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During their last encounter in Pingyi City, Huang Xiaolong broke all the bones in his body.

Only after several months of healing by consuming a large amount of divine pellets did he manage to fully recover.

This was the biggest humiliation of his life!

Since his birth until now, he had never suffered such shame.

He had been waiting for a chance to wash away this stain! Who would have thought that Huang Xiaolong had the guts to walk straight into Cao Bao City, into his territory! He was serving himself on a platter!

“Go invite Elder Cao Zhongwei and the other Elders over.” Cao Bishi instructed the steward.

“Yes, Young Master Bishi.” That steward quickly complied and hurried away, soon returning with five Cao Family Elders following behind him.

“With what purpose did Young Master Bishi callus here” Elder Cao Zhongwei asked upon arriving.

“Have you all heard of Huang Xiaolong” Cao Bishi answered with a question instead.

“Huang Xiaolong!” Cao Zhongwei and the other four Elders exclaimed.

“Since all of you have heard of him, I wont waste your time.” Cao Bishi went on, a dangerous gleam in his eyes, “Ive just received a report that he is now in our Cao Bao City.”

Cao Zhongweis group of five Elders did not expect this, exchanging silent glances among themselves.

“Huang Xiaolong is someone Second Grandfather and Big brother Chen Hao want to kill.” Cao Bishi looked at the five Elders, “Im sure you all are aware of this.”

Cao Zhongwei took a roundabout route, “Huang Xiaolong is backed by the Barbarian God Sect, this matter, shouldnt we notify Eminent Elder Cao Yang first”

If Huang Xiaolong was an average Barbarian God Sect disciple, based on their Cao Familys power, the subsequent problem could be dealt with easily, but he was different.

Cao Bishi nonchalantly waved his hand, insisting, “No need.

Well capture Huang Xiaolong, dont kill him yet.

Well bring him to Second Grandfather, this will definitely make Second Grandfather happy.

Moreover, the day after tomorrow is my big brothers wedding, once we\'ve dealt with Huang Xiaolong, its literally double happiness!”

The five Elders fell into contemplation, then nodded in agreement.

There wouldn\'t be any problem as long as they didn\'t kill Huang Xiaolong.

Whereas capturing him would count as merit within their Cao Family.

Seeing Cao Zhongweis group of five nodding in agreement, Cao Bishi finally smiled while sneering inwardly, ‘Huang Xiaolong, your time is up! Although Cao Bishi knew Huang Xiaolong was strong to the point where even his sister Cao Feng was defeated, he was also certain Huang Xiaolong wouldnt be able to escape with Cao Zhongwei and the other four Elders acting together.

As the matter was set, Cao Bishi immediately departed from the Cao Familys main residence with the five Elders in tow, rushing straight to where Huang Xiaolong was at.

Other than Cao Zhongweis group of five Elders, Cao Bishi did not bring any other guards.

In his opinion, five Elders were sufficient to do the job, bringing guards were superfluous.

Not to mention that, with Huang Xiaolongs strength, their Cao Familys guards would drag them down instead.

“Its Cao Zhongweis group of Elders, I wonder which familys young miss is going to suffer this time!”

Other families experts saw Cao Bishi and Cao Zhongweis group walking out from the Cao Familys main residence with intention, thus whispered among themselves.

Cao Bishi had a resounding reputation in Cao Bao City for his lechery.

It could be said that every time he appeared, a catastrophe would befall an innocent young woman.

As Huang Xiaolong was moving toward the Cao Familys main residence, he saw Cao Bishis group of six coming at him.

Watching the hurried stance of Cao Bishis group, the corner of Huang Xiaolongs lips curved into a cold sneer.

This Cao Bishi came faster than he estimated.

The difference was that Huang Xiaolong thought it would be Cao Yang instead.

But no matter, once he dealt with the young one, the old one would definitely appear.

When Cao Bishi also spotted Huang Xiaolong from afar, his face bloomed into a radiant smile as if he had just met a close friend.

In a matter of moments, Cao Bishi and Huang Xiaolong were standing opposite of each other.

Other pedestrians on the street quickly gave a wide berth watching this.

“Huang Xiaolong, hehe, remember me” Cao Bishis gloomy stare was fixed on Huang Xiaolong, his smile becoming slightly twisted.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “I remember, Cao Bisi.” [1]

Although the name sounded similar, Cao Bishi did not mistake Huang Xiaolongs actual meaning.

He was immediately outraged, pointing a finger at Huang Xiaolongs face, “Huang Xiaolong, dont forget youre in the Cao Bao City right now, yet you still have the guts to act so arrogant.

If you\'re bloody looking for death, then Ill fulfill your wish!” Cao Bishi turned to the five Elders behind him, “Several Elders, attack! Start with breaking his arms and legs!”

Almost all five Elders, including Cao Zhongwei, were frowning at Cao Bishis instructions, but they stepped forward.

Even then, Cao Zhongweis group did not immediately attack, each of them released their divine sense to survey the surroundings.

Did Huang Xiaolong really dare to step into Cao Bao City alone All five Elders felt there was something not right, but their divine sense found nothing strange.

Whilst these five were perplexed, Huang Xiaolong made his move.

His figure blurred away in a flicker, arriving in front of the five Elders almost instantaneously.

Godforce surged out from his three supreme godheads as one thousand arms appeared from Huang Xiaolongs back.

The Godly Xumi Art, all arms executing the Great Void Divine Fist!

Space shook with thunderous booming as if it was going to collapse, causing great fist imprints to cover the sky.

These fists imprints had yet to fall, but the five Cao Family Elders sensed a dangerous wave of energy coming at them, their complexion ashen.

“Retreat!” Cao Zhongwei shouted in anger.

Just as the five of them wanted to retreat, lightning rained down.

These lightning strikes destructive power cut off all paths of retreat.

Thus, Cao Zhongwei and the other four Elders suffered the full brunt of Huang Xiaolongs Great Void Divine Fist, like broken kites, tumbling into the air and destroying several streets.

Cao Bishi was terrified, looking at the five Elders buried under the collapsed buildings with disbelief.

All five Elders were early Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm ah, but…!

In a flicker, Huang Xiaolong appeared in front of Cao Bishi.

“Huang Xiao-!” Cao Bishis words were cut off as Huang Xiaolongs hand tightened around his throat.

Cao Bishis face turned red, then purple.

At this time, the Cao Familys main residence was in a joyful festive atmosphere, with bright red lanterns already hung out.

Although there were still two days left until the wedding, guests from every corner of the Green Cloud Island arrived to congratulated one after another.

“The Chen Family Ancestor arrives with congratulatory gifts of one stalk of thirty-million-years-old White Ganoderma, one pair of Blood Jadeite Coral, and ten thousand Sky Spiritual Pills!”

“Hu Family Patriarch arrives with congratulatory gifts of one Flower Cloud Tiger Divine Beasts penis, one Earth Dragons egg, and ten Mystic Phoenix Feathers.”   [2]

The undulating voice of the Cao Family Elder in charge of welcoming guests continuously rang out.

It was the Cao Family young lords wedding, after all, various families Patriarchs and Ancestors brought expensive congratulatory gifts, any one of them was something forces such as the Tie Family Fort and Lin Family Fort couldnt afford even if they sold everything of value they possessed.

In the back hall of the residence, Cao Yang, Zhuang Xuan, and Huang Junfei were seated at a table in the center of the hall, chatting merrily.

Accompanying them were a middle-aged man as well as a young man of extraordinary bearing.

This middle-aged man was the current Cao Family Patriarch, Cao Munan, and the young man was Cao Bishis big brother, Cao Jincheng, who was also the Cao Familys young lord and was getting married the day after tomorrow.

Cao Jincheng and Cao Bishi weren\'t brothers of the same parents.

Because Cao Jincheng was the oldest among the younger generation, Cao Bishi and other Cao Family core disciples called him asbig brother.

“Chen Hao went to train at the Blood Phoenix Forest, and will probably only arrive tomorrow.” Cao Yang said, smiling widely.

“His cultivation already reached mid-Ninth Order Heavenly God Realm, right At this rate, hell soon breakthrough to Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm.” Zhuang Xuan was in a good mood.

“With Chen Haos strength and talent, during the All-Islands Great War, he was certain to make it into the top one thousand!”


Bisi - sure dead


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