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At Jiang Yans command to capture Huang Xiaolong, several disciples from the law enforcement hall swiftly leaped onto the battle stage.

Without giving Huang Xiaolong a chance to speak, they were already bombarding him with attacks.

Such a great opportunity to gain merit, they naturally couldn\'t miss it.

These several law enforcement disciples were all inner disciples.

Three of them were early Second Order Heavenly God Realm, while two were peak late-First Order Heavenly God Realm cultivation.

Watching the five law enforcement disciples rushing to apprehend him, Huang Xiaolong let out a cold snort, circulating the godforce of his Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead.

Huang Xiaolongs fist punched out, separating into five strikes in the blink of an eye.

The five law enforcement hall disciples suddenly became ashen as they sensed the terrifying power of Huang Xiaolongs punches.


Just like Zhu Wanchen previously, the five of them were sent flying off the battle stage at an even faster speed, crashing below.

The ground quaked violently.

All the disciples moved away in alarm, looking at the figure on the battle stage with apprehension.

If Huang Xiaolong stunned everyone by defeating Zhu Wanchen with one strike, then now...

There were no words to describe the feelings in their hearts.

Five law enforcement hall disciples, moreover, three early Second Order Heavenly God Realm cultivators!

Was this Huang Xiaolong really a new outer disciple!

On the raised platform, Elder Jiang Yan was just as astounded, disbelief written on her face.

Hidden in the void, Gu Ling, Lin Shen, and the others jaws dropped so low that a large pear could be stuffed inside.

Recovering from her shock, Jiang Yans expression turned even uglier.

In a flicker, she was already standing on the battle stage, a cold glint bursting from her eyes.

“Looks like I\'ve underestimated you, however, resisting capture and injuring the law enforcement disciples is a crime punishable by death!” With that said, her slender arms made a series of strange gestures, forming a divine diagram in the blink of an eye.

Seeing this divine diagram, Huang Xiaolongs eyes narrowed.

This was the Barbarian God Sects Life and Death Destruction Seal!

Only an Elder or someone with a higher position was allowed to cultivate it.

After reaching the perfection realm of the technique, once the seal appeared, it could destroy all living beings!

Not to mention the fact that, as an Elder of the Barbarian God Sect, this Jiang Yan was a Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm master!

After condensing the Life and Death Destruction Seal, Jiang Yan let out a soft groan as her palms pushed out.

The Life and Death Destruction Seal released a dazzling light, enveloping Huang Xiaolong in the blink of an eye.

Watching that Life and Death Destruction Seal that was about to land on Huang Xiaolong, a figure appeared in the air all of a sudden.

With a wave of his hand, he easily dispersed Jiang Yans powerful array.

Everyone was dazed.

The figure who helped Huang Xiaolong to block Jiang Yans attack was a white-haired old man with a ruddy complexion akin to a baby, his eyes long and narrow.

Neither the outer disciples nor the inner disciples knew who the white-haired old man was, but Jiang Yans face paled instantly, getting on her knees fearfully as she respectfully greeted, “Jiang Yan greets the Ancestor!”


The Barbarian God Sects Ancestor!

The Barbarian God Sect Ancestor that hadnt appeared for several thousand years, who was in death seclusion to study an ancient divine technique, actually appeared before their eyes!

All the present disciples were dumbfounded.

Right at this time, ripples spread through space.

Other than Sect Chief Gu Ling and Grand Elder Lin Shen, all the others knelt before the white-haired old man in respect and fear, greeting loudly, “Our greetings to the Ancestor!”

Gu Ling bowed low in salute.

Only then did the surrounding disciples regain their senses, getting down on their knees.

However, on the battle stage, other than Gu Ling, there was another person standing, Huang Xiaolong!

When Grand Elder Lin Shen saw that Huang Xiaolong was still standing, he reprimanded harshly, “Huang Xiaolong, such insolence! Why are you not on your knees after seeing the Ancestor”

But, contrary to others estimation, the Barbarian God Sect Ancestor Lu Zhuo wore an amiable smile on his face, casually waving his hand, “Its fine.”

Its fine

Everyone was dumbfounded once again.

Rumors had it that the Barbarian God Sect Ancestor was extremely cold and merciless, since when did he become so easygoing 

Even Sect Chief Gu Ling was inwardly surprised.

While everyone was still confused as to what was going on, Ancestor Lu Zhuo grinned at Huang Xiaolong, “Little guy, your godhead is no mere top rank eight godhead, am I right” In fact, he had arrived at the Submerging Dragon Peak some time ago, but he concealed his presence so that even Gu Ling and the others failed to notice him.

The Ancestor had been in seclusion in order to cultivate an ancient divine technique, and finally had some small breakthrough, so he thought of coming out for a breather and stroll around.

When he was passing by this place, he noticed that the Submerging Dragon Ranking battle was in progress and came over to watch.

When Lu Zhou saw that Huang Xiaolong defeated Zhu Wanchen who had a top rank ten godhead in one strike, he too was surprised.

Of course, other than surprise, he thought of Huang Xiaolongs actual talent.

Although he heard the disciples below discussing Huang Xiaolongs top rank eight godhead, he found it hard to believe that was Huang Xiaolongs real talent.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the Barbarian God Sect Ancestor Lu Zhou, then nodded his head, “Correct, my godhead is a low grade king rank godhead.”

Low grade king rank godhead!

“What! A low grade king rank godhead!”

“Huang Xiaolong actually has a low grade king rank godhead, this… how could this be!”

The sound of surprised exclamations rose a thousand zhang high. 

Even Sect Chief Gu Ling shuddered.

Grand Elder Lin Shen, Elder Huang Xiaoming, and the others felt the muscles on their faces twitch.

Other than shock, Lin Shen, Huang Xiaoming, and Jiang Yans complexions didnt look that well.

Especially Jiang Yan, she was prepared to kill Huang Xiaolong just now, which meant completely offending Huang Xiaolong.

If he truly had a low grade king rank godhead and caught the Ancestors eye, she wouldn\'t have any good days in the future.

As an Elder of the Barbarian God Sect, she naturally understood the importance of such a talented disciple to a sect.

Although Zhu Wanchen had a top rank ten godhead, just a small rank below the king rank, the gap between the two was as vast as heaven and earth.

If a top rank eight godhead was considered trash in Zhu Wanchens eyes, then the top rank ten godhead was nothing but rubbish before a low grade king rank godhead!

At this time, Ancestor Lu Zhuo placed his palm on Huang Xiaolongs arm, sending a trace of godforce his body to check his godhead.

A while later, everyone held their breaths as they waited.

The smile on the Barbarian God Sect Ancestor Lu Zhuos face thickened, then he nodded, “Indeed a low grade king rank godhead.

Moreover, its one of the more unique ones, the Three Furnace Godhead.”

The Three Furnace Godhead!!

Another wave of exclamation sounded in the air.

Jiang Yan who was hoping for a stroke of luck turned a shade paler after hearing the Ancestors affirmation.

The Three Furnace Godhead stood at the top of the low grade king rank rank.

Just like its name, there were actually three godheads akin to furnace feet.

Cultivators possessing this kind of godhead were not only proficient in cultivation, but also alchemy and weapons forging. 

Grand Elder Lin Shen smiled ingratiatingly at Ancestor Lu Zhuo, “Congratulations Ancestor, Sect Chief, our Barbarian God Sect has received our very first genius with a king rank godhead! This is a heavenly blessing to our Barbarian God Sect!”

“Congratulations, Ancestor, Sect Chief! This is heavenly blessing to our Barbarian God Sect!”

All the disciples present erupted into a loud cheer.


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