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Hearing Chen Haos reassuring words, a wide smile brightened Cao Yangs gloomy expression, “Both the Great Whale Sect and Elephant Genesis Sect want Huang Xiaolong dead!” If this was really the case, they really need not do anything at all.

Facing an all-round pursue by the Great Whale Sect and Elephant Genesis Sects inner disciples, a Fourth Order Heavenly God Realm cultivator only had one end: die tragically! Even a Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm master would die all the same.

As powerful as Huang Xiaolong might be, there was no way he could withstand this kind of attack and pressure.

“That is so.” Chen Hao nodded in affirmation.

But Cao Yang had another doubt, “I can understand that the Great Whale Sect wants Huang Xiaolong dead because he wounded Wang Dafeng, but what about the Elephant Genesis Sect Why are they looking to kill him”

A cold glint flashed in Chen Haos eyes, “Do you still remember that Zhao Chenyuans disciple Han Yang died on the Volcano Isle two years ago”

The incident flashed across Cao Yangs mind and he blurted out, “You mean, Han Yang died in Huang Xiaolongs hands”

“Yes, Huang Xiaolong was also on the Volcano Isle at the time of Han Yangs death, and its very likely his death is related to Huang Xiaolong.” Chen Hao went on, “Which is why Zhao Chenyuan and the Elephant Genesis Sect wants him dead.”

Cao Yang was shocked, “How is that possible! Two years ago, that Huang Xiaolong hadnt even broken through to the Heavenly God Realm, whereas Han Yang was already a peak late-Second Order Heavenly God Realm! How could Huang Xiaolong be able to kill Han Yang!”

Finally, there was a change in Chen Haos stoic expression as a faint frown formed between his brows, “I also thought of this detail.

The best explanation is, there is a hidden expert protecting Huang Xiaolong, and Han Yang was killed by that person.

From my recent inquiries, Zhao Chenyuan sent his disciple Chen Wenyuan to kill Huang Xiaolong some time back, but not long after, Chen Wenyuan died instead.”

Cao Yangs eyes widened in shock.

“That hidden expert protecting Huang Xiaolong should be at least a Sixth or Seventh  Order Heavenly God Realm.” Chen Hao deduced, then a cold sneer appeared on his face, “However, during the joint training, that hidden expert wont be able to help him, hes dead for sure!”

During the three sects inner disciples joint training, the space entryway would be guarded by the three sects masters, outsiders wouldn\'t be able to get in.

At the same time, inside the Barbarian God Sect Ancestors cultivation dwelling, Sect Chief Gu Ling spoke with hesitation, “Ancestor, have you really decided to have Huang Xiaolong participate in the coming joint training”

Lu Zhuo glanced at Gu Ling saying, “I know what you want to say, however, the eagle must soar, whilst the fierce tiger becomes king.

If were overprotective of Huang Xiaolong, he will never be the eagle that soars or the king that rules the forest.”

Gu Ling smiled wryly, “How would I knot understand this, but in this times joint training, the Great Whale Sect and Elephant Genesis Sect…!”

Lu Zhuos tone was solemn, “Think of this as a chance to sharpen him.

Dont worry, I will give him three life-saving talismans, ensuring his safety three times.”

Since the Ancestor had already prepared to this point, Gu Ling no longer objected.

The last few days until the start of the joint training passed in the blink of an eye.

Huang Xiaolong who was cultivating in his Sanctity of Order Mansion suddenly sensed his inner disciple token quiver.

He stopped and took out the token, his divine sense sweeping over it.

“All Barbarian God Sect inner disciple, immediately head to the Soaring Sky Hall!” A voice sounded in Huang Xiaolongs mind.

Huang Xiaolong got to his feet. ‘The joint training is about to commence!

Coming out from his cultivation manor, Huang Xiaolong saw numerous inner disciples flying toward the Soaring Sky Peak.

Watching this, Huang Xiaolong called out: “Xiaoniū!”

Xiaoniū, who was crunching on a godhead inside the Sanctity of Order Mansion, sped out to Huang Xiaolongs side.

Huang Xiaolong patted the little cows back, saying, “In the next three months, you stay here, dont run around recklessly.

Wait for my return.”

In the first few days of his return, Huang Xiaolong had inquired and found out that mounts and battle beasts weren\'t allowed in the joint training.

Hence, Xiaoniū could only stay in the mansion.

The little cow harrumphed several times in dissatisfaction, “I know.” Then it blinked its large innocent eyes at Huang Xiaolong, “You dont need to worry about me, when you come back, I want to eat roast meat for an entire month!” Without waiting for Huang Xiaolongs promise, the little cow swung its tail, turned around, and returned to crunching on the godhead.

Huang Xiaolong smiled, shaking his head, then flew off toward the Soaring Sky Peak like the others.

A while later, he arrived at the Soaring Sky Hall, causing the noisy atmosphere to suddenly turn quiet.

Most of the present inner disciples were looking apprehensively at Huang Xiaolong, opening a wide berth for him to pass.

Due to Liu Yan and Lin Huis deliberate promotion, all of the inner disciples knew that Huang Xiaolong heavily wounded Wang Dafeng a few days earlier.

Watching these inner disciples being so wary of Huang Xiaolong, Chen Xiong snorted, ‘Punk, after we enter the training space, lets see if you can still be this proud!

Around Chen Xiong stood several thousand members of the Sky Dragon League.

Zhu Wanchen was standing right next to Chen Xiong, his gloomy and menacing gaze fixed on Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong felt a mixture of fear, hate, jealousy, awe, disdain, and ridicule directed at him the moment he arrived, but it did not affect the calm expression on his face as he continued onward until he reached the front of the hall, waiting for the Barbarian God Sect Chief Gu Ling and the rest of the upper echelons to arrive.

This joint training was lead by the three sects Chiefs.

Not long after Huang Xiaolong arrived Sect Gu Ling and the other two sects Chiefs arrived with a large group behind him.

Like all other disciples, Huang Xiaolong greeted with a salute.

Gu Lings gaze swept over the large crowd of thousands of Barbarian God Sect disciples, nodding his head in satisfaction.

His gaze lingered a second longer on Huang Xiaolong before addressing all the assembled disciples, “I believe everyone here is aware that this times rewards are a hundred times more lavish than the past, even a thousand times.

Therefore, I hope everyone can exert their full power and strive for the top one hundred, top ten, and the first place!”

Gu Ling made a deliberate pause then added, “The disciples who manage to clinch a spot in the top ten will receive an additional reward when they return to the sect!”

Additional reward!

A low hush swept over the Barbarian God Sect inner disciples.

“As for what that reward is, it will be announced at that time.” Gu Ling did not specifically mention what the additional reward was, which further stoked these disciples curiosity and anticipation.

“Alright, lets depart!” Gu Ling flew up, followed by the Barbarian God Sect Grand Elders, Elders, and lastly, the inner disciples like Huang Xiaolong.

In fact, the joint training this time was quite simple. 

Passing through a space entryway, they would enter the Ice Hail Ruins to fight for a kind of condensed spiritual bead called Crimson Flame Bead.

When the training ended three months later, the inner disciple who collected the highest number of Crimson Flame Beads would obtain the first place, so on and so forth down the ranking until the one hundredth place.

This time, there were more than one hundred and sixty-three thousand inner disciples taking part from all three sets.

Therefore, the number of Crimson Flame Beads inside the Ice Hail Ruins coincided with the number of disciples.

Four days later, the Barbarian God Sects group arrived at the Windless Mountain Range at the northern edge of the Green Cloud Island.

This Windless Mountain Range was the location of the space entryway to the Ice Hail Ruins.

“Haha, Sect Chief Gu, you still look good after so long.” Just as the Barbarian God Sects group reached the Windless Mountain Range, a majestic and sonorous sounded.

The owner of the voice was a middle-aged man who appeared to be in his fifties and flew slightly forward toward Gu Ling, following behind him were several Great Whale Sect masters.

Huang Xiaolong also noticed Wang Dafeng amongst them!

Wang Dafeng also saw Huang Xiaolong, his eyes instantly darkened with hatred.

“Haha, after so many years, Sect Chief Wu still looks majestic as ever.” Gu Ling returned the greeting to the Great Whale Sect Chief.


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