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Chapter 29 Tonight, the chrysanthemum hole was severely deflowered (H)

It was already the dead of the night, and owls’ cries or the sounds of wild animals stealthily passing nearby could be heard from the forest outside the house from time to time.

Inside the fence in the middle of the woods was a farmhouse, its oil lamp already extinguished.

However, tonight, under the particularly bright moonlight, if you squatted down to the wall made from mud, you could surprisingly hear a constant sound.

The atmosphere of the small earthy room was pervaded with the intoxicating flavors of pleasure and love, filled with stifled breaths and groans.

The man growled low like a wild beast, while the woman moaned coquettishly.

Occasionally, the man’s pestle entered the woman’s body with all its might, infiltrating and stirring the lewd, red swollen chrysanthemum entrance, the ‘zizi’ sounds of water mixing with the smacking of bare flesh.


If one bent over and looked, one could clearly see the situation through the two holes at the corner of the paper window.

The moonlight was cast on the disordered bed as the two bare bodies resembled snakes entangling with each other.

Huo Yikun was leaning on Zhao Shuyu’s back, with one hand rubbing her two small milk buds on her chest, kneading the tiny unrestrained br*asts, alternating on pinching the dark red cherry tips, while the other hand buckled on the small waist, as he ferociously slammed himself into her.

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“Wooo… Brother Huo, Yu’er is so tired ah…”


The cicada shook her head gently, red lips slightly ajar, Zhao Shuyu charming eyes resembling silk, and her face scarlet.

“Fourth young miss, let’s endure it for a while, it still isn’t enough for me.”

Since dinner and resting on the couch, Huo Yikun’s c*ck had finally entered Zhao Shuyu’s chrysanthemum cave.

Having tasted the most exquisite taste in the world a few times, the more he couldn’t contain himself, becoming greedy and never satisfied.

The more he plunged, the more ferocious he became, coming more than twice to fill the little chrysanthemum to the brim.

From time to time, the cream digging inside her smeared on the man’s roots and slightly trickled down to the cave at the front.

From the fear that Zhao Shuyu’s young budding chrysanthemum cave would be accidentally broken by himself, he wouldn’t play with the cave the second half of the night.

Zhao Shuyu’s *ss was red from being smacked, while the two rounded peach bottoms were spread apart by Huo Yikun with a little force from opposite directions.

The two parts of the chrysanthemum were eating the four-finger-wide ph*llus, and as the swollen purple c*ck inserted in, a circle of red and swollen chrysanthemum flesh also sank in.

Zhao Shuyu whimpered and shuddered as if she couldn’t stand being entered into.

And, when the pestle was withdrawn, the tender flesh of the chrysanthemum dragged out with it.

At this time, Zhao Shuyu raised her little head, exhaling slightly and relaxing her rigid waist for the time being.

The white milk, bodily fluids, and browned ointment were pounded into light brown mucus, splashing as the huge root thrust in.

Huo Yikun struck Zhao Shuyu’s round rump hard.

The picture of these two people’s g*nitals muddled together was both extremely lascivious but also unbearable to look at.


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