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Wei Chao snorted coldly, “Weve waited for three days, this punk finally left South Huai City.”

“I managed to find out that his flying ship is headed to Dralion Island.” Zhao Wuya said.

“Dralion Island What\'s that punk going to Dralion Island for” Li Qingyang was doubtful.

Wei Chao snickered, “Who cares about his reason Isnt that better Once he enters the Endless Sea, this kid wont be able to escape even if he wanted to!”

Zhao Wuya politely requested, “I would like to follow Brother Wei Chao and witness with my own eyes how miserably that punk is going to die, may I know Brother Wei Chaos opinion”

Wei Chao chuckled, “If the two of you want to come along, then come.” He wasnt afraid that Li Qingyang and Zhao Wuya would dare to fight with him for the chaos herb.

There was nothing but open water over the Endless Sea, there werent many people who dared to snatch food from the tigers mouth, or even have the guts to think of robbing things from him.

In the end, it was decided.

Zhao Wuya would follow Wei Chao onward while Li Qingyang had to return due to his duties as at the Elephant Genesis Sect Branch.

The group then separated and went off in different directions.

Other than the Three Evils, Wei Chao also brought two early Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm Elders.

Counting Zhao Wuya within, there was a total of seven people.

At this time, the flying ship Huang Xiaolong was on had already left the city, flying above the Endless Sea at high speed.

According to the ship\'s speed, travelling from South Huai City to Dralion Island would take over forty days.

The good thing was that there were individual rooms on the flying ship, thus Huang Xiaolong did not feel bored during this period.

While cultivating, Huang Xiaolong summoned the Devil Restraining Tablet, slowly refining it with his supreme godforce.

Unknowingly, five days had passed.

On this day, Huang Xiaolong and the little cow were both cultivating inside the room when all of a sudden the flying ship shook violently.

In the next second, a sharp ray of sword qi split the flying ship into two, slicing it right at the center starting from the ships bow.

Undulating screams of pain and terror rang in the air.

Huang Xiaolong and the little cow barely dodged the sword qi, standing in the air watching the two halves of the ship plummet into the sea below.

This flying ship belonged to the Plentiful Peace Firm.

Not only did they have branches on Green Cloud Island, but also on more than ten surrounding islands, their power and influence was on par with the Barbarian God Sect and the Elephant Genesis Sect.

In general, no one would dare to attack the Plentiful Peace Firms flying ships.

Huang Xiaolong was curious to see who was so courageous as to attack.

“Zhao Wuya.” Huang Xiaolong was slightly surprised seeing a familiar face, Zho Wuya who was beside Wei Chao.

Zhao Wuya grinned, “Huang Xiaolong, you didnt expect this, right We meet again.

You\'re very surprised, arent you Let me introduce you, next to me is one of the Berserk Lion Sects Three Swords, Brother Wei Chao.”

The Berserk Lion Sect, Three Swords, Wei Chao!

Huang Xiaolongs gaze shifted to the man beside Zhao Wuya, a frown forming on his forehead.

Before setting off, Huang Xiaolong made an effort to understand the situation around Dralion Island, hence the name Berserk Lion Sect was no stranger to him.

The Berserk Lion Sect was one of the two hegemon forces of Dralion Island, while the Nine Petals Spiritual Lightning Lotus he was looking for was in the hands of the other hegemon force, the Golden Dragon Gate.

“Huang Xiaolong, I heard from Zhao Wuya that you comprehended all the heritage tablets in the Primordial Celestial Shrine and obtained a chaos herb,” Wei Chao chuckled, “This young master has never seen a chaos herb before, so I plan to borrow it from you to play around with for a few days, you wont mind, right”


Even a fool could tell what Wei Chao meant byborrow.

“Young Master Wei Chao, I am the Plentiful Peace Firms High Supervisor.” Someone spoke at this time, a middle-aged man from the Plentiful Peace Firm took a step forward in the air, speaking directly to Wei Chao.

“About young Master Wei Chao attacking our flying ship, please give us an explanation.”

For a big firm such as the Plentiful Peace Firm, every flying ships outbound and inbound journey would be supervised by a High Supervisor and a dozen guards.

A hint of bloodthirst flickered in Wei Chaos eyes, sneering, “Then Ill give you an explanation right now.” A sharp ray of sword qi flew out from his right hand, piercing through the Plentiful Peace Firm High Supervisors throat in the blink of an eye.

Wei Chao was a peak mid-Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm cultivator, whereas the Plentiful Peace Firm High Supervisors cultivation was only at late-Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm.

Adding Wei Chaos sneak attack, how could he dodge it

“I hope the Elders can lend a hand.

Other than Huang Xiaolong, you can kill the rest immediately!” Wei Chao signaled with a wave of his hand at the two Berserk Lion Sect Elders.

Two figures blurred away, raising two wind hurricanes above the sea and attacking the remaining passengers as well as the Plentiful Peace Firm guards.

The passengers that survived the first attack scattered away in fear, fleeing for their lives.

However, most of them were First, Second, and Third Order Heavenly God Realm cultivators, while the stronger ones were merely Fifth or Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm, how could they resist the two Tenth order Heavenly God Realm Elders It was impossible to escape.

The sound of screaming seemed never-ending, their blood dyeing the water below red.

Watching this, Zhao Wuya was inwardly alarmed.

This Wei Chao was really a madman.

The passengers that could afford to ride on the flying ship all had a certain level of status and identity, either some big families disciples or Elders, but this Wei Chao actually ordered to massacre everyone just to prevent news of this incident from leaking!

Zhao Wuya even gave birth to a terrifying thought; after the matter was settled, would Wei Chao kill him too to keep things secret This possibility didn\'t seem too far-fetched at this moment.

Thinking of this, a feeling of coldness spread over his limbs.

At this time, Wei Chao looked at Huang Xiaolong with a bright smile, “Huang Xiaolong, I know you have a late-Tenth Order or a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm master at your side.

These three are our Berserk Lion Sects Three Evil Seniors, they very much would like to exchange some pointers with that master, so please ask them to come out.”

He then pointed at the three old men behind him.

These three old men were similarly tall and thin, with the same crimson hair and greenish eyes.

All three of them exuded an overwhelming sword qi from their bodies.

Huang Xiaolong was taken aback, he didnt expect these three old men to be the Berserk Lion Sects Three Evils!

It was said that the Three Evils were invincible below the Ancient God Realm when working together! Huang Xiaolong too had heard of this rumor.

“Junior, our patience is limited, call out that expert protecting you.” One of the Three Evils snapped coldly seeing no movement from Huang Xiaolongs side, his eyes glowing green.

Zhao Wuya pulled himself together, laughing as he said, “The expert behind that punk is probably too scared to come out after seeing the three Seniors.”

Wei Chao seemed to like Zhao Wuyas words as he let out another loud laugh, “Huang Xiaolong, I heard youre someone with a top grade king rank godhead, that youre so powerful that even...

who was it again Ah, even the Cao Familys five Elders weren\'t your match.

How about this, I\'m going to give you a chance.

If you win my Red Lion Sword, Ill let you leave.”

Hearing that, Zhao Wuya became anxious, “Brother Wei Chao, this…!”

Wei Chaos expression turned gloomy, “What You think Im not this punks match”

Noticing the malice in Wei Chaos eyes, Zhao Wuya quickly shakes his head, forcing a laugh, “No, no, no, I didn\'t mean that.”


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