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"Come out and face me," Violet said out of nowhere which makes the men startled as their eyes go widened.

"I am talking to you two. Come out now!"

"Run fastly on 1," Alvis whispered as they both look at each other.

"3, 2, 1... Run," Alvis said and start running while holding Romans hand. But unfortunately, his cloak struck in the scrub and he fall to the ground hard while pulling Alviss hand too as they both fell harder on the grassy ground.

What a bad luck!

"Catch them!" Violet orders her guards and soon two guards hold their arms and make them stand in front of her. Violet narrows her eyes on Alvis and then the other man who was strangely looking at her a while ago. They made their first eye contact and Roman felt the time stops for him.

"Who are you? Outsiders?" She look at them from head to toe and saw how Roman smiling at her which make her suspicious about him.

"What are you doing here? Are you spying on me? Answer me!" She ordered them while raising her voice.

"Princess let me explain." Said Alvis.

"Wait, wait. Are you the thieves? Did you steal my stone?" She asked suddenly doubtfully and glare at them. Their eyes go wide and they shake their heads in refusal. How can she think of a prince like this?

"We are not thieves. We are from Máville." Roman answered for her knowledge in a calm voice.

"Máville? Recently its been famous for thieves. I wonder what the prince and king were doing instead of protecting their people." She said carelessly while crossing her arms they stood in front of her like some slaves answering her. She is really a princess of Álencia, as brave as her brother. Roman and Alvis stay silent at her words. But there is a fit of anger inside Roman, he hadn slept last night and was with them all night, working for his people and succeeding to capture all of them but now a princess is looking down on him.

"Lower your gaze!" She ordered firmly. Roman lifted his eyebrow at her order and kept looking into her eyes. Anger raised in her beautiful eyes after watching his disobedience.

She again said, "I said lower. Your. Gaze." she said in a harsh tone while gritting her teeth as she emphasised each word. Alvis hit Romans arm with an elbow to make him obey. He heaved a weary sigh and look away but not down.

He had some pride, he is not anyone but a crown prince of Máville who has never bent in front of anyone, aside from his parents. Furthermore, his dignity would be hurt if he do so. How can he accept the order of someone like her?

"Princess let us go," Alvis said gently still looking down and Roman glared at him. He doesn have to be so polite.

"Who are you and why are you here?"

"Give us your swords." A guard said walking closer to Roman. It made him angrier he glare hard at the guard who came to take his sword. His sword is not ordinary but a royal sword specially made for a prince. Roman held his sword tight and looked at the princess. He walks closer to her and she steps back from him in fear thinking he is going to attack which brought a smirk to his face.

"Listen, princess," Roman said his voice is serious than before. Her guard tries to hold him but Roman stops them with his sword. Alvis gulped looking at the scene what should he do? Roman steps forward near her while she steps back in reflex.

Suddenly with the speed of a flash, there is an arrow came between them and pierces the near tree trunk. It startled him but Violet stood there without flinching.

"Step back!" They hear a roar and look in the direction of the arrow. A man runs faster and pushes Roman back from the princess, he stands in front of her like a shield. Roman took some steps back. The man targets his arrow bow towards him with heavy breaths. His eyes are dark red, it has some fire a determination and is very imitative. His wrestlers shoulders were part of his burly physique. He walked with a tiger like tread and his red eyes twinkled. Violet looked at him with a smile and put her hand on his shoulder from behind. He can see the feeling of protection in her eyes to seeing him.

He is ready to kill his fangs shown as he is ready to eat alive, who dare to harm the princess. Thats when Alvis holds his arm and pulls him back. Somehow, now Roman felt bad for making Violet scared.

"Who are you!?" He growls while standing in front of her. Violet is holding his shirt tight from the back. He signals his guards and they push him back harder. Roman put his sword back and Alvis looked at them.

"Armen, Armen Roscoe right?" His eyes soften a bit to hear Alvis and he stares at both of them.

"Armen, do you know these thieves?" She asks in confusion and Armens eyes go wide. His tall figure is covering her, just her eyes are out with which she gave him death glares. Armen lower his bow and arrow. He signals his guards who step back from them.

"He is the Chief Commander of Máville, Alvis Darius." He pointed towards Alvis, "And he is the crown prince of Máville Kingdom." He said and she widen her eyes.

"Which one? This dirty clothed thief?" She asks while looking at him from head to toe.

"He isn a thief. He is the prince of Máville." He whispered, and they are talking in whispers now.

"I have seen Máville Prince, his name is Leonard Donovan. This filthy man can be a prince. He must be a thief."

Armen look at Roman and smile awkwardly while Roman glared at Violet and Alvis was trying to control his laugh. Roman was sure he would tease him once they were at the castle. "No princess. He is a younger prince. His name is Roman Donovan." He informs her.

"You sure?" The Princess of Alencia whispered to Armen in doubt.

"He is Armen. The chief troops of Álencia Kingdom " He told Roman and he nods. Alvis turns to explain, "We were just searching the forest for a group of thieves and accidentally come to this region. Princess Violet has mistaken us. I was about to tell her." He said gently a sincere smile on his face.

"But she isn ready to listen to us." Remarks Roman rolling his eyes.

"You scared me, thats why." the Princess said, never shrinking for a moment standing still in front of him. She never tries to lower her eyes she stares levelly.

"I didn but you thought of me as a thief." He complains without a flicker of amusement. His voice is not soft yet he could only speak in a hoarse whisper.

"You look like one by appearance." Annoyance sharpened within him as she stared back at him defiantly. Her luminous purple eyes seemed to taunt him and he had a sudden thought that he wouldn be able to think if he continued to stare at her.

He found her looking directly into his eyes there is no fear or excitement that she is meeting the most handsome man. Other princesses and vampiress wanted to talk to him, trying to impress him but this princess is talking back to him. It fascinated him it was the first time happened to him. After meeting with her, he thought about how will be their next time meeting.

"Princess let it go." Requests Armen.

"I am sorry for the disturbance. We will take our leave now. We apologize to scare you, Princess." Alvis bows to Violet slowly and she nods with a smile.

"Its okay Chief Commander. " She said.

"I also owe you an apology too Princess but whatever I will leave now." Roman didn try to apologise to her properly which not only the princess but also make Alvis frown.

"Prince Roman Donavon." She calls him from back when he starts walking towards the Máville sector. He turns.

"You are not standing in your kingdom. Its my kingdom I rule here. So your first mistake was to come to our area. The second is to hide and spy on me and thirdly to hurt a Álencia guard while misbehaving and the last one is to scare a crowned princess." She adds, "After all these things if I still let you go without complaining to your father King Donovan then I guess you should be thankful Prince Roman." She reminded him as she is staring at him and when he look into her eyes he tremble slowly as he gulps unintentionally.

Alvis widens his eyes and seems terrified because if she complains to King Donovan then the king will punish both of them for violating the laws of the four kingdoms. King is very strict in this matter.

"Be grateful to me. Now you may leave my kingdom as soon as possible before I forget my generosity and kindness." She said sternly.

"Lets go back princess.", Armen said and she nods slowly. She holds her dress softly to lift it a bit and step away. Roman bites his lower lip, still looking at Princesss back.

"Go back safely. Respected Prince and Commander Chief. Its not a cheerful meeting but its an honour to see you." He bows to them and walks away. The guards follow them.

"Happy now for ruining my image in front of Chief troop Armen and a crowned princess?" He glares at him while Roman laughs at his horror face.

"Princess we found it. It was near the lake." Two girls handed her the stone and Violets face lighten up with happiness she took it in her hand and put it in her bag.

"Thank you, Ede. Finally. Lets go now brother would be waiting for me." She said giggling. Violet is happy that she got her stone back and was thinking about Elmers angry face, once she will be in the castle.

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