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Suddenly, Jiang Zheng and Zhu Wanchen, who had been observing each other quietly, acted.

Both of them let out a bellow, and in the next second two fists collided in the air.

Jiang Zheng tumbled back from the impact, staggering to the edge of the battle stage, whereas Zhu Wanchen stood steady as a mountain.

Watching this, the crowd below drew in gasps of shock.

Jiang Zheng who had yet to breakthrough to the Heavenly God Realm truly wasn\'t Zhu Wanchens match! Although his strength was comparable to an early First Order Heavenly God master, Zhu Wanchen with his top rank ten godhead possessed extraordinary battle prowess, definitely not what an average early First Order Heavenly God could match.

“Great Sun Burning Sky Palm!”

After staggering backward from the first exchange, Jiang Zhengs momentum rose again.

A red flame burst out from his palm, striking in Zhu Wanchens direction.

“That\'s an ancient Buddhist supreme art called Great Sun Burning Sky Palm, it is said it can burn everything under the sun!”

“Is that Jiang Zhengs fortuitous encounter”

The crowd of disciples was amazed.

Zhu Wanchen was inwardly shocked as well watching Jiang Zheng displaying the Great Sun Burning Sky Palm.

“Golden Light Cutting Palm!” Zhu Wanchens hands moved to his chest and pushed out.

His palm force formed two radiant spheres of light, easily cutting Jiang Zhengs Great Sun Burning Sky Palm into four sections.

Fiery sparks shot out everywhere as the palm exploded.

Zhu Wanchen leaped through the dying embers of the Great Sun Burning Sky Palm, his palms landing accurately on Jiang Zhengs body.

Without any suspense, Jiang Zheng was knocked down, then rolled to the edge of the stage once more.

The crowd watched this with bated breaths.

The consecutive three-year champion of the Submerging Dragon Ranking lost!

In three strikes!

After a brief moment of silence, a loud cheer broke out from the disciples.

“Zhu Wanchen!”

“Zhu Wanchen!”

The majority of the outer disciples were chanting Zhu Wanchens name, while the female outer disciples were shrieking excitedly.

Listening to the frenzied waves of shouts around him, Zhu Wanchen nodded and smiled faintly toward the disciples below, displaying the demeanor of a high expert.

Concealed in the void, the Barbarian God Sect Chief Gu Ling revealed a faint smile.

This Zhu Wanchen did not disappoint him, easily defeating Jiang Zheng.

Such a talent, once he cultivated their Barbarian God Technique, he would definitely be able to display its full strength.

A short while later, Elder Jiang Yan announced the result.

Jiang Zheng wobbled down the stage with frustration.

Accompanied by the shouts and cheers of the outer disciples below, Zhu Wanchen walked toward the spot where Jiang Zheng stood earlier.

In between, his eyes glanced at Huang Xiaolong in the distance, the complacence obvious in his gaze.

Subsequently, other disciples went up the battle stage, challenging the other nine spots.

What followed was a consecutive round of twenty plus challenges, mostly ending with the challengers loss.

Only a small number and replaced the previous names in the top nine.

But no one dared to challenge Zhu Wanchen.

He stood on the first place spot of the Submerging Dragon Ranking, looking leisurely.

But seeing that Huang Xiaolong didn\'t seem to have any intention to challenge him after so long, Zhu Wanchen became annoyed.

If Huang Xiaolong didn\'t challenge him today, wouldnt his plans to make him apologize on his knees go down the drain Even if he defeated Huang Xiaolong in the future, there was no meaning to it.

After the Submerging Dragon Ranking battle ended, he would promoted.

As an inner disciple, there was nothing to be proud of in defeating an outer disciple.

In a short time, another dozen disciples had gone up to challenge.

Below the stage, Huang Xiaolong watched the challenges with interest, as if he had no intention of going onto the stage.

Watching this, Zhu Wanchen lost his patience, speaking in an icy voice, “Huang Xiaolong, didnt you say before that you would defeat me in one strike during the Submerging Dragon Ranking battle So, you dare not even step up the battle stage Have you turned into a cowardly turtle”

Zhu Wanchens voice wasnt very loud but it spread out through the four ends of the battle stage.

In an instant, all the disciples gaze fell on Huang Xiaolongs body.

Huang Xiaolong sneered inwardly, ‘Finally can\'t hold it in any longer He wanted to see how long Zhu Wanchen could last before he lost his patience. 

Looks like this Zhu Wanchen couldn\'t wait to humiliate him in public, to defeat him! Then, he would fulfill his wish.

Before the crowds gazes, Huang Xiaolong leaped on the battle stage.

Huang Xiaolong had yet to say anything, but Zhu Wanchen already leaped onto the stage.

“I guess this Huang Xiaolong wont be able to take even one strike from Zhu Wanchen!” Hidden in the void with the others, Grand Elder Lin Shen mocked.

“Maybe can last up to three strikes.” The Barbarian God Sect Chief Gu Ling said solemnly, “He could defeat Jiang Yi in one strike, which means his strength is most likely comparable to Jiang Zhengs.”

On the battle stage, Zhu Wanchen strode a few feet up to Huang Xiaolong with a cold sneer on his face, “Huang Xiaolong, I didnt think you really have the guts to come up.

Ive already said I wont show you any mercy, its useless even if you regret it now.”

“Are you done with your nonsense Can we start now” Huang Xiaolong said aloofly.

Hearing this, Zhu Wanchens fury erupted, “Very good.

Huang Xiaolong, dont say I didnt give you a chance.

Ill yield three strikes to you.

After three strikes, I will defeat you in one move!”

Huang Xiaolong remained untouched; give him a chance

Then he wont be polite.

Huang Xiaolongs figure flickered, disappearing from the battle stage.

When he appeared again, he was already in front of Zhu Wanchen, his fist swinging out.

Watching Huang Xiaolong suddenly appearing in front of him, Zhu Wanchens face tightened after a brief moment of shock, but in the split second he took to react, Huang Xiaolongs fist was about to land on his chest.

Angered and astounded, Zhu Wanchen circulated his heavenly godforce, punching out.

A low grunt resounded from the battle stage.

Subsequently, the crowd heard the noise of breaking bones.

In the next moment, Zhu Wanchen was akin to a withered branch carried away by a hurricane, flying off and falling outside the battle stage.

The ground quaked vigorously.

Zhu Wanchen laid limply on the ground.

One of his arms had ruptured until it was unrecognizable, the bones of his entire arm shattered.

The disciples all around stood frozen on the spot, their mouths agape.

Especially those female disciples, their passionate gazed from before had turned to stupefaction.

The other nine people on the Submerging Dragon Ranking also turned silly.

Concealed in the void, Sect Chief Gu Ling, Grand Elder Lin Shen, and the others were dumbfounded, disbelief written all over their faces.

The atmosphere turned awkward.

A full five to six minutes passed before a disciple below the stage mumbled, “It really was just one strike...”

This inevitably reminded everyone of Huang Xiaolongs previous words, saying he would defeat Zhu Wanchen with a single blow!

Prior to this, all of them had thought that Huang Xiaolong was a naive fool that didn\'t know the immensity of the sky, but now…

Great waves of shock were hitting everyones hearts at this moment.

Zhu Wanchen was a genius cultivator who condensed a top rank ten godhead ah, not to mention he had advanced to the Heavenly God Realm, yet Huang Xiaolong was able to defeat him in a single attack! Then, Huang Xiaolongs current strength was...

Right at this time, the overseeing Elder Jiang Yan reprimand Huang Xiaolong with fury spewing from her eyes, “Insolent! Huang Xiaolong, I haven\'t declared the beginning of the match, yet you actually made a sneak attack on Zhu Wanchen using such cruel method.

Someone come and capture Huang Xiaolong, lock him in the dungeon!”

Jiang Yan could see that Zhu Wanchens internal organs were shattered from Huang Xiaolongs attack, while his godhead had most likely also received some damage.

Even if he was healed, the roots of damage would still be there.

Zhu Wanchen was a genius with a top rank ten godhead ah.

Thinking of the glorious moment when Zhu Wanchen would have broken into the Ancient God Realm, killing Huang Xiaolong a thousand times was too light a punishment!


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