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Chapter 27 Butler Huo coaxing Yu’er to stick it in her Chrysanthemum Cave (H)

Opening the bottler, Huo Yikun scooped out a large lump of ointment on the tip of his finger, sending this to Zhao Shuyu’s chrysanthemum immediately after.

Zhao Shuyu endured with great difficulty and let out a groan, “Ah… Brother Huo, what are you doing touching that place”

“I want to play with Yu’er’s chrysanthemum, is Yu’er willing”

Huo Yikun crudely and straightforwardly asked, and after thinking about it, he followed up, “Did the eldest young master stick his meat stick in Yu’er’s behind”

Zhao Shuyu was startled when she heard this, recalling what had happened in the carriage this afternoon when Butler Huo stabbed his stick almost through her.

Although it was only once, it was still very painful.


“No, it hurts.

Big brother has never used his stick to stab Yu’er’s behind.”

The reaction of the person’s small body under him was intense.

Huo Yikun not only didn’t get angry but a determination to win suddenly birthed from within him.

He didn’t dare break the fourth young lady’s body.

It wasn’t just because her age was still young but also because her marriage arrangement still has not yet reached a conclusion.

He knew that the purity of a family’s daughter was comparable to life itself.

Even if he wanted to make her his wife, they still had the eldest young master Zhao Xingyuan standing between them.

Everything needed to be considered carefully.

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Now, Zhao Shuyu’s small flower cave was feeling numb and itchy, her head feeling faint, only wanting something to rub her for the itch to go away.

Huo Yikun used this as a lure, causing her to bite her lip and creating a light ‘en’ sound to signify her agreement.


Hearing the soft response, Huo Yikun raised his outstanding c*ck high, turning his body and scooping out a heap of ointment, smearing it onto his greedy root.

At this time, whether it was Zhao Shuyu’s chrysanthemum cave or his thick root, they were both completely covered in sticky medicine.

Huo Yikun placed two pillows under Zhao Shuyu’s buttocks, this way, the height was just right.

Spreading Zhao Shuyu’s legs upward and pushing them back, the two inflamed moist caves were completely exposed.

Already unable to wait, he executed his plan and pressed his thick rod towards the apex of her chrysanthemum pistil.

It was Zhao Shuyu’s first time being penetrated in this cave.

She was clearly tense, causing the small chrysanthemum pistil to continuously clampdown.

After several attempts, the turtle’s head still couldn’t enter, so Huo Yikun urgently slapped Zhao Shuyu’s rump with loud ‘pas’.

Being spanked out of the blue, Zhao Shuyu suddenly felt wronged, leading her body to subsequently loosen, letting Huo Yikun take advantage of this opening.

“Ahhhhh!!! Wuuuahhhhhh… It hurts…”

The turtle’s head finally managed to enter, making the creases of the chrysanthemum cave unfold and making Zhao Shuyu gasp for air, soon with tears filling her eyes.

But at this moment, Huo Yikun, who couldn’t bother to coax her anymore, was barely holding onto the last strand of reason he had, restraining himself from not ruthlessly stabbing her.


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