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Lingling looked upset.

However, a hint of joy appeared in her eyes.

Mo Fan had finally finished his cultivation.

She did not have to attend school anymore.

She had learned everything there was to learn before she was fourteen years old.

School was merely a rite of passage for her.

“I came back from the Holy City and received some news about the Red Demon.” Mo Fan explained about the Red Demon he had learned from Sharjah

Mo Fan remembered Lingling had brought back the Sublimed Evil Bead filled with energy from the Magic City.

The truth was that she and Mo Fan did not expect Old Bao to be investigating the Red Demon from the shadows all the while.

With the information obtained from the Holy City and Old Baos clues, it would not be difficult to locate the Red Demon.

Mo Fan and Lingling could finally take down the Red Demon.

It had always been a thorn in their side.

“Can you locate it” Mo Fan asked Lingling.

Lingling compared the information obtained from the Holy City with Old Baos.


But its quite a troublesome place…”

“Where is it” asked Mo Fan.

“Its birthplace is at the Twin Guardian Towers in Japan,” said Lingling.

Mo Fan was puzzled.

He did not expect the Red Demon to finish its journey at its birthplace.

Anyway, it would be good to start and end over there.

After all, creatures like the Red Demon should not have existed in this world in the first place.

It was a kind of obsession, like a haunting ghost.

Since it had almost reached Japan, they had to react swiftly.

Mo Fan did not have time to gather other missing partners.

They were very busy, after all.

Hence, Mo Fan went to Japan with Lingling.

Considering that the Red Demons, Kazuaki, Mochizuki, and Fujikata were friends, Mo Fan naturally had to visit them before taking the main Red Demon down.

Mochizuki and Fujikata were the top management of the Twin Guardian Towers.

When their National Institute came to Mo Fans country, they had openly challenged the masters.

When Mo Fan stepped into the Twin Guardian Towers, he could not help but recall the details of the fight with the students from the Japanese State House.

He missed those days.

Mo Fan stayed in a hotel near the Twin Guardian Towers.

He hadnt had a proper rest these few days.

As soon as he finished practicing the cultivation behind closed-door, he went to the Magic City before flying to Europe.

After that, he returned to Imperial Capital.

Before he could even take a rest, he had to go to Japan.

He felt a bit dizzy.

However, confronting the Red Demon Kazuaki was not a simple task.

Mo Fan could not face it in his exhausted state.

“I have to sleep for a day.

Lingling, you can visit the Twin Guardian Towers as a tourist,” said Mo Fan to Lingling.


Take a good rest, then.” Lingling tidied her hair.

Mo Fan noticed Lingling paid more attention to grooming herself these days.

This was a good thing.

A pretty lady could bring life to a lifeless environment.

No young ladies on earth should spend their days and nights just studying anatomy, slaughtering demons, and performing exorcisms…

Early in the morning, Mo Fan was in a deep sleep.

Most likely he would only get up at night.

After Lingling finished getting ready, she left the hotel.

She had cut her hair to shoulder-length.

She looked prettier with this haircut, like a young idol ready for a film set.

She gave off a unique aura.

Hence, she attracted the crowds attention wherever she went.

She put on a pair of comfortable wedges and joined the tourists.

For a moment, those young boys who had previously been focusing on the Twin Guardian Towers majestic view lost interest in it.

“Are you alone”

“Can I be friends with you”

“Where did you come from”

Many boys flirted around with Lingling.

They asked too many questions.

Those on the road and streets were inevitably attracted to her too.

Lingling decided to put on sunglasses to cover up her “innocent and friendly” look.

With the sunglasses on, she exuded an air of arrogance and rejected those who offered to travel alongside her.

The Twin Guardian Towers was only open to the visitors at a specific time.

During that time, it was crowded with tourists.

Most of the tourists came from China.

The Twin Guardian Towers was a must-visit destination to take photos.

When Lingling arrived at the ground below the Twin Guardian Towers, she noticed a group of young people in their twenties in the middle of training.

She guessed those young people must have been from the State House.

They were in the middle of preparation for the World College Tournament.

It would not take long before the National Institutes from various countries came here and challenged them.

Surprisingly, most of their strengths had exceeded Advanced level.

Linglin was surprised.

Since the members of the State House had passed Advanced level, this showed that the overall strength of the new batch of Mages in Japan had progressed!

It seemed like the Ocean Demon season was around the corner.

Thus, Japanese Mages overall strength had improved by leaps and bounds.

“Are you a tourist” asked Officer Ozawa.

“Yes, I am.” Lingling passed him her passport.

“Are you alone” Officer Ozawa asked again.

“Yes, Im alone.”

“Are you a hunter” Officer Ozawa noticed Linglings identity on her passport.

He was surprised to find that Lingling was a Seven-Star Hunter Master.

“Is there any problem” Lingling inquired.

“Dont get me wrong.

Truth is, were trying to contact the Hunter Union, because some bizarre events have happened in the Twin Guardian Towers.

We need some experienced hunters to help us look at it.

Its only a small issue.

If youre willing, Ill have the students show you around,” said Officer Ozawa with an apologetic smile.


After all, Im only taking a casual stroll.” Lingling agreed.

“Thank you very much.

The situation by the sea is severe.

Hunter Masters of higher rank do not care about these groundless issues.

However, the State Houses students keep telling us about it.

As such, we cant leave the issue alone.

Please wait here for a while.

Well make arrangements for you.

There are many places in the Twin Guardian Towers that forbid tourists from visiting.

We can allow you access to them,” said Officer Ozawa.

After a couple of minutes, a boy and a girl from the State House came to her.

They were about the same age as Lingling.

The students from the State House and National Institute were basically below the age of twenty.

Even though Lingling was a few years younger than them, she did not look childish or ignorant.

“May I know where your mentor is We came here by the order of Officer Ozawa to show her around the Twin Guardian Towes,” said the female State House student as she walked over to Lingling.

“I am the one you were sent for.” Lingling pointed to herself.

“You” The female State House student sized Lingling up.

Officer Ozawa had been handling other businesses at the side.

He ran over to them and confirmed Linglings identity.

“She looks younger than me.

How can she possibly be a Seven-Star Hunter Master” said Ikuko Ishida.

Officer Ozawa scratched his head.

To be honest, when he first saw Linglings passport, he did not quite believe her identity either.

However, when he was away, he had secretly checked the hunters information and found out that she was truly a Hunter Master.

She had even helped in resolving the Drowning Curse in Japan!

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