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After coming out from the cave he had stayed in for over five months, Huang Xiaolong determined the direction of his destination and proceeded to fly in the direction of the ships dock.

Huang Xiaolong hadn\'t traveled very far when he heard disciples of the three sects talking about Han Yangs death.

‘Han Yangs Master, Zhao Chenyuan came to the Volcano Isle Huang Xiaolong raised an eyebrow at what he overheard.

He then went through the details of the event.

After killing Han Yang, he had cleaned up the scene quite nicely, confident that he didn\'t leave any clues behind, therefore Huang Xiaolong wasn\'t worried that Zhao Chenyuan or anybody else from the Elephant Genesis Sect could find any clues.

Not to mention the fact that Han Yang was a peak late-Second Order Heavenly God Realm cultivator.

Because of this, Zhao Chenyuan and others from the Elephant Genesis Sects investigation party would naturally focus more on disciples with cultivation of Third Order Heavenly God Realm and above, overlooking Huang Xiaolong in the process.

Despite the furor this matter caused, Huang Xiaolong did not put it to heart.

After several days of flying, he could see the flying ships port on the horizon.

Huang Xiaolong was flying onward when he detected a faint energy fluctuation up ahead.

His divine sense spread out and immediately located one person—Chen Jinzhi!

Although he had never seen Chen Jin Zhi in person, Huang Xiaolong knew his face thanks to the memories of that single Barbarian God Sect inner disciple he had killed, which was why he was able to recognize Chen Jinzhi at a glance.

Huang Xiaolong inwardly sneered, ‘So, its you! He had been pondering how to deal with this Chen Jinzhi after he returned to the Barbarian God Sect, but now he could deal with the matter earlier, which he liked.

Huang Xiaolong continued flying onward as if he did not detect any abnormalities.

When Chen Jinzhi saw Huang Xiaolong appearing from his hiding place, his heart leaped with joy.

He was all prepared to kill Huang Xiaolong with a sneak attack without revealing himself when his actions halted.

Huang Xiaolong could fly in the air, this finding shocked Chen Jinzhi.

The brat actually broke through to the Heavenly God Realm!

It hadn\'t even been a full year since Huang Xiaolong was accepted into the Barbarian God Sect. 

After his shock passed, the killing intent in Chen Jinzhis eyes intensified.

‘This Huang Xiaolong must die today! If not, once the brat returned to the Barbarian God Sect and was promoted to an inner disciple, killing him would be much more difficult.

Thinking of it, Chen Jinzhi no longer held back, fully circulating his heavenly godforce.

The godforce gathering in his palm became denser, surging with power.

When Huang Xiaolong was within thirty meters of him, Chen Jinzhi bellowed, swinging his fist at him.

“Black Corpse of the Poison King Fist!” Instantly, a black aura of death appeared, roiling like angry sea waves.

A cloak of darkness was cast over the sky.

The Barbarian God Sect had stood on the Green Cloud Island over a million years, its generations of predecessors had discovered many great ancient masters cultivation dwellings.

Amongst their discoveries was included an evil cultivators techniques and battle arts.

This Black Corpse of the Poison King Fist was one of the more powerful ones.

On the other hand, not many Barbarian God Sect disciples would choose to cultivate these evil cultivators battle arts.

Despite their high attack power, these techniques were hard to learn, not to mention the pain they would have suffered in order to practice it.


Watching the fist that was about to hit him, Huang Xiaolong suddenly stopped and retaliated with a Great Void Divine Fist.

Rumble! The surrounding space shook from the burst of impact.

The collision forced Chen Jinzhi out from his hiding place as he staggered back several times, finally stabilizing himself one thousand meters away.

Huang Xiaolong also retreated a similar distance.

“You, you!” Chen Jinzhi was looking at Huang Xiaolong with a horrified expression when he regained his balance, the shock in his heart was clearly written on his face.

How was it possible!

He was a late-Third Order Heavenly God Realm, how could Huang Xiaolong contend with him equally in terms of strength

Huang Xiaolong did not bother with the expression of utter shock on Chen Jinzhis face.

He looked at him, shaking his head lightly, sounding rueful as he said, “Chen Jinzhi, had you not come to the Volcano Isle, you could have lived a little longer.”

“You know who I am” Chen Jinzhis throat suddenly felt dry.

Huang Xiaolong smiled but there was no mirth in his eyes, “I also know that youre Lin Chaoquns cousin.”

Chen Jinzhis face tightened grimly as a thought flashed in his mind, “Did Wang Fei tell you all of this”

Wang Fei was the name of the inner disciple that tailed Huang Xiaolong from the flying ship.

Wang Fei actually betrayed him!

“You can ask him when you arrive in hell.” Huang Xiaolongs voice turned icy.

Wang Fei was dead! Chen Jinzhis heart jumped to his throat.

Had Huang Xiaolong said that before the move they exchanged earlier, Chen Jinzhi would never have believed that a late-Second Order Heavenly God Realm cultivator such as Wang Fei had died in Huang Xiaolongs hands, a new outer disciple of their Barbarian God Sect, but he had just gotten a taste of Huang Xiaolongs strength!

Chen Jinzhi suddenly threw his head back in laughter.

Huang Xiaolong was in no hurry, calmly watching the others antics.

“Huang Xiaolong, Im afraid you dont know the disaster youve brought upon yourself by killing Wang Fei.

He was a member of the Green Cloud Islands Wang Family.

Even if I dont kill you now, the Wang Family wont let you off either! Then again, according to the Barbarian God Sects rules, killing a same-sect brethren is already a crime punishable by death!” A ruthless glint flitted across Chen Jinzhis eyes.

“Is that so” Huang Xiaolong didn\'t seem ruffled by Chen Jinzhis words, “Do you think you will be able to escape and inform the Wang Family”

Chen Jinzhis face bloomed into a smile, “You think you can stop me”

In their exchange earlier, they were equally matched.

Neither gained the upper hand.

Even if Huang Xiaolong had other methods, Chen Jinzhi was still confident he would be able to safely outrun him.

Chen Jinzhis retort barely left his mouth when he saw Huang Xiaolong turning into a primordial divine dragon right in front of his eyes.

An overpowering dragon might that came from the brutal ancient times enveloped heaven and earth.

Huang Xiaolongs momentum rose several times in an instant.

Chen Jinzhis smile vanished.

He had just turned to flee, but Huang Xiaolong was already blocking the path in front of him.

Dragon claws the size of a small mountain slammed down on Chen Jinzhi.

“Violent Apes Fiery Palm!” Sensing the threat of death, Chen Jinzhis godforce was churning madly, crackling and popping noises came from him as his body swelled twice its original size size.

His eyes turned blood-red, attacking Huang Xiaolong.

The Violent Apes Fiery Palm was one of the demonic beast clans battle arts that could exponentially increase a persons attack power.

It had a damaging after effect and depleted ones vitality.

The few Barbarian God Sect disciples that practiced the battle arts rarely uses it, but Chen Jinzhi was desperate. 

A thunderous boom reverberated in the sky.

Dust and sand flew into the air, lifted by the strong shockwave, and even the towering trees in the distance were uprooted.

Chen Jinzhi felt as if a giant mountain slammed into him and was severely knocked back from the impact, crashing into the ground a few hundred meters away.

Blood clouded his sight, filled his mouth and nose, even flowing out from his ears.

Lying limply in the pit, blood gurgled out from his mouth like a hot spring.

His mind was a muddled paste.


As a late-Third Order Heavenly God Realm cultivator, executed the Violent Apes Fiery Palm at the risk of damaging his vitality still lost, lost so thoroughly at that!

How Why Didn\'t this Huang Xiaolong merely have a top rank eighth godhead How could he be such a freak He advanced to the Heavenly God Realm in less than a year after entering the Barbarian God Sect, straight to peak late-First Order Heavenly God Realm at that! He was freakish peak late-First Order Heavenly God Realm that could defeat a late-Third Order Heavenly God like him!

This level of monstrous talent left their current chief disciple Chen Hao in the dust by ten thousand miles!

Huang Xiaolong arrived above Chen Jinzhi in a flicker, his big dragon eyes looking emotionlessly at the figure below.

Chen Jinzhi laid there, flashing Huang Xiaolong a grievous smile.

He asked in a weak voice “Huang Xiaolong, before dying, I have a request.” 


“Please make it quick.” said Chen Jinzhi.

“Rest assured.” Huang Xiaolongs dragon claw sucked Chen Jinzhi out from the pit, then after a brief soul-scouring, his dragon claws clapped.

Huang Xiaolong took away Chen Jinzhis godhead and spatial ring before burning his corpse with a flick of a fireball.

Subsequently, he continued onward towards the flying ship port.

However, from far away, Huang Xiaolong saw the Elephant Genesis Sect disciples surrounding the flying ship point so tightly that even a fly couldn\'t sneak through them.

They were checking all the disciples that were leaving the Volcano Isle one by one.


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