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Chapter 32 Butler Huo quietly inserting himself while in front of the peasant woman (Slightly H)

Seeing that Zhao Shuyu had woken up, Zhou Shi immediately and attentively asked, “Breakfast has already been prepared, can young miss get out of bed and freshen up”

Zhao Shuyu’s mind was still muddle-headed.

She didn’t hear Zhou Shi open the door, only feeling the swelling on her back door.

The hard object that was embedded in her rump slowly pushed forward before gradually backing up against her.

She woke up from the entering and exiting meat stick, resulting in her opening her eyes to see Zhou Shi standing in the room.

However, Zhou Shi had no clue of Zhao Shuyu’s predicament, only thinking about waiting on the two nobles well and receiving a generous tip.

“Get, get up…”


Zhao Shuyu opened her mouth, dumbstruck.

She was like a lazy cat that had just woken up, her voice shockingly rough.

“Yeah, the sun is already high.

I saw that young miss and her brother hadn’t gone up, so I assumed that something had happened after waiting for a long time outside.

Today, I heated some large white buns, which are still hot inside the pot.

Young miss, quickly come up so you can eat them while they’re warm.”

Zhou Shi talked endlessly without getting straight to the point, her style extremely solicitous.

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This frightened Zhou Shi who was standing by the door, assuming that this delicate young miss had gotten a cold last night, causing her to immediately walk forward, intending to ask what was wrong.


Zhao Shuyu continuously clamped down from alarm.

Huo Yikun, who was behind the curtain, let out a low moan, nearly shooting at this instant.

“Young miss, what’s the matter Did you catch a cold last night”

Zhou Shi walked closer to the bed, intending to feel Zhao Shuyu’s forehead and check her temperature.

But seeing Zhao Shuyu withdraw deeper into the quilt, even shivering, she didn’t wish to show her face.

“Inconvenience Zhou Shi to boil some water, maybe sister caught a cold last night.”

Huo Yikun’s voice suddenly rang from behind the curtain, his voice also rough and unstable.

As soon as Zhou Shi heard, she immediately retracted her hand, “O, okay, young sir.

Please wait a moment.”

Hearing the young noble’s voice was also a bit hoarse, Zhou Shi’s heart skipped a beat, considering whether the sheets were too thin for last night, which caused the two nobles to feel chilly.

From the perspective of the young sir and the young miss’s powerful family, especially that delicate girl, who was really carved out of jade, one was afraid to hurt them in any way.

At this time, Zhou Shi was afraid that she wouldn’t receive a generous reward and that the nobles would take out their anger on her.

She quickly closed the bedroom door and went to the kitchen to heat some water, not daring to make any further delays.

However, as soon as the door closed, Huo Yikun fished out Zhao Shuyu from behind the curtain.


In a backward motion, he pinned Zhao Shuyu underneath him and spread her legs, straddling Zhao Shuyu’s *ss and fiercely f*cking it.


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