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Chapter 30 F*cked too hard (H)

“Wuuu, so thirsty… Yu’er wants to drink water…”

Being fiercely f*cked for most of the night, Zhao Shuyu’s voice had long turned hoarse, her throat feeling dry and heavy.

Turning her small head, she miserably looked for her needed water, but seeing this made Huo Yikun want to drill her to death.

But in the end, he hadn’t completely lost his senses, and if the little Jiao’er was too uncomfortable, how could they go back to the Zhao residence and coax her to let him play with her cave

He drew out his c*ck with a ‘pop’ and quickly got off the bed, carrying the teapot from the wooden table.


The large crude teapot had no tea in it, only cool water.

Huo Yikun returned to the bed, turning over Zhao Shuyu’s body to make her lie on her back, before prying her b*ttocks apart, the tip inserting into her closed chrysanthemum, supporting the meat stick and plunging itself in.


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With great difficulty, Zhao Shuyu finally drank 10 mouthfuls of water.

From time to time, some of them spilled in the corners of her mouth, but Huo Yikun licked them up entirely.


After quenching her thirst, Huo Yikun placed the teapot on the floor, and once had returned to the bed, he pulled away Zhao Shuyu’s snow-white thighs and placed them on his sturdy arms.

Sticking out his waist and abdomen, his high-spirited and full of blood c*ck was sent inside the tight and moist chrysanthemum cave again.

This time, he was far more ruthless, starting to thrust in larger motions.

“Ahhh… Ahhh——ahhhh…”

The chrysanthemum pistil was unlike the flower cave, where one could knock against the womb’s mouth from being plunged into.

The depths of her gut didn’t give any resistance, but it was extremely tight and couldn’t be f*cked loose.

Huo Yikun pierced her for most of the night, but Zhao Shuyu’s chrysanthemum cave was still tense as ever.

Every time he entered, her gut’s tender walls would firm up, twisting his man root and relenting him to surrender.

The thrill of pleasure rushed to his lower waist, and as Huo Yikun was dripping with sweat and his eyes bloodshot, he gripped Zhao Shuyu’s waist and madly inserted himself in.

“Ahhhhh, ahhh——I can’t… Too, too much…”

Zhao Shuyu was already f*cked out of her mind, feeling her whole body being quickly penetrated by his large meat stick, her small mouth unconsciously asking to be spared.

Huo Yikun drilled more and more fiercely as he looked at Zhao Shuyu’s disorganized state, seeming pained and seeming beautiful.

He outstretched his hands and once again played with the dripping wet flower cave, his rod resolutely pushed in and stopped moving, using the lush muddled with paste hair to rub on the small flower cave.

The young girl’s flower entrance was thoroughly red from all the friction, and the flushed small pearl grinded and teased.

With this, it still wasn’t enough for Huo Yikun, adding on his finger to press on the pit from side to side, bumping and rubbing.

His b*ttocks were drawing circles, as though trying to knock Zhao Shuyu off his waist.


Zhao Shuyu was of tender age and had still not yet lost her virginity.

But tonight, it was the first time that her chrysanthemum cave was deflowered, encountering an extraordinary talent Huo Yikun, his c*ck both thick and long.

He had been abstinent for years, but once he tried the sweet taste of her cave, even if he restrained himself from hurting her, he still wouldn’t let her go so easily.

He had shot out three times tonight, each one being longer than the last.

By his fourth one during the latter half of the night, he had already been going for half an hour straight.

Although he felt like finishing several times, he was able to control himself and hold it back.

He just wanted to f*ck her more, because when they return to the Zhao residence, it would be hard to find another opportunity like this.


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