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Zhai Mu took a deep breath and forced himself not to think about the line of sight behind him.


The target in front of him was where he needed to focus the most. 


The weight of the sniper rifle was completely different from the guns commonly used in shooting competitions.

Weight, precision, and explosive power- each tested his on-site adaptability.

Although he didn’t know why General Xu had insisted on asking him to demonstrate, this was not important anymore.

At this crucial point, there was simply no possibility of retreating.


Lowering his eyes, he let go of all distracting thoughts in his mind and only looked at the bullseye in the distance.


Focus, Aim, target, aaand fire- 




There was a muffled sound, and almost instantly, the numbers flashed on the electronic screen beside him.


Eight point nine…


Silence ensued in the shooting range.


This result was not bad.

After all, he hadn’t tested the gun before, and it was normal to have a trial-run period.


However, as the gunner who was demonstrating in front of Marshal He Mo, obviously, this result was far from satisfactory.


General Xu’s face was a little unnatural.

He had recommended this person, but the result…


Just as he was about to speak, He Mo raised his hand, stretching out two fingers and pausing it in mid-air.

Suddenly, there was no more sound in the shooting range.


After Zhai Mu fired the first shot, he felt light as if his whole body had completely let go of the burden.

And the subsequent shots became faster and smoother.

Almost at the moment the electronic screen flipped the card, the next bullet had already penetrated the target.


The ring numbers also began to change significantly.


From the initial 8.9 points to 9.5 points and occasionally even a 9.9 point score. 


A trace of satisfaction finally appeared on General Xu’s face.

He turned his head to look at Hemo, but still saw no sign of joy or anger on his face, as if everything before his eyes was merely child’s play.


Even after experiencing decades of ups and downs in the military, General Xu couldn’t help but feel a little nervous at this moment.

The marshal seemed to be waiting for something…


Finally, after twenty minutes of intensive shooting, the recoil of the M-200 had fully demonstrated its power.


Zhai Mu’s shoulder blades jerked violently, and his whole person took a step back.

This shot only made a score of 6.4 points.


Zhai Mu’s face changed slightly.

Glancing at the results on the electronic screen, he took a breath and readjusted his posture.


Another shot rang out.

This time, his results were slightly better, and he managed to reach the seventh ring.

Unfortunately, his shoulders were completely numb from the recoil.


The human body could adapt to the latest weapons after a lot of tempering.

However, in the initial stage, when the body has not been trained to cater to the weapon.

Only then can the comparison to the matching degree between the weapon and the human body be made.


Obviously, Zhai Mu’s limit was twenty minutes.


After that, no matter how he adjusted his posture, the number of rings fluctuated from high to low, and he never exceeded the score of nine points.


Of the 500 bullets originally prepared, naturally, all of them were not finished.

Within the prescribed half an hour, there were still more than 100 bullets left.


In the shooting range, there was a chilly atmosphere.


Zhai Mu had been in the army for so many years, and had long been accustomed to staying calm in a high-pressure environment, but at this moment, his face was completely bleak.


Shooting competition champion He had never felt this ashamed.


He Mo, who had been leaning lazily on the back of the chair, suddenly waved his hand to General Xu, and General Xu immediately listened respectfully.


As he listened, the magnetic but cold tone said slowly: “Take his shirt off.”


At that moment, Zhai Mu looked at the aloof Marshal in disbelief, doubting his ears.


General Xu’s eyes lit up as if suddenly realizing something.


Could it be that the reason why the Marshal deliberately took half an hour to the shooting range was this!


No wonder he had specifically asked not to come over with snipers!


At the same time, no one knew that the two people who had visited the casino together in the morning had just separated for a short time of half a day. 


While Zhai Mu was busy encountering an unprecedented situation, Leng Yiyao stood at the front entrance of her family’s villa, looking forward to the chaos in front of her, with a face full of interest…


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