as he could make the sealed nine dragon souls light up, hed be able to obtain their soul force

Huang Xiaolong wasnt very concerned about the Golden Dragon Divine Art.

In his eyes, the nine dragons\' soul force was more attractive.

Huang Xiaolong felt that his current strength was still too weak, he wouldnt not let go of any chance that could help him improve.

His own unique physique was the True Divine Dragon Physique, after all.

Moreover, he was born with the black and blue twin dragons martial spirit and had integrated with a dragon pearl while he was still in the lower realm.

Huang Xiaolong believed he had at least ninety percent chance of awakening the nine dragon souls.

Following the Golden Dragon Gate rules, any core disciple was qualified to enter the Golden Dragon Sacred Temple to study the golden dragons pearl provided they could afford the required price of one hundred thousand points!

One hundred thousand points!

Huang Xiaolong subconsciously frowned thinking of this.

Tang Hong only had a little over forty thousand merit points, it looked like he needed to find a way to top up those sixty thousand merit points.

In the Golden Dragon Gate, there were a number of ways to earn points, one of the quickest methods was to accept high difficulty level tasks.

As long as the task was completed, the disciples could earn several thousand points from a single task.

Dusk fell as another day came to an end.

Back in Tang Hongs cultivation dwelling, Huang Xiaolong decided to make a trip to the Grand Dragon Hall to see what kind of tasks he could accept to earn points.

He then went through the different divine battle arts and techniques he perused during the day in the library and disappeared into the Xumi Temple in a flicker.

Sitting cross-legged in the air above a grade four spiritual vein, Huang Xiaolong began to absorb its spiritual energy.

Early next morning, just as the sun was peeking over the horizon, Huang Xiaolong ended his cultivation for the night, heading straight to the Grand Dragon Hall directly from Tang Hongs dwelling.

When he arrived at the Grand Dragon Halls side hall, he unexpectedly ran into Tian Juaner.

Obviously, she too was here to choose a task.

When Tian Juaner saw Huang Xiaolong, her body visibly stiffened for a second, but she recovered quickly and glared daggers at Huang Xiaolong, followed by a cold harrumph before she turned her face to the side, leaving Huang Xiaolong with a view of her back.

Admittedly, looking from the back, this Tian Juaners bottom was quite plump and round.

Huang Xiaolong approached the counter and requested the core disciple handling that counter, Li Yahong, to give him the task ledger.

After receiving the book, Huang Xiaolong flipped through the pages.

Starting from the first page, the difficulty of the tasks increased when one reached the latter pages.

Correspondingly, the higher the number of points allocated to those missions became.

Hence, Huang Xiaolong went straight to the last two pages.

Huang Xiaolong finished checking the available tasks, but there was a frown between his brows, there were only eight tasks on the last two pages.

Although each task gave ten thousand points, wanting to complete these tasks within one month was not possible.

For example, one of the tasks he was interested in was harvesting Nefarious Devil Gold Cores from the Nefarious Devil Tribe.

Every Gold Core was worth thirty thousand points, but more importantly, there was no accumulation limit.

If Huang Xiaolong managed to acquire ten Nefarious Devil Gold Cores and hand them to the Golden Dragon Gate, he would be able to turn them into three hundred thousand points.

The problem was, the trip from Dralion Island to where the Nefarious Devil Tribe lived, even with the Green Ice Hail Devil Bing Jiuyis speed, would take more than a month. 

‘Then I can only wait until after the Golden Dragon Gate Chief finishes refining the Lightning War Monarch Pill before departing to the Nefarious Devil Tribe. Huang Xiaolong thought to himself, ‘But I can accept the task now.  

Huang Xiaolong looked up and said to core disciple Li Yahong, “I want to take the Nefarious Devil Gold Core task.”

Li Yahong froze due to shock, then looked at Huang Xiaolong with a strange expression, “You really want this task The Nefarious Devil Tribe looks heavily on their Gold Cores, keeping them within the tribes ancestral burial ground.

That ancestral burial ground is a place even high-level Heavenly God Realm masters would think twice before venturing in.”

Ever since this task was put up, only one person ever completed it successfully, and that person was Hu Dan.

Some core disciples, and even a few Elders who picked up the task, either died within the grounds of the Nefarious Devil Tribe or returned to the Golden Dragon Gate gravely injured.

Watching Huang Xiaolong insist on taking the Nefarious Devil Gold Core task, Tian Juaner scoffed loudly in disdain, “Seeking death.”

Huang Xiaolong confirmed with Li Yahong as if he did not hear a word Tian Juaner had said, “Im sure, Im taking this task.”

Seeing Huang Xiaolong insist, Li Yahong did not persuade him anymore and proceeded to record Tang Hongs name in the ledger, briefly explaining the requirements of the task.

Such as the fact that task had to be completed within a years time.

If Huang Xiaolong failed to do so within the stipulated time, ten thousand points would be deducted.

On top of that, he would be prohibited from taking any other task for ten years.


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