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Chapter 1022: Cut Huang Xiaolong’s Flesh

As more and more guards and disciples of the Lin Family Fort walked out with their hands in the air, surrendering, the four families’ masters spotted a black-haired young man heading toward the gates while riding on a small cow.

Lin Hang followed behind this young man.

This sight stunned the four families’ masters.

Seizing this chance, a He Family disciple stepped forward saying, “Patriarch, it was him who wounded young master He Cheng and others!”

“Him” He Hanyu and the others glared at Huang Xiaolong with a ferocious glint.

In an instant, killing intent surged from their bodies.

Huang Xiaolong arrived at the scene on the little cow’s back.

At a single glance, seeing the number of Lin Family Fort guards and disciples walking out with their hands in the air, he already understood what was happening, there was no need for an explanation.

However, no reaction could be seen on Huang Xiaolong’s face.

He then turned toward the remaining seven to eight Lin Family Fort guards and disciples, “You guys aren't going”

The group became awkward, they naturally wanted to go over to the four families as well, but who would have thought Huang Xiaolong would suddenly appear in front of them.

Now, should they go over or not

Even though they actually wanted to go over to the four families’ side, they feared that Huang Xiaolong would suddenly attack them.

Huang Xiaolong easily saw through their thoughts and was too lazy to bother with this group any longer.

He looked at the four families on the other side of the fort.

Lin Hang despaired when he saw that nearly all of the Lin Family Fort guards and disciples had betrayed them, surrendering to the four families.

“Surnamed Huang, you didn’t expect such a day would arrive so quickly, right You killed our Fort Lord Lin, and in a little while, you will die a death more tragic than him!” Seeing Huang Xiaolong appear, one of the Lin Family Fort members who had submitted to the four families shouted victoriously at Huang Xiaolong, a complacent smile on his face.

Killed Fort Lord Lin

He Hanyu and the other three Patriarchs were inwardly shocked at these words.

Did this punk really kill Lin Chaoqun But that Lin Chaoqun was a mid-Second Order Heavenly God Realm cultivator!

Rapidly recovering from his shock, He Hanyu’s expression became solemn as he questioned a Lin Family Fort disciple for the details.

Through that disciple’s answer, He Hanyu and the others now understood what took place in the Lin Family Fort earlier.

That Lin Family Fort disciple pleaded anxiously seeing no further reaction from He Hanyu, “Patriarch He, I implore you to let us Lin Family Fort members cut this punk’s flesh to avenge our Fort Lord Lin after the four families capture him!”

“We implore Patriarch He to agree!” All the surrendered Lin Family Fort guards and disciples shouted.

He Hanyu nodded, “Rest assured.”

Even though He Hanyu was slightly shocked that the black-haired young man was capable of killing of Lin Chaoqun, in his opinion, the young man was only a single person, whereas they had over a hundred masters from the four families.

This fact quickly calmed him down.

He Hanyu could see that Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation was at mid-Second Order Heavenly God Realm.

Moreover, this time, the four families had assembled twenty-three Heavenly God Realm experts, sixteen of them First Order Heavenly God Realm, while seven were Second Order Heavenly Gods.

It was more than enough to kill this Huang Xiaolong ten times over.

Not to mention the fact that He Hanyu suspected that Lin Chaoqun wasn’t killed by Huang Xiaolong, after all, Lin Chaoqun himself was also a mid-Second Order Heavenly God Realm.

Therefore he believed that Huang Xiaolong had others who helped him with killing Lin Chaoqun.

“Kid, speak! Which family and sect do you come from” He Hanyu exuded icy coldness looking at Huang Xiaolong, “Speak the truth and I may let you die a little bit more comfortable.”

Since Huang Xiaolong had changed out of his inner disciple robe after leaving the sect, it didn't cross anyone’s mind that this black-haired young man riding on a cow could be a Barbarian God Sect inner disciple.

Huang Xiaolong snickered hearing He Hanyu’s persuasive words, it was obvious that He Hanyu was afraid he was a disciple of a family or sect that he could not afford to offend.

“I’m just a rogue cultivator.” Huang Xiaolong replied indifferently, “You need not worry, there won't be any family or sect coming to look for trouble in the future.”

Having his thoughts exposed by Huang Xiaolong, He Hanyu tried to disguise his embarrassment with anger, the killing intent around him intensified.

“Wait!” Just as He Hanyu was about to attack, Su Family Patriarch Su Yinhai suddenly shouted.

Everyone couldn’t help looking at Su Yinhai.

Su Yinhai stared at Huang Xiaolong saying, “Kid, don’t say I didn’t give you a chance.

If you submit to us now, I can spare your life.”


Everyone was stupefied.

The Lin Family Fort guards and disciples' complexions turned ashen.

Patriarch Su wanted to rein in Huang Xiaolong If he really submitted to the four families, based on Huang Xiaolong’s strength, he would definitely be put in an important position.

If Huang Xiaolong came after them at that time, one could imagine their ending.

Neither He Hanyu nor the Zhuang and Deng Patriarchs said anything.

Although He Cheng and other core disciples’ futures were destroyed in this person's hands, Huang Xiaolong was still a mid-Second Order Heavenly God cultivator, if he could be of use to their four families, it was indeed more beneficial than killing him now.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head with a wry smile when he heard that Su Yinhai actually wanted him to submit.

At this point, he had his lost patience with the four families, flying forward faster than an arrow.

An overwhelming momentum erupted from his body.

Feeling this, He Hanyu, Su Yinhai, and the others felt their breaths stuck in their chest.

In the next moment, before He Hanyu, Su Yinhai, and the four families’ terrified eyes, one thousand arms emerged from Huang Xiaolong’s back, attacking simultaneously.

Giant fists imprints filled the sky like a sandstorm, drowning He Hanyu and the others within.

Consecutive resounding blasts rang out.

Before the eyes of all the Lin Family Fort guards and disciples, He Hanyu, Su Yinhai, and the others resembled butterflies that flew further and further away, crashing several thousand meters away.

Dong! Dong, dong, dong!

The earth beneath quaked as the experts from the four families crashed to the ground.

The hundred over experts from the four families who had been standing proud and arrogant just moments ago were now all sprawled in various embarrassing postures, tasting their own blood mixed with sand in their mouths.

The Lin Family Fort guards and disciples were too dumbfounded to make a sound.

Lin Hang was thinking he would be dead for sure today as he followed behind Huang Xiaolong, but he was now agape with shock.

A deathly silence bore down on everyone present, only the sound of the blowing wind in their ears.

Right in the middle of this deathly silence, an unexpected ‘moo’ shattered the heavy atmosphere. 

Eyes instantly fell on the golden horned little cow.

The little cow ignored the eyes on it, letting out another ‘moo.’

The Lin Family Fort guards and disciples who had previously raised their hands in surrender felt their blood go cold, their faces paler than the skin on their butt cheeks.

Specially the disciple who implored He Hanyu that he and the others Lin Family Fort disciples and guards be allowed to cut Huang Xiaolong’s flesh.

That disciple had just pissed his pants.

Huang Xiaolong stepped toward He Hanyu and the other three families’ Patriarchs as if he did not see the Lin Family Fort guards and disciples.

He Hanyu was swaying on his feet even as he tried to get up, and he caught sight of Huang Xiaolong approaching him.

Fear filled his eyes and he stumbled back to the ground again, only he himself knew whether it was out of fear or unsteady feet.

Su Yinhai was also struggling to his feet, but stopped his actions watching He Hanyu.

Half squatting, his expression was extremely ugly, looking constipated.

“Don’t say I didn’t give you lot a chance, if you all surrender to me now, I can consider sparing your lives.” Huang Xiaolong spoke.

Sun Yinhai’s face was purple from embarrassment, these were the very same words he had said to Huang Xiaolong just now.


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