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Old Madam Shen almost choked on the tea when she heard that indifferent reply from Shen Miao.

After finishing what she had to say, Shen Miao turned around and left.

“This wicked girl! She has no respect for her elders!” Old Madam Shen was furious.

Because she was born a lowly person and could not say anything civil, she cursed, “Little b*tch! As expected of someone from that old b*tch!”

The “old b*tch” she was talking about was naturally Shen Xins mother, Shen Miaos biological grandmother.

Ren Wanyun raised her head and looked out the door.

Shen Miao was no longer there.

“Didnt you say that she would definitely agree to this” Old Madam Shen targeted Ren Wanyun.

“Did she look like she agreed What should we do next”

Not to mention Old Madam Shen, Ren Wanyun also found it strange.

With Wei Qians conditions, even Shen Qing would be attracted and agreed to marry him, but Shen Miao actually rejected him without even thinking.

Ren Wanyun pondered for a moment and said, “She must still be interested in Prince Ding.

She pretends not to care about him, but in fact, she hasnt given up.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have rejected such an excellent young man.” Shen Miao didnt even blush when her marriage was brought up.

“Then what should we do now” Old Madam Shen said angrily, “If she doesnt agree, how can she write a letter to Shen Xin”

Originally, their plan was to coax Shen Miao into agreeing to the marriage and make her tell Shen Xin that she had a lover.

Then, before Shen Xin returned to the capital, they would Swap Shen Miao and Shen Qings husbands.

After that, they would put all the blame on Shen Miao.

Once a woman got married, her temper would be gone.

Shen Miao would be afraid, so she would not make a fuss.

Shen Xin would not know that Shen Miao and Shen Qing had changed marriages, and he would think that Shen Miao liked Young Master Huang.


However, now that Shen Miao was unhappy with the Wei familys marriage, she naturally wouldnt write a letter to her father.

If Shen Miao did not agree, the entire plan would fall flat, and there would be a lot of trouble.


“If she doesnt want it, well do it the hard way.” Ren Wanyun said fiercely, “Shes grounded in the ancestral hall anyway.

Well do whatever we want.

In short, we have to get her engaged as soon as possible.”


Old Madam Shen glanced at Ren Wanyun and did not speak.

Although she also wanted the first branch to be in trouble, if she really did it the hard way, she would be in trouble if Shen Xin found out that she was involved.

Ren Wanyun knew what Old Madam Shen was thinking at a glance.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Mother, dont worry.

Ill take care of this.

You wont be implicated.”

Old Madam Shen was reassured and did not say anything else.

… .


On the Hundred Flowers Tower, there was a tall platform and a pavilion.

The handsome young man was dressed in purple and looked like a faint sun in the sky.

His eyelashes were extremely long, and his peach blossom eyes were extremely beautiful.

When he looked at people, his eyes were filled with coldness and cruelty.

“Ahem.” A light cough broke the silence in the pavilion.

A young man placed his folding fan in front of his chest and made a begging gesture.

“Im sorry for being late.”

“I didnt expect youd ever be late.” The young man in purple glanced at him.

Su Mingfeng rubbed his nose.

This good friend of his hated it when people were late.

If it were anyone else, Xie Jingxing would probably have left long ago.

“Its all because of Wei Qian.” Su Mingfeng smiled bitterly.

“You know the young master of the Minister of Zhongshu.

Hes quite sad.

He already has a girl he likes, but his family proposed to another lady for him.

The other party even accepted his marriage proposal.

Im afraid the marriage is about to be settled.

Wei Qian was unhappy, so he asked me to drink with him.

However,” Su Mingfeng pointed at himself, “Im currentlyseriously ill and cant drink, so I comforted him for half an hour.”

“Boring,” Xie Jingxing said with a cold expression.

Obviously, he was very unhappy that Su Mingfeng was late because of this reason.

Su Mingfeng felt helpless.

Xie Jingxing looked cynical and always had a smile on his face, but in fact, he was very vengeful and picky.

Su Mingfeng did not know what things didnt go right for Xie Jingxing these few days, but his expression was so calm.

As long as Xie Jingxing looked at him calmly, Su Mingfeng would feel his hair stand on end.

“Wei Qian is really unlucky.

The wife his family chose for him is an idiot.

Previously, everyone knew that that idiot was after Prince Ding.

Wei Qian couldnt defy his parents and had to marry her.” He quickly found a topic to talk about, hoping to arouse Xie Jingxings interest.

“You should know who she is, right Shes Shen Xins daughter, Shen Miao.

She should consider herself lucky to be able to marry Wei Qian.”


Xie Jingxing suddenly opened his mouth and asked slowly, “Shen Miao”


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