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The extremely weird gaze on her caused Cat’s back to feel chilled.

What Bai Xia Xia  Meow, meow

Small Cat tilted its head, its gaze icy cold: “What are you looking at, keep staring and I’ll disfigure your face.

Even if you keep looking, I won’t like[1] you.”

The one that she cherished was Qin Xiao.

Kitty lifted its paw in an act, sharp claws extending and withdrawing[2].

Guo Chao Ming took Bai Xia Xia’s vigilant and angry reaction as her refusal.

Regret gushed out of the handsome face, tearing up in his heart: Persian cats are rarely seen, I touched it just now, the feel was incredibly good.

Fine, fine.

Let’s hug it when an opportunity arises in the future.

Guo Chao Ming really liked cats, and now it was a breed that he had never raised.

Persian cats were originally already beautiful, adding on Bai Xia Xia’s ‘personality’ that was different from others.

The more Guo Chao Ming looked, the more he liked, feeling that this cat was both clever and beautiful, knew how to save people too, if I were to raise it…

His eyes shone like gems, like falling stars, filled with anticipation: “Mimi, I’ll raise you ah.”

He liked this cat to death, “I’ll buy ham for you to eat, make a cat nest for you, eating the best every day…”

Bai Xia Xia was tilting her head, her cries so pure and confused that it could make Guo Chao Ming’s heart melt.

The gaze of the one eighty tall guy was soft enough to drip water, but what he did not know was that what Bai Xia Xia said was: “Not letting you raise me on purpose, you bastard who can’t distinguish between male and female and can’t appreciate my natural beauty.”

“If you leave with me, you’ll be able to live well[3] in the future, with ham everyday…”

Guo Chao Ming employed food temptation and raised a big, big, and brilliant smile.

Bai Xia Xia did not believe in even one single punctuation[4], this scumbag without a conscience that fools and deceives kittens, she was very angry: “You liar who eats an equal portion to others in the dining hall[5].

A man’s words are unbelievable[6]! It’s fine if you lie to humans, but for you to lie to cats too!”

Her angry and sincere appearance while meowing was like an old pedant, both cute and soft.

Guo Chao Ming however, thought that his fooling had succeeded and thrillingly extended his prepared pet shovel officer paw: “…hmm”

The extremely big and cute meat paw was very weighty, it heavily hit on the hand that Guo Chao Ming had extended towards Bai Xia Xia.

A beautiful tiger face that was roughly the same size as Bai Xia Xia’s body stuck in front of him.

Zoomed in several times, it was savage and terrifying.

Beastly eyes silently stared at him, as if they were saying: I’ve agreed, let’s go then.

Guo Chao Ming’s lips kept trembling but was not able to say anything.

Da Hua scared him so much that his heart shrunk, his face became pale, and his legs lost strength, making him fall and sit on the floor with a ‘putong’.

The activity on this side was overly big, and the Colonel Song that was throwing commands one by one to his subordinates could not help but turn his head.

On the side of the road, Da Hua half-forcefully succeeded in holding hands with the scumbag and cat deceiver.

He was even sitting in a row with Bai Xia Xia as a big cat and small cat, Da Hua was being held by his paw by the trembling Guo Chao Ming, and did not move either.

The huge fluffy tiger face comically and vividly displayed a look of disdain and contempt.

On the tiger’s face, clear words were written: You youngster are truly useless.

Getting weak just because of this Why are your guts so small, you little coward.

The tiger’s meaty paw was still over Guo Chao Ming’s right hand, Guo Chao Ming… I want to cry, cry loudly.

He looked at this oversize cat that took the initiative to bite the bait and drop himself on the door, then he also bitterly looked at a certain Meow Xia Xia that was leisurely watching the unfolding drama.

Bai Xia Xia revealed a signboard cat smile at Guo Chao Ming, Guo Chao Ming summoned up his courage[7] to negotiate with Da Hua, insipidly swallowing saliva without stop with a numb expression on his handsome face: “Just, it’s just that… the truth is that I’m vegetarian, we’re not suitable for each other.

The next one will be better, let’s not force ourselves, okay.”

“There won’t be good results by doing it reluctantly, you can lead the horse to the water, but you can’t make it drink[8].” Guo Chao Ming was like a cat whose paw had been burned, extremely carefully pinching with two fingers Da Hua’s cute, big, and meaty paw, discreetly and cautiously rejecting.

As he spoke, he unstoppably sneaked glances at Da Hua’s striking face with terror, afraid that this big cat would get angry out of embarrassment after being rejected, insisting on leaving with him.

Guo Chao Ming: My boundless charm ah… why was it used in the wrong place.

Song Bei held back his laughter without being able to control his facial expressions, almost laughing out loud.

Bai Xia Xia, who was close at hand, saw it clearly, and laughed so hard that her whiskers trembled up and down: Serves you right for shamefully lying to Cat, karma in one’s lifetime comes very quickly!

Da Hua could not comprehend this two-legged beast, he also was not able to understand human language, so he only rolled his eyes, letting Guo Chao Ming gently and slowly, very carefully like sending a bomb, send back his own paw.

“Awuuu~” Dillydallying, Da Hua took back his own paw in advance.

Guo Chao Ming let out a very big breath.

He indeed wanted to raise a cat; however, he did not want to give his own life to become a Guo Chao Ming brand cat food bibimbap.

Da Hua equally did not hold interest in silly two-legged beasts, “Awuu~”

“Xia Xia, you really want to leave with them” Da Hua felt very wronged, Xia Xia is going to leave Cuilian Mountain, she won’t play with me anymore

The beautiful tiger felt despaired, as if all its energy had been sucked out of it.

Big eyes that were very pitiful looked at Bai Xia Xia with tears.

The big cat was shamelessly acting spoiled, Bai Xia Xia’s heart softened, “Meow, meow, meow~”

I’m not leaving, but I need to go see the human that was saved.

“Awu~” Da Hua’s meaty paw hit the floor, enough to make dirt fly; the soaring dust made Guo Chao Ming cough again and again.

Da Hua was very scared that he would be abandoned once again, being ruthlessly and coldly driven out of the nest by mommy tiger, it was a wound that would forever remain in Da Hua’s heart, and with anxiousness: “Then I’ll go with you.”

Of course this isn’t possible, Ninth[9] Da Hua’s build… there was no need to mention that he would not fit in the SUV.

Even if he could, for a carnivorous tiger to go together to the hospital… just thinking about that scenario is amazing.

Translator’s comments:

Bai Xia Xia is really taking advantage of humans not being able to understand her to curse at them lol.

Starting from next week, the release schedule will change to: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 19:30 UTC-5

Translator’s notes:

[1] So here, ‘宣 (xuān)’ was used, which means ‘announce, proclaim’, but according to Google-sensei, it’s a Taiwanese local dialect to say ‘like’.

[2] It said ‘shrunk and withdrew’, but it’s weird because she’s supposed to be threatening him.

[3] Idiomatic expression ‘吃香的喝辣的 (chī xiāng de hē là de)’: lit.

translation: eat delicious things and drink strong liquor things.

The phrase means ‘to live well’, as, since ancient times, people who live well are those that can afford eat good things and drink strong liquor everyday.

[4] As in, after eliminating the words in a sentence, only punctuation marks remain, but she doesn’t believe even in that.

[5] ‘大鍋飯 (dà guō fàn)’ refers to people getting the same treatment, regardless of their performance.

[6] Idiomatic expression ‘男人的嘴,騙人的鬼 (nán rén de zuǐ, piàn rén guǐ)’: lit.

translation: ‘the mouth of a man, a ghost that lies’, its meaning is that only lies come out from a man’s mouth.

[7] Here, it said ‘hardening his head skin’, but it simply means to ‘brace himself’.

[8] Idiomatic expression ‘強扭的瓜不甜 (qiǎng niǔ de guā bù tián)’: lit.

translation: ‘a melon that is forcefully taken from the vine won’t be sweet’, similar to the phrase ‘you can lead a horse to drink water, but you can’t make it drink’.

It’s used to convey that things that are done forcefully will not lead to good results.

[9] This probably means that Da Hua was the ninth cub that his mother had


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