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With the Black Dragon Wing, Mo Fan could save a lot of money on air tickets.

Recently, there had been many crises.

Despite signs of recovery, the cold wave continued to emerge due to too many conflicts in the past and caused many international flights to be canceled.

The reduced space of living made the boundary between humans and demons continue to be magnified.

All the countries were not very optimistic because the balance and containment had changed.

Mo Fan went to the Holy City along Alps Mountain.

The Holy City was the same as in the past.

It was magical as always.

The brilliance of the bright eye hanging over the holy city told people that they were under the gaze of gods all the time.

Mo Fan stepped into the Holy City.

As he had expected, he wasnt allowed to enter.

He was on the Holy Citys gray list.

The dangerous acts that Mo Fan committed internationally made him the target of the Holy Judgment Court.

The information about the Azure Dragon and Demon Element should also be on the information boards of some angels in power in the Holy City.

“Weve met in the Divine City.” Judicator Maule stared at Mo Fan with a razor-sharp gaze.

“I remember.

At that time, you regarded me as a heretic, someone who practices Disastrous Art.” Mo Fan looked at the judicator.

“We wont simply let you enter the Holy City.

After all, you have a close relationship with the King of the Undeads, who was executed in the Holy City in the past.

Besides, we also have information that you are still very close to the group of Undeads in the Ancient Capital.

What you have done is not welcome in the Holy City,” Judicator Maule said firmly.

“A small judicator like you has no right to judge what I do.

I have notified someone with more authority.

Im just waiting for her here,” Mo Fan said to Maule.

Judicator Maule looked at Mo Fan like he was a criminal.

“With more authority You seem to know nothing about the Holy City.

Since you are already on the list, you cant step into the Holy City unless you are carried into the Holy City as a heretic corpse.

I swear by my reputation as a judicator that the Holy City is always watching you, so you better be careful,” Judicator Maule said coldly.

Mo Fan stood aside, but he did not care about the aggressive Judicator Maule at all.

Yan Lan could feel the unusual aura of the Holy City.

Everyone here, every building, every magic system, barrier, and mysterious structure made people extremely uneasy.

It reminded Yan Lan of the panic she felt when the strict teacher on the podium saw through every action she did in school.


A solemn voice rang out.

A Holy Citys guard shouted.

There were ring roads, bridges, and important highways leading to various European countries outside the Holy City, but the Holy City did not allow vehicles to pass through.

Those who arrived in the Holy City could only enter on foot.

There was not much transportation in the Holy City.

It maintained its environment similar to the time when it was first created.

A group of people in the city walked over in red clothes, which made them seem solemn and divine.

Even the marble pavement they walked on was glowing with a rare luster.

“Its Archangel Gabriel.”

There were a total of seven Archangels.

They represented the highest authority of the Holy City and the symbol of the most mysterious and powerful god in the world.

They surpassed the Five Continents Magic Association.

They were otherworldly, and monitored the world all the time.

Those red-clothed angels walked over, and all the Holy Judges, guardians, and residents of the Holy City near the city gate saluted in respect.

The arrogant Judicator Maule lowered his head.

He understood the authority of the Archangels.

The residents could neglect the Archangels, but he could not.

“No need to salute.

Im here to greet my teacher, “Archangel Gabriel said to everyone with a serene smile.

“Your teacher” Judicator Maule was puzzled.

‘Was there anyone in this world who could be the teacher of an Archangel That person must be a veteran angel!

Judicator Maule looked around to look for the teacher the Archangel was talking about.

He saw Archangel Gabriel walking toward the man he had almost kicked out of the city gate!

‘Mo Fan But he was on the Holy Citys graylist and was a heretic!

Judicator Maule was stunned.

The Archangel was so respected by the whole Holy City.

However, she earnestly and respectfully saluted the heretic like a modest student!

‘Was this guy really Archangel Gabriels teacher

“Sharjah, you didnt have to bring so many people along.

I could find you by myself, but Judicator Male here said I am not allowed to enter the city,” said Mo Fan.

Sharjah glanced at Judicator Maule.

Maules face darkened.

He wanted to explain but did not know how to.

“Please forgive him.

He is just performing his duties,” Sharjah said softly.

Judicator Maule relaxed.

Although every Archangel was difficult to get along with, they were impartial and incorruptible.

“Recently, there have been a lot of crimes in the Holy City.

We need someone like Judicator Maule who can carry out his responsibility to ensure the citys safety among the mages, some old ladies cant walk, some drunkards who like to make trouble, and arrogant people who disrespect the Holy City,” Sharjah continued.

Judicator Maule felt as if a heavy object had hit his head.

He almost fell to the ground.

He worked so hard to get to this position.

As the supreme ruler of the Holy City, how could the Archangel Gabriel abuse her power over a resident of the Holy City who was just doing his job

“Judicator Maule is under Archangel Michael.

Dont you need to ask him about this transfer” asked a middle-aged woman in red next to Sharjah.

“Well, youre right.

I should have asked Michael.” Sharjah nodded earnestly.

“After asking Michael, you can accompany Maule to the Public Safety Administration.”

The middle-aged woman in the red angel clothes was stunned.

She was not a Holy Judge but a Holy City Apostle who had a chance of becoming an angel!

How could Sharjah transfer her just because she said something that the Archangel might not want to hear

Sharjah still had a serene smile on her face.

She stepped forward and gently held Mo Fans arm like he was an elder.

At this moment, she was no different from an eager little girl.

She had a lot of recent events to share with him.

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