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Chapter 3: Meeting

The eunuch’s voice was strange and always uncomfortable to the ears.

However, at a time like this, no one would care about it – the emperor was coming!

The murderous emperor was here!

The face of the official responsible for reading the examination papers changed.

The originally upright back hunched down and he went to greet him with trepidation.

The old ministers who had been immersed in the imperial court for decades looked like that, not to mention the examinees who had only heard many rumors but had never seen the emperor.

These people, both young and old, had seen the world, but at this moment, they all looked ghastly pale and trembled.

They didn’t dare to breathe in this atmosphere.

Sun Youji, who had always been timid, performed even worse.

His fingers trembled uncontrollably, his Adam’s apple rolled up and down uneasily, and his teeth began to chatter as his face muscles spasmed.

He almost lost his self-control because of nervousness.

When the others were afraid, only Jian Jin’s face showed anticipation and excitement, and he looked towards the door with a happy face.

After more than four years, he finally felt the presence of the partner contract again!

His partner was in the palace.

No wonder he hadn’t been able to find him before.

Jian Jin was in Jiangnan when he first transmigrated to this planet.

All these years, when he was looking for his partner, he also searched mostly in Jiangnan.

This time, when he took the examination, it was the first time he came to the capital.

Fortunately, he came.

Jian Jin couldn’t wait to meet his partner and was a bit curious – his partner was staying in the palace.

He didn’t know what he was doing.

He definitely wouldn’t be a eunuch, his partner’s body was still intact.

He wouldn’t be a minister either, his partner didn’t look like he grew up studying.

Seeing that he was covered in scars …… he should have grown up practicing martial arts, in addition to being abused as a child.

Jian Jin felt that his partner should be an imperial guard.

He heard that the Black-Clad Guards in the hands of the current emperor were mysterious and highly skilled in martial arts.

His partner might be one of them.

Jian Jin had thought a lot, but only a moment had passed.

By this time, his mental energy had surged toward his partner and wrapped around his partner’s mental energy.

When he and his partner first met, his partner’s mental energy was a mess, and it took him a lot of effort to sort it out.

But now, his partner’s mental energy was a mess again!

Such a messy mental energy would cause a lot of pain.

Jian Jin felt a pang of heartache, and at that moment, the sound of footsteps came from far to near, and the current emperor stepped into Baohe Hall.[1]

The official in charge of reading the papers took Jian Jin and the other examinees to kneel down and welcome the arrival of the emperor.

All of them bowed according to the etiquette taught to them and after standing up, they didn’t even dare to raise their heads.

However, Jian Jin was different.

Jian Jin bowed very haphazardly, much faster than the others, and raised his head immediately after standing up.

After his partner approached, he realized that something was wrong.

It didn’t seem like his partner was a guard.

Baohe Hall faced the south, and it was noon, so the sunlight spilled from the door to the interior.

At this moment, a young man wearing a robe embroidered with gold dragons on a black background walked in with two eunuchs and two guards.

The man’s back was to the sun, and the sunlight today was too bright, so Jian Jin couldn’t see his appearance for a while.

He only saw the golden dragon on his clothes glittering in the sunlight, as if he had been gilded with a circle of golden light.

But even if he couldn’t see the man’s appearance, Jian Jin knew that this was his partner.

His partner was the current emperor, the tyrant who loved to kill.

Blinking his eyes, Jian Jin, who had adjusted to the bright light, finally saw his partner’s appearance.

When he and his partner first met, his partner was very thin, but he made an effort to nourish him.

After they became partners, he also gave his partner all the nutrient liquid that he had stored in his space button and couldn’t bear to drink.

When his partner disappeared, he had gained a lot of weight.

His red lips and white teeth were particularly cute, and his smile would reveal two small dimples, making his heart flutter.

But now ……

His partner, in fact, looked thinner than when they first met, and his entire state looked wrong.

His face was morbidly pale, his lips were bloodless, but his eyes were red and bloodshot.

When he looked at people, he inexplicably carried a bloody aura that made people shudder.

Jian Jin was stunned.

His partner’s appearance, compared to back then, had changed too much.

This man was particularly cute back then, like a little sun, able to light up other people’s lives, but now, he seemed to have a layer of ice condensed on him, freezing everyone around him.

He was so good-looking and would always come up to Jian Jin to kiss Jian Jin’s lips.

Now his lips were tightly pursed, and his eyebrows were full of impatience, even revealing a sense of boredom.

Jian Jin was even more heartbroken, and at that moment, his partner looked at him.

Jian Jin put away the heartache on his face, subconsciously revealing a gentle smile, and he wrapped his partner all up in his mental energy.

His partner should rush to him, embrace him, kiss him ……Jian Jin opened his arms with some expectation, however ……

His partner fixed him with a deadly stare, but there wasn’t the slightest temperature in his eyes, like he was looking at a stranger.

Jian Jin: “……”

His partner should have lost his memory again, right

There was a reason why Jian Jin would think so.

For one thing, when they first met, his partner was an amnesiac, and for another…… they had a child together!

The fact that they could have a child meant that they were deeply in love, and his partner must have been devoted to him.

Since that was the case, if not for amnesia, his partner wouldn’t have looked at him that way.

This was too depressing! Jian Jin dropped his arms in frustration and made up his mind at the same time – he must try to contact his partner more often so that he could recover his memory.

Thinking so, Jian Jin smiled towards his partner again.

Before, he really never thought that his partner would be He Mingzhao, the emperor of the Great Qi.

And now that he realized this, and then applied what he had heard about He Mingzhao’s experience to his partner ……

At birth, he was identified by the National Teacher as an inauspicious person, disliked by his own father since childhood, and later used as a knife by his own father to kill people everywhere ……

When He Mingzhao was saved by him, he was all wounded and dying …… He was a royal son, why was he so badly wounded And why were there so many scars on his body

He Mingzhao was less than twenty at the time, and many of the scars on his body were ten or so years old.

What kind of life did he lead as a child

Jian Jin’s heart was distressed, but his mental energy became more gentle, covering He Mingzhao’s mental energy, helping He Mingzhao to sort out the messy mental energy.

He wanted to make He Mingzhao feel better.

He Mingzhao was still staring at Jian Jin with a deadly gaze.

He originally didn’t intend to come here today, but for some reason when he passed by Baohe Hall, he suddenly got the idea to come in and take a look.

As soon as he entered Baohe Hall, he almost immediately saw this unusual examinee.

When this man smiled at him, he felt like he had entered a hot spring.

A warmth wrapped around him.

His body, which was often cold, was actually a little warm at that moment.

He …… had fallen for this man!

He Mingzhao looked at Jian Jin, his brow furrowed, and he asked in a stern voice, “What is your name”


The author has something to say:

He Mingzhao: He smiled at me, is he seducing me



Baohe Hall: also known as the Hall of Preserving Harmony, is one of the three halls in the palace’s outer court, where the palace examination was held 


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