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“Big brother, do you know why there are such extravagant rewards this time” Chen Xiong inquired after getting over his astonishment.

Chen Hao shook his head, “This is something decided by all three sects Ancestors, only the three of them know the real reason.

Not even our Sect Chief is privy to this, but according to my estimation, it should be related to the three sect Ancestors recent trip to the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield.”

“The Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, it is true that only Ancient God Realm masters and above can go there” Chen Xiong asked.

Chen Hao nodded his head, “The Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield is fraught with danger, even our three sects Ancestors and Sect Chiefs can only move around the edge.

If anyone without the strength of an Ancient God Realm master enters, only death awaits.

Devils run rampant all around the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, not to mention they possess overwhelming strength.

The weakest devils that are active around the edge of the battlefield are at least equal to Ancient God Realm masters.”

Chen Xiong said confidently, “Big brothers talent is exceptional, I have no doubt Big brother will breakthrough to the Ancient God Realm and enter the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield.”

Chen Hao smiled at his younger brothers words, “Thats something for a hundred years later.

I told you to keep a watch on Huang Xiaolongs movements, is there any news”

“A few days ago he went to the Jadeite Kingdom, but there was no trace of him after that.

However, Big brother, you need not fear this Huang Xiaolong.

Theres no need for us to pay him any attention.” Chen Xiong added, “Hes so brazen as to challenge you, Big brother! Had it been me, I would have squashed him to death right there!”

Chen Hao glanced at Chen Xiongs twisted expression, answering with nonchalance, “Dont underestimate that punk.

Since he dared to challenge me, it means he has a certain degree of confidence.”

Chen Xiong sneered, “Two years ago he had just advanced to early Second Order Heavenly God Realm, now he should be a peak mid-Second Order at most.

When the chief disciple competition arrives ten years later, the highest he can achieve is Fourth Order Heavenly God Realm, how could he be Big brothers match”

A sharp light glinted in Chen Haos eyes, “Huang Xiaolongs battle prowess is extraordinary.

At that time, he defeated you while he was just an early Second Order Heavenly God Realm.

Whats more, hes now a peak late-Second Order Heavenly God Realm, which means hes comparable to a late-Third Order Heavenly God Realm cultivator.

During the upcoming joint training, he has a very high chance of obtaining a spot within the top ten.”

“Even if hes really capable of ranking in the top ten, enter the Primordial Celestial Shrine, and somehow comprehend something from the three ancestors heritage tablets, he still won\'t be a match for Big brother.” Chen Xiong brushed off Chen Haos caution.

“Alright, go and prepare well for the joint training, aim to enter the top one hundred.” Chen Hao changed the subject.

“I know what to do, Big brother.” Chen Xiong complied and left Chen Haos cultivation dwelling.

After Chen Xiong left, Chen Hao took out a fist-sized black fragment.

It looked like metal yet was not, nor was it an ore, but it was exuding a chilling coldness and an eerie black glow.

Chen Hao stared at the black fragment with a deep frown between his brows, “Could it be a fragment from a chaos grade divine artifact”

This black fragment was something he found in a valley within the Blood Phoenix Forest one year ago.

Although he knew it was extraordinary, Chen Hao had searched through all the ancient records inside the Barbarian God Sects library for a year now, but he had yet to determine what this black fragment was.

His best guess was that it might be a fragment from a chaos grade divine weapon.

Three and a half months later, Huang Xiaolong appeared inside Pingyi City.

In fact, rushing back from the Jadeite Kingdom didn\'t take so much time, but his cultivation of the Heaven Splitting Tenet delayed him for some time.

In these three and a half months, Huang Xiaolong had refined half of the divine armors and weapons inside his Asura Ring, thus rising his Heaven Splitting Tenet to the middle of the second stage.

In this period, compared to the time when he left the Zhenyu Sect treasury, Huang Xiaolongs strength had risen further.

Even though he had yet to reach peak late-Third Order Heavenly God Realm, that line was within sight.

After returning to Pingyi City, Huang Xiaolong observed the ever-bustling streets and couldnt help remembering the first time he was here to take the Barbarian God Sect disciple recruitment assessment.

This subsequently reminded him of Zhu Wanchen, ‘I wonder how that brat is doing now. Huang Xiaolong mused.

The conflict between them started right here in this Pingyi Citys restaurant.

Riding on the little cow, Huang Xiaolong passed by the very same restaurant and stopped.

When he was about to enter together with the little cow, a waiter stopped them in a flustered manner, a forced smile on his face, “This young master, our restaurant does not allow mounts inside.”

Faint creases wrinkled Huang Xiaolongs forehead.

“But young master can rest assured, at the back of our restaurant is a yard specifically reserved for mounts.” The waiter quickly explained.

Huang Xiaolong glanced at the little cow, but seeing the little cow nod its head, Huang Xiaolong took out a small pile of shenbi, instructing the waiter, “This mount of mine must eat top grade roast meat, you must take good care of it.”

The waiters face bloomed as he received the small pile of shenbi, “Rest assured, young master, rest assured!” He then gestured politely to Huang Xiaolong to enter while he scurried over to lead the little cow to the back yard.

After entering the restaurant, Huang Xiaolong found a corner table and ordered some dishes and wine.

“I heard the reward of this times three sects inner disciples joint training is a hundred times more extravagant than the last few rounds!”

“Its not just a hundred times, the top ten disciples can enter and cultivate inside the Primordial Celestial Shrine for a hundred days.

It is said that the first place winner will get a drop of blood essence from the ancient divine beast Blood Phoenix! That\'s the blood essence of the ancient divine beast Blood Phoenix ah! Tsk, if only I had such luck, I could definitely breakthrough to Fourth Order Heavenly God Realm!”

A few tables away, two young men clad in Barbarian God Sect inner disciple robes were discussing in low voices.

The information from their conversation surprised Huang Xiaolong, he did not expect the rewards to be so thrilling.

“You, a peak mid-First Order Heavenly God Realm, will be considered excellent if you can kill your way into the top one hundred.

Even a late-Third Order Heavenly God Realm cannot guarantee a spot within the top one hundred, not to mention the first place which is likelier to fall into the hands of the Elephant Genesis Sects Zhao Wuya or the Great Whale Sects Fan Yuan!”

“This Zhao Wuya is Han Yangs Third Senior Apprentice-brother! Han Yang died on the Volcano Isle, do you know if the Elephant Genesis Sect has found the killer”

“Both Zhao Wuya and Fan Yuan are peak late-Third Order Heavenly God Realm cultivators.

On top of that, they also possess unique physiques that raise their battle prowess to the level of a mid-Fourth Order Heavenly God Realm cultivator.

Looks like the first place winner of the upcoming joint training will be decided between them.”

Huang Xiaolong continued to listen calmly, neither putting Zhao Wuya or Fan Yuan in his eyes.

Right at this time, a loud commotion sounded from the back yard, there were angry loud roars and energy fluctuations .

‘These energy fluctuations come from Xiaoniū Huang Xiaolong got to his feet, walked out from the restaurant to the back yard.

Before he even arrived, an arrogant bellow rang in the air, “Are you lot dead Quickly slaughter that animal for me!”

Another burst of energy fluctuations caused Huang Xiaolong to quicken his steps.

Just as he stepped into the back yard, he saw more than a dozen people encircling the little cow while a young man in golden brocade robe was glaring furiously at it, barking out instructions, “I want this animal chopped into ten thousand pieces!”

On this young mans robe was a dirty cow hoof print; obviously, he was kicked by Xiaoniū.


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