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Chapter 26 Passing her legs to play with her p*ssy and coming on Yu’er’s body (H)

“Wuuuuu… Brother Huo, slow down a bit…”

Following Huo Yikun’s strong rams, Zhao Shuyu’s petite fair body swayed unsteadily, feeling that this large meat stick seemed to be rushing to enter her body, bumping into her until she felt good but also slightly uncomfortable.

The little flower petals were already a deep shade of red from the rapid rubbing and skin breaking.

The small fleshy bead on top of the flower stem was also charmingly alive, continuously causing friction against his c*ck.

Huo Yikun’s breaths were rough as his waists and eyes turned numb.

He clasped Zhao Shuyu’s knees, crossing over the two legs.

Then, the small stitch in between her slender legs was repeatedly rubbed in a crazy manner.

The tightness at the heart of her legs was akin to thrusting inside a vigorously f*cked p*ssy.




Zhao Shuyu bore the man’s strong and forceful thrusts, bowing her head only to see a massive red swollen turtle’s head appearing in between her legs.

Passing through her legs like this, Zhao Shuyu didn’t feel pleasure, only feeling trembles overcoming her every time her small fleshy bead was brushed against.

It didn’t take long for Huo Yikun to lose control.

He clenched his teeth as both his hands clasped Zhao Shuyu’s b*ttocks, matching his excitement with his strikes, “Fourth young lady… I’m going to come, going to come…”

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As Zhao Shuyu said this, Huo Yikun’s staff that had just shot its load immediately stood up again.


He swallowed his saliva as if he didn’t know that this was his house’s fourth young lady.

With this innocent appearance with her legs open, anyone would assume that she was a vixen and an underaged pr*stitute.

Unable to bear it nor was there a need to hold himself back, Huo Yikun extended his hand and rubbed Zhao Shuyu’s tender cave, sliding in and taking out two fingers with splashing sounds.

Not long after, Zhao Shuyu had sweetened, causing her lifted hips to sway as she moaned, following along his fingers’ playful movements.

Huo Yikun had never seen Zhao Shuyu’s wavering appearance before, and the more he looked, the more the club on his pants grew stiffer, quickly extending his other hand to rub the small flower bead.

Before long, Zhao Shuyu emitted a low moan with her b*ttocks trembling as she leaked.

At this time, Huo Yikun’s pillar had already turned rigid and swollen, but after shooting once, it was already not as impatient.

Seeing the fourth young lady’s spring river flowing from her derriere, which was all from his doing, Huo Yikun’s heart inevitably felt a bit proud of himself, wanting to do more.

He tugged the jade beads out, gradually pulling the spheres out one by one, seeing the still-tight chrysanthemum cave contracting, spitting out the pearls.

Zhao Shuyu groaned lightly, her slender waist twisting as she raised her rear, not knowing whether she was feeling discomfort or pleasure.

Finally, the string of beads had all been taken out, and apart from some hints of the ointment, they were clean without anything dirty on them.

Huo Yikun gazed at her with heated eyes.

He turned around and got off the bed, fetching the ointment given by Zhou Shi on the table.


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