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Lin Feilu, who was inexplicably scolded as a vixen, decided that she was going to show her what a true vixen was.


So the next morning, Lin Feilu continued to Jinling City according to her previous plan.

Guan Xingran originally planned to delay for a few days to wait for her.

Upon seeing that she no longer intended to linger in the city, he was naturally in a good mood throughout the entire journey.


Lin Ting frowned, but seeing that Lin Feilu didn’t object, he didn’t say anything and trailed along.


Since they hadn’t bought another carriage after selling theirs, Guan Xingran invited Lin Feilu to sit with him.

The carriage was wide and comfortable, but Queyin was also sitting in it.

When she saw Lin Feilu bending over and coming in, her nose became scrunched up.


Lin Feilu gave her a very friendly smile.


The carriage drove slowly and Lin Feilu smiled at Guan Xingran, who had been looking at her.

She asked softly, “Sir Guan, I heard from Sister Queyin that you are the Young Master of the Jade Sword Villa”


Guan Xingran smiled contentedly, “Yes, if Lady Huang has ample time, you can also go there as a guest.”


Lin Feilu smiled sweetly, “Alright then.

This is the first time that I’m travelling this far, so I haven’t been to a lot of places,” She looked at Queyin very disappointedly, “I really envy elder sister Queyin; you must have seen so many scenic landscapes that the world has to offer.”


Queyin felt like she couldn’t keep the smile on her face from faltering, “Lady Huang, isn’t it inappropriate for you to call me elder sister”


Lin Feilu blinked, “I’m only thirteen, so isn’t Sister Queyin older than me”


Queyin, “……”


You scum!! Are you saying that I’m old!


Queyin felt that her heart was stricken by anger, so she couldn’t help but lower her eyes and cover her heart.


Guan Xingran indeed lived up to his name as a veteran of romantic gestures.

Seeing this, he immediately asked with concern, “Lady Queyin, what’s wrong with you”


Queyin tilted her head and glanced at him with tears in her eyes, trying to squeeze out a strong smile.

She conveyed an emotion of pity out of him, “It’s just a small issue, no need to worry.”


Guan Xingran poured out a pill from a white porcelain bottle in his arms and gave it to her, “Quickly, take a Lotus Heart Pill.”


Queyin was moved, “Don’t waste such a valuable medicine on me, there’s no need to do so.”


Guan Xingran said, “If it’s meant for you to eat, how can it be considered a waste”


Lin Feilu, “…”


What sort of drama are you two filming


Though Queyin said so, she ended up taking the pill instead.

Taking advantage of Guan Xingran’s inattentiveness, she turned to look at Lin Feilu with a gaze that was full of pride and provocation.


She saw that Lin Feilu’s face showed a tinge of disappointment, making her rather satisfied with the outcome.


Guan Xingran put away the bottle of medicine as he turned around and saw the expression of the girl who sat across from him.

He couldn’t help but ask softly, “Lady Huang, is something the matter”


Lin Feilu pursed her lips and shook her head.

She raised her eyes to look at him and her gaze flickered between the couple.

She silent said, “Sir Guan, how nice of you to treat elder sister Queyin this affectionately… Rong Er wants to meet a man like you as well,” She sighed pitifully, “But it’s too bad that no one likes Rong Er.”


Queyin, “!!!”


Ahhhh, what a scumbag!!!


Guan Xingran was completely fascinated by this lovely, beautiful and unpretentious girl Rong Er.


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