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Chapter 1027: The Jadeite Kingdom

“Greetings, Young Lord!”

Before Tie Qianyuan and the Tie Family Fort Elders, the four families’ Patriarchs and Elders knelt down and saluted Huang Xiaolong, their faces filled with awe and reverence.

Watching this scene, Tie Qianyuan’s group nearly stopped breathing on the spot.

Even though the Tie Family Fort’s upper echelon had mentally prepared themselves with various assumptions about Huang Xiaolong’s connection to the four families, watching the four families’ Patriarchs and Elders kneeling in salute, greeting him as ‘Young lord’, nevertheless confounded them.

Who were He Hanyu, Su Yinhai, and the others within them  

They were the Green Sun City’s most powerful four families’ Patriarchs ah!

From the Green Sun City to the surrounding several thousand li, they were existences who summoned the clouds and called the wind.

Yet now, these very existences were kneeling in front of Huang Xiaolong, calling him ‘Young lord’!

“Rise!” Huang Xiaolong spoke, his tone aloof.

“Many thanks, Young Lord.” Only after expressing their thanks did He Hanyu, Su Yinhai, and the others dare to stand up, but their heads hung low with unease.

“He Hanyu.” Huang Xiaolong called.

 “This subordinate is here, Young Lord.” He Hanyu’s heart quivered, hastily took a step forward.

“The matter between the He Family and Tie Family Fort, I already know.” Huang Xiaolong went on, “The Tie Family Fort’s young lord and young miss are my friends.

You should walk over and apologize to them.”

Hearing that Huang Xiaolong only wanted him to apologize to the Tie Family Fort’s Lord and his children, He Hanyu was relieved, enthusiastically nodding his head, “Of course, of course, Young Lord.

This subordinate will apologize to them now, right now!”

He Hanyu walked over, standing in front of Tie Qianyuan, Tie Mu, and Tie Xinlan with a face full of sincerity, apologizing several times over.

The Qianyuan, Tie Mu, and Tie Xinlan felt overwhelming ‘flattered,’ jumping up from their heads while waving their heads and hands, insisting it was not necessary.

A few minutes later, Huang Xiaolong directed his words at He Hanyu, “Later on, have someone send some divine pellets and herb elixirs to the Tie Family Fort and Miss Tie as compensation.

As for He Cheng, kick him out of the He Family; he will be dealt with by the Tie Family Fort.”

He Hanyu complied without hesitation.

Huang Xiaolong then turned to Tie Qianyuan and Tie Xinlan, “Fort Lord Tie, Xinlan, does this arrangement satisfy you both”

Tie Qianyuan didn't know how to answer.

He could only say he was satisfied, while Tie Xinlan’s eyes sparkled as she looked at Huang Xiaolong, saying, “Thank you, Elder brother Huang.”

Huang Xiaolong smiled.

Following that, the Tie Family Fort held its largest banquet since its founding day, where the Tie Family Fort and the four families’ experts raised their cups toasting each other.

Huang Xiaolong was seated at the main honorable seat and was the only person who not many people dared to approach, much less toast wine, other than Tie Mu and Tie Xinlan of course.

The banquet went on until late night before everyone dispersed.

Huang Xiaolong stayed the night at the Tie Family Fort.

As for He Hanyu and the others, Huang Xiaolong had them return to the Green Sun City.

For the remainder of the night, Huang Xiaolong cultivated.

When soft rays of sunlight touched the horizon, he stepped out from the courtyard.

The first thing he saw was Tie Xinlan teasing the little cow Xiaoniū.

Tie Xinlan was running around with the little cow trotting behind her on its four hooves.

“Elder brother Huang.” Tie Xinlan spotted Huang Xiaolong, happily calling out.

Huang Xiaolong smiled, nodding his head in greeting, “You’re here so early”

Tie Xinlan replied with a question instead, “Elder brother Huang, must you really leave today”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “En, I have something to do.

Later, I will come again to visit you all.”

A wide smile spread over Tie Xinlan’s face at those words, nodding her head as if it was a promise.

One hour later outside the Tie Family Fort gates. 

Tie Qianyuan, Tie Mu, Tie Xinlan, and a large group of Tie Family Fort experts assembled to send Huang Xiaolong off, but he waved his hand, indicating it wasn't necessary before leaping onto the little cow’s back.

Before the eyes of the Tie Family Fort group, Huang Xiaolong’s figure disappeared from the path.

The sun rose higher in the sky.

“I didn’t expect young hero Huang to have already been promoted to an inner disciple.” One of the Elders sighed all of a sudden.

They found out about this during the banquet last night.

However, Huang Xiaolong did not mention he won the Submerging Dragon Ranking battle’s first place or that he had a king rank godhead.

“It's been less than two years since young hero Huang entered the Barbarian God Sect, yet he’s already been promoted to an inner sect disciple.

His talent is truly shocking, rising to the rank of a Grand Elder in the Barbarian God Sect won't be an issue!” Another Tie Family Fort Elder added.

“Just a Grand Elder Trust me, Elder brother Huang will definitely rise to be the strongest master on this Green Cloud Island!” said Tie Mu.

Tie Xinlan pouted, “I say Elder brother Huang is going to be the strongest master in our Vientiane World.”

Everyone burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny” Tie Xinlan insisted, “You all don’t believe this, but I do.”

Half a month later.

Huang Xiaolong and the little cow arrived at the Jadeite Kingdom.

The Jadeite Ridge was a famous mountain range with abundant spiritual energy.

Hence, there were more than ten sects and kingdoms built on its land.

Amongst them, the Jadeite Kingdom was the most powerful force.

Although the Jadeite Kingdom had only appeared in the last four to five thousand years, it rose quickly, its forces were only below the Barbarian God Sect, Elephant Genesis Sect, and the Great Whale Sect.

In fact, the Jadeite Kingdom was one of the top thirty forces on the Green Cloud Island, even slightly stronger than that Zhu Wanchen’s Zhu Family.

The Jadeite Kingdom took the biggest land area around the Jadeite Ridge mountain range, which was also the area with the richest spiritual energy.

With more than a thousand cities, their experts were like trees in a forest.

According to the indication on the Zhenyu Sect treasure map, the treasury was located in one the Jadeite Kingdom’s mountain peaks or some of the nearby peaks.

A few days later, Huang Xiaolong reached the Jadeite Kingdom’s Royal City.

The Royal City gave Huang Xiaolong the feeling of being prosperous and big, even larger and more flourishing than the Barbarian God Sect’s Winged Tiger City.

Even so, the Jadeite Royal City was still lacking compared to the Barbarian God City.

Only core disciples and above could freely enter and exit the Barbarian God City.

Although Huang Xiaolong had yet to see the city with his own eyes, he had a rough idea from the books he had read in the Barbarian God Sect’s library.

After entering the Jadeite Royal City, Huang Xiaolong’s interest rose when he passed by the city’s medicinal herb markets.

He nudged the little cow in to see if he could find anything good.

However, the quality of the herbs and divine pellets he came across was only so-so.

“Moo!” When they were walking past a certain shop, the little cow suddenly stopped and let out a moo, leading Huang Xiaolong inside and coming to a stop in front of a half a meter tall, arm-thick, charcoal black tree branch.

Standing in front of the black tree branch, the little cow licked its lips as if it was salivating.

Huang Xiaolong was stunned, “You want to eat this thing” He really couldn’t see what was so special about the black tree branch.

The little cow nodded its head.

Huang Xiaolong felt a headache coming.

Any time this little one saw something it wanted to eat, it wouldn't move from the spot if it couldn’t eat it.

He could only call for the owner.

“This young master has excellent eyesight, able to recognize the primordial divine tree branch.” When the owner appeared, he had a big smile on his face.

“This primordial divine tree branch was found by our commerce hall’s Grand Elder on a lone island at The Great Sea.

Even though we do not know what type of divine tree it is, our appraiser has determined that it is at least a hundred million years old.”

Huang Xiaolong’s brows were scrunched together, “Owner, you’re saying this black thing here is a primordial divine tree branch Is every item your shop sells a primordial divine item”

The owner wasn't angry at Huang Xiaolong’s derisive tone, he patiently explained with a smile, “If this young master does not believe, we have no two ways about it.

However, this primordial divine tree trunk was once struck by lightning, so it’s vitality was almost depleted, that is the only reason our shop put it out for sale.”


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