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Chapter 69(2) - Zongzi Special


Nanxun no longer had a Meditation Hall, but several more golden cave dwellings appeared.

When one person enters the cave and practices inside cross-legged, they will get affected by the fourth-grade golden sugar painting formation under their body, which is different from the Locking Spirit Formation.

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Once enveloped in the formation, a sweet smell pours into their bodies.

Then, the spiritual energy in their Dantian seems to be imprisoned by a golden dragon and a golden phoenix in the formation, and they are unable to move at all.

Cultivators below Nascent Soul can only use their divine senses to fight.

Previously, the Meditation Hall was divided into three types of rooms: heavenly, earthly, and mysterious.

They were all built underground.

However, in just a few days, one 'golden little cave house' was opened on every ten peaks in Nanxun.

All disciples can visit the closest to them.

Anyone below Nascent Soul can go to practice every day.

For the first stick of incense, disciples do not need to pay with spirit stones.

The sect provides it for free.

However, after a stick of incense, if you want to continue, you must pay a fee.

Not only is spirit tea provided in the cave, but also Nanxun's unique shrimp elixir is also for sale.

One big almond-size shrimp elixir is only 500 spirit stones.

In the past few days, the disciples from Jinbamen and the other two Northern sects have come to practice their spiritual consciousness and try the shrimp elixir.

"Senior Brother of Nanxun, do you want this cave too"

Wei Shuang was about to walk into a golden cave house when she saw a strange man standing beside her with white cloth strips tied to his hands.

He wore a low-key black robe and didn't have any sword on his waist, back, or even in his hands.

He wore a black bamboo hat to cover his face, but a fine cloth veil was hanging down from the hat.

Wei Shuang subconsciously felt that he was so pitiful.

The hat on his head reminded her of her senior sister, Luo Yu.

Previously, Luo Yu's hair was damaged, and she couldn't see anyone.

Wei Shuang can't help but sympathize.

She tried thirteen golden cave houses this morning, but all of them were used for cultivating.

She finally found one that was not occupied by disciples of the Nanxun Sect.

But at this moment, she couldn't bear to argue with this person.

"Brother from Nanxun, let me give it to you.

You go first."

'This person is disabled but strong.

He is already wrapped up like this, but he still has to come here to practice spiritual consciousness.'

'Hey, Wei Shuang have to learn from Sister Su and help the weak.'

While speaking, she turned around and looked to her side.

'Where are the person'

There was no black-clothed man in front of her at all.

Only several swordsman disciples were coming from the distance.

Wei Shuang was stunned for a moment.

"Junior Sister Shuang, have you finished your cultivation"

"No no no, I'm about to start."

She slipped into the golden cave while puzzled.

The speed of that person is so fast.

He is even more powerful than Senior Sister Luo Yu, who had stepped into the Divine Transformation.


'What is a Golden Cave House'

Xiao Muge wore a bamboo hat, and the spiritual energy under his feet was like a sword.

He shuttled quickly over Nanxun.

However, he got lost quickly.

Xiao Muge reached the sky above the third-rank peaks while thinking.

After a little look, he found that the aura was twice as strong, and...

he couldn't find his way.

Zhiqiong Peak is gone.

When he was in the Millenium Ice Lake, he faintly heard Wei Zhao say they passed the third-level peak assessment.

It seems that they were ranked eleventh.

But now, Zhiqiong Peak is not in its original position.

Xiao Muge sensed a little bit of feeling and flew suspiciously to the second-rank peak position, which was closer to the ancient spiritual vein.

'Could it be that Master came back and made a great contribution'

"Senior Sister Su's shrimp elixir is really useful.

After taking one, most of my consciousness will be restored, and I can continue comprehending in the golden cave."

"Senior sister is too strong.

The disciples of Shuilingmen have been pestering her recently."

"Isn't it Even I want to take pills every day.

Although the golden sugar painting array she carved is not higher level than the locking spirit array, it can be used for us, Golden Cores.

Also, when the golden sugar painting formation is exhausted, you can still take it as an elixir.

Have you ever encountered it Luckily, I was there when the formation was broken.

My whole mouth was sweet!"

The disciples from Baiyu Peak passed by Xiao Muge and discussed it freely.

Xiao Muge couldn't help showing a smile.

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It seems that a noble person has helped Nanxun.

He respected his teacher and respected the Dao.

First, he entered the small courtyard where the Taoist Mu was.

But as soon as he got to the door, a crowing rooster was behind him.


Senior Brother!"

Xiao Muge turned his head and saw Hang Wan'er, his Seventh Junior Sister in a red dress, carrying two spirit chickens.

Hang Wan'er was amazed.

She practiced Seven Emotions and Six Desires, and her five senses were more delicate and sensitive than others.

Even though Xiao Muge was completely wrapped up, the feeling of fluctuating mood and this nostalgic feeling of nausea...

"Senior Brother, why did you wrap yourself up like this...


Hang Wan'er couldn't help being disgusted.

She felt sick after not seeing such a strong male sword cultivator for a long time.

But big brother is still the big brother.

He is amazing, and his cultivation is much higher than Hang Wan'er, making her uncomfortable.

Xiao Muge was also moved that his Seventh Junior Sister could recognize him.

"Seventh Junior Sister, Senior Brother is fine.

But now I am practising an exercise...

that can't see the light.

Senior Brother is back and brought you a gift."

He smiled but paused.

He was overjoyed just now.

When he heard Seventh Junior Sister feeling nauseated, he was also complicated and worried for a while.

He was a little distracted.

But now, when he raised his head, he raised his hat by half an inch.

He clearly saw the golden core in the body of his Seventh Junior Sister—the golden core with a mirror and makeup box and a Nascent Soul that was about to congeal.

Xiao Muge was silent.

"I still have gifts"

Hang Wan'er was delighted.

She probed a little and found that her senior brother was not seriously injured.

She immediately relaxed and said happily.

"Senior brother still remember to bring me a gift.

You are much better than Sixth Senior Brother.

What is it"


'It's a brand new third-rank golden rope.'

In this way, she can face an evil golden core male cultivator without hindrance - but now that she has a Nascent Soul, she could have fought against a Golden Core without any special weapon.

The third-rank golden rope cannot be given away.

In silence, Xiao Muge saw that Hang Wan'er's waist was wrapped with five colored ropes.

He coughed lightly.

"A Nascent Soul magic formula that my brother bought for you...

is still on the way."

Hang Wan'er: ...

"Where are the others"

Hang Wan'er immediately smiled and shouted to the backyard.

"Master, Second Senior Sister, Third Senior Brother...

Junior Brothers and  Junior Sisters, Eldest Brother is back!"

In an instant, everyone rushed over.

Xiao Muge turned around with a smile.

When he turned, I saw Yu Dong, who had Nascent Soul.

Then Yan Yan, had several fourth-grade flying swords with three layers of golden core in his body.

Then Wei Zhao, who was about to reach Nascent Soul.

Then Lu Yizhou...

and a group of junior brothers and sisters with a hundred-story foundation...

He was as silent as a stone statue.

Soon, the Taoist Mu arrived with a beaming smile on his face.

He was shocked when he saw his eldest apprentice, "Disciple, how did you become like this What kind of practice can't see the light Are you using the forbidden rule, walking on the moon!"

"Tell me.

Oh, wait a minute.

Your second sister is still in the kitchen.

You go to your teacher's room first.

Your second sister must have a solution."


After half a moment of chaos, Xiao Muge finally entered the room of Taoist Mu and put off his hat.

When he returned this time, his clone's cultivation base was maintained at the peak of Nascent Soul.

Once they encounter their loss of luck again, he will take action.

Anything short of a calamity, he will definitely be able to protect them.

However, the four Nascent Souls floated up in his body when Taoist Mu laughed.

"Don't worry.

My luck is very good now.

It has never been better."

While speaking, more than thirty disciples stopped at the door.

"Master, today's snacks are here."

Xiao Muge suddenly smelled the fragrance.

He can't help but think of the delicious fish and crab noodles he had in the Millennial Ice Lake.

It flowed through the tip of his tongue that day.

He still remembers that taste time and time again.

"Bring them in quickly."

Taoist Mu are waiting for this every day.


However, he looked at Xiao Muge and slapped his thigh.

"Why didn't you send a jade slip when you came back"

What his second disciples made right now must be the portion for one less person.

'Not good!'

Taoist Mu lifted the restriction on the tray and looked at the three small jasper-like rice dumplings on the small white porcelain plate.

He smelled the fragrance and looked at his eldest disciple with distress.

"Don't say Master is stingy.

Hey, I'll give you one."

As Taoist Mu spoke, he grabbed a steaming rice dumpling on the plate and was scalded by the heat.

"Don't stand still.

Try it while it's hot."

Xiao Muge also smelled the strong fragrance of rice dumplings.

"Thank you, Master."

But Taoist Mu looked at his hands full of cloth bandages.

"Forget it, don't move.

Master will peel off the outer magic weapon for you to not hurt you."

Xiao Muge was taken aback.

'The magic weapon'

He saw that Taoist Mu, as a fellow cultivator, not only was he not afraid of breaking the fasting but also disregarded his image.

He hastily peeled off layer after layer of these small rice dumplings with sharp horns on all sides.

The long dark green strips of zongzi leaves reveal the crystal-like glutinous rice glittering like gold.

It is soaked in sauce and oozing with fat.

The strong aroma of rice dumplings and meat immediately filled the room, making them fall in love.

Taoist Mu even bowed his head and sparingly ate the few soft, oily and shiny glutinous rice sticking on the zongzi leaves.

It is almost sticking to his beard.

Xiao Muge chuckled.

"Master's Dao heart has increased."

'Back to basics.'

'When you are about to soar, haste is not enough.'

But as soon as he finished speaking, he heard a tinkling sound.

After a clean zongzi leaf was eaten and rinsed with spiritual water, the leaf landed on the small black iron table in front of Taoist Mu.

Four heavenly lights descended from the sky.

"Hahahaha, your teacher got a fourth-grade jasper belt today!"

Taoist Mu was full of joy.

He immediately broke the peeled mini golden brown elixir in half, and suddenly four elixir halos appeared.

The saucey-colored glutinous rice, which was clear and soaked in broth, and the pork belly that looked soft and oozing juice were revealed.

The oil was almost boiled and melted from the fat.

It also has half an egg yolk with red oil inside.

He held it up with his spiritual power and sent it to Xiao Muge instantly.

"Your teacher has good luck today.

I will give you some, my disciple."

Pills are useless to him.

His body is almost soaring.

All elixirs in this world are just mortal things to him.

Xiao Muge was about to refuse, but his nose was filled with the smell of this meat dumpling.

The melted fat completely increases the moistness and smoothness of the glutinous rice, and also dissipates the oiliness in the lightly sandy salted egg yolk.

The layers of pleasure swept through his five senses in one bite, making his sea of consciousness roll.

The more he chews, the more fragrant it is.

He also saw the source of this zongzi.

It is a bamboo leaf planted on the back mountain.

He closed his eyes and pondered as if he saw a pair of slender and dexterous hands of the cook, carefully selecting among the plants, picking only the bamboo leaves with the same width and no flaws.

The person was very patient.

After washing it several times with spirit water, it was then boiled to remove the filth and astringency of the bamboo leaves, leaving only the unique fragrance.

After he swallowed the dumpling, the fragrance still lingered in his mouth.

He seems to be transported to the back mountain, in the middle of the forest.


Xiao Muge felt the turbulent consciousness of the tribulation period hidden under the fine cloth.

It was ready to move for a moment.

This is the ultimate enjoyment, the ultimate pleasure.

Even the gods cannot escape.

"How about it How about the fourth-grade rice dumpling elixir refined by your Second Junior Sister It's a bit of a spiritual boost for your teacher.

What do you think, my big apprentice"


Xiao Muge's face changed instantly.

'Second Junior Sister...


Golden Sugar Painting Array, Shrimp Elixir, and his younger brothers and sisters are gaining super-fast cultivation.

When he came back, he didn’t understand anything...

But now, he seems to have the answer.

In an instant, his Great Perfection Transcended Tribulation's divine consciousness, like a wave, surging continuously.

It was breaking the balance he struggled to maintain in an instant.

He teleported immediately.

"Master, I forgot something in the secret realm.

I'll go get it."


As soon as Taoist Mu agreed, he felt a terrifying flash of consciousness on top of the peak.

His hair stood upright, and he suddenly stood up vigilantly.

"Which senior came to be a guest of Zhiqiong Peak Why didn't you show up!"

But after he asked, no one replied for a long time.

When he looked at the seat in front of him, his eldest disciple was gone.

Xiao Muge teleported to the barren mountain, and suddenly a nine-day worth of thunder tribulation fell on him.

if you are reading this on a site other than puretl(.)com then this chapter has been stolen

"Master, don't you control the strength of your divine consciousness in the Nascent Soul stage Why did it suddenly increase by 30%, and a trace of your original divine consciousness of the tribulation stage broke out"

The Jasper Turtle appeared in a hurry.

He dared not follow his master to Taoist Mu's room and listen to their conversation.

Xiao Muge groaned, and the back of his hand tied with the cloth rubbed the corner of his bloodshot mouth.

His sea of consciousness shook, and his primordial spirit was amazed.

His concealment power was completely destroyed.

"Ah Master, were you so happy that your consciousness fluctuated and you were struck by lightning...

Oh no, it's your second junior sister who can't cultivate, but has made a fourth-grade black jade belt and a fourth-grade pill.

Were you too surprised and was struck by lightning"

The Jasper Turtle was astonished.

"No, Master, you must have made a mistake.

I saw your junior sister when I went to get the token.

Although she is only a Golden Core now, she has long been able to condense a Nascent Soul.

At least her divine consciousness has entered the peak of Nascent Soul."

Xiao Muge: ""


Su Yu, who went to Zhiqiong Peak's small kitchen, was lying on her rocking chair.

She was rocking while listening to Hang Wan'er's report to her comfortably.

She heard that her cheap senior brother was back, but she was cooking zongzi in the back kitchen and couldn't be distracted.

Now she has the time to meet him—

"Huh Your senior brother ran away again"

Su Yu straightened her neck, and her pretty face was surprised.

But then she waved.

"Forget it.

What about my other big brother, Son of Buddha

By the way, let my other senior brother, Jin Haotian, come to play with you."

Xiao Muge, who had just finished rearranging his cloth bandage and walked back: "..."

[Otherwise, Master, you should go hit the road.

No, it's better to soar.]

The jasper turtle spread out its two claws inside Xiao Muge's sea of knowledge.

[You are not on the list anyway.]

Xiao Muge: "..."


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