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“Halt! Which family or sect are you from Dont you know this is the Berserk Lion Sects restricted area” One of the core disciples barked at Huang Xiaolong, “Leave immediately!”

“The Berserk Lion Sects restricted area” Huang Xiaolong snickered with undisguised ridicule.

“Then this whole world is my backyard.” The little cow snottily harrumphed.

Huang Xiaolong and the little cows reaction stunned the group of Berserk Lion Sect core disciples.

The cultivators coming here would be frightful until their legs were shaking upon hearing the Berserk Lion Sects name, that was the general reaction.

This was the first time they came across a person who retorted in mockery.

“Kid, do you have a problem here” Another Berserk Lion Sect disciple questioned Huang Xiaolong, pointing at his own head.

“I say, there must be something wrong with his brain.” Another disciple guffawed.

Several other core disciples also joined in.

At this moment, without warning, a sharp sword light flickered vertically in front of the disciple who asked if Huang Xiaolong had a problem with his head, splitting him into halves.


Pearls of blood shot into the air at high velocity. 

The movement was so fast that the other Berserk Lion Sect core disciples were stunned in place.

In that split second of daze, several flickers of sword light danced in the air.

Just like the first disciple, the others were also split into halves from the head down.

Most of these Berserk Lion Sect core disciples cultivation was around Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm, killing them was too easy for Huang Xiaolong.

Those disciples\' corpses plummeted to the ground from high air with disbelief still etched on their faces.

“You were right, there is indeed something wrong with my head.” Huang Xiaolong muttered, putting away his Mulberry Sword and flying onward with the little cow.

They flew onward for a dozen li before coming upon a large group of people clad in the Berserk Lion Sect and Golden Dragon Sects core disciple and Elder robes attacking an enormous towering beast several hundred zhang tall, half resembling a flying dragon divine beast.

The divine beast also had sturdy legs, a tigers tail, and a large sharp horn at the center of its head, with a sleek black body wearing a coat of faint roiling black flames.

This was the first time Huang Xiaolong has seen a Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast.

Even though it was being besieged by a group of experts, this Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast still held the upper hand in the intense battle.

As time went on, more and more core disciples of both sects retreated in heavy injuries.

The moment Huang Xiaolong arrived, the Berserk Lion Sect and Golden Dragon Sects experts noticed his presence.

Although they were wondering how this young man managed to come to this point, neither of the two sects\' cultivators had the luxury of time to deal with this intruder.

“This Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast actually carries a trace of primordial Azure Dragon aura.” The little cow commented, “Looks like its a variant Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast.”

“A variant Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast!” Huang Xiaolong exclaimed lowly in a voice only he and the little cow could hear.

“Yup, generally, a Black Flame Sea Emperor is a supreme divine beast, but this one in front is closer to a chaos spiritual beast.

Theres a good chance it could evolve into a chaos spiritual beast in the future.” The little cow nodded as it spoke.


Huang Xiaolongs eyes glimmered with anticipation as he looked at the scene in front, amazed that he came across a variant Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast.

It seems none of the Berserk Lion Sect and Golden Dragon Gate experts knew of this beforehand, otherwise they would have called for their Ancestors to capture it.

However, after fighting it all this time, both sects experts should have noticed that it was a variant Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast.

Huang Xiaolong estimated that both sects Ancestors would be arriving soon.

Thus, he must strive to capture this Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast before these two sects reinforcement arrived.

Huang Xiaolong no longer hesitated.

Seizing the right timing, he and the little cow flew toward the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast.

Although the Berserk Lion Sect and Golden Dragon Gates experts didn\'t chase Huang Xiaolong away, they still observe him from time to time.

Now that they saw Huang Xiaolong actually flying towards them, it greatly angered them. ‘This punk is seeking death!

“Brat, get out of our sight this instant! If you dare to approach any closer, well annihilate your sect after weve captured this beast!” A Golden Dragon Gate Elder snarled.

However, before the Elder could finish his words, a giant iceman appeared in front of him.

After Bing Jiuyi appeared, without a word, his palm struck that Golden Dragon Gate Elder, causing his body to explode in a burst of blood due to the overwhelming force before falling to the ground.

Whatever remained of that Golden Dragon Gate Elder had turned into pieces of green ice.

Bone-chilling coldness spread out in all directions.


Other Berserk Lion Sect and Golden Dragon Gate experts who were attacking the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast were stupefied.

In the next second, fear rose to their faces.

“An Ancient God Realm master!”

“Run quick!!”

Over ten experts from both sects immediately scattered in different directions.

Huang Xiaolong sneered, the Berserk Lion Sect and Golden Dragon Gate experts still had some brains, but not even the Three Evils managed to flee from Bing Jiuyi, what more these people.

A green light burst out from Bing Jiuyis body, expanding outwards.

Those within the scope of the green light all turned into ice.

Before the terrified eyes of the remaining Berserk Lion Sect and Golden Dragon Gate experts, the green light enveloped them.

The fleeing cultivators turned into ice statues in midair, the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast included.

Subsequently, Bing Jiuyis hand swiped over the air.

In an instant, the bodies of all the frozen Berserk Lion Sect and Golden Dragon Gate cultivators shattered, causing ice shards to rain down on the mountain below. 

All of this took place while Huang Xiaolong collected the frozen Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast into the Godly Mt.

Xumi, and sped away with the little cow.

Bing Jiuyi blended with the surrounding space, following Huang Xiaolong.

A short while later, Huang Xiaolongs group had left the Crimson Fire Dragon Mountain.

Soon after he left the mountain range, just as Huang Xiaolong estimated earlier, reinforcements from the two sects arrived at the scene.

The two sects Ancestors surveyed the scattered ice shards on the ground and the frozen remains of core disciples and Elders, their expressions terrifyingly gloomy.

How many years had it been since someone dared to slaughter so many of their sects core disciples and Elders!

“The attacker should be an Ancient God Realm Green Ice Hail Devil!” The Berserk Lion Sects Ancestor, Yuan Quan, concluded solemnly after surveying the scene.

The Golden Dragon Gates Ancestor Song Chengli nodded in agreement, a coldness flickering in his eyes, “However, we didn\'t receive any report of an Ancient God Realm Green Ice Hail Devil appearing on the neighboring islands!”

Yuan Quan looked over his shoulder, ordering one of the Berserk Lion Sect cultivators standing behind him, “Pass down my order, lock down the Dralion Island, once anyone discovers any Green Ice Hail Devil, they are to report immediately!”

“Yes, Ancestor.” The Berserk Lion Sect expert respectfully complied.

Song Cheng Li issued the same order to the Golden Dragon Gate experts.

Then again, both of them knew very well that if the other side was really an Ancient God Realm Green Ice Hail Devil, locking down the island meant nothing.

the news of the Berserk Lion Sect and the Golden Dragon Gates Elders and as well core disciples killed by an Ancient God Realm Green Ice Hail Devil soon spread.

On top of that, the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast was snatched away.

A great wave of shock hit Dralion Island.

Roughly a month later, Huang Xiaolong and the little cow appeared on the south area of Dralion Island, in a city named Guan.


The Dralion Island\'s southern lands fell under the Golden Dragon Gate territory, and this Guan City was one of the most important cities under its governance.

Not far from the Guan City was the Golden Dragon Gate headquarters.

After entering Guan City, Huang Xiaolong rented a small courtyard and kept out of sight for the time being.

He had already made a plan as to how he was going tosneak into the Golden Dragon Gate headquarters; employing the same method he used in the lower realm when he infiltrated the Vermilion Bird Institute, using a core disciples identity.


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