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When Lin Dawei received the 1000 taels of silver from Lin yuelan and bought the fields from the villagers, he had not shown any greed on his face.

His face was calm, and there was no joy or anger.

He had only been doing his own things conscientiously.

However, at this moment, when he took the one hundred taels from Lin yuelan, he lost his composure and was touched.

He couldnt suppress the excitement on his face.

His hands trembled as he held the silver and said, ” its really more than a hundred taels.

Its really more than a hundred taels!”

They had to risk their lives to hunt in the mountains in order to get some harvest and sell it for some money.

However, they had to prepare some medicine for their injuries.

Therefore, they could only save a few dozen taels of silver in a year.

But now, all he had to do was run an errand and speak a little, and he had already gotten his hands on a hundred taels.

Of course, he knew that Lin yuelan had offered this to him because she was kind.

Therefore, he also knew how to be grateful.

Lin yuelan looked at Lin Dawei in surprise.

She had always thought that Lin Dawei was a man who was calm and emotionless.

She didnt expect that just a hundred taels of silver would make him so excited.

After Lin yuelan waited for Lin Dawei to calm down, she said to him, “Uncle Wei, I told you that I wanted brother Jiawei to be my familys butler and supervisor.

Now, I plan to hire a group of helpers to build a greenhouse and plant these seeds.

They need to be checked and managed every day, so brother Jiawei might be busy.”

“No problem, no problem!” Lin Dawei immediately replied, ” Ill ask him to come to you when I get back.” He had always thought that Lin yuelan had forgotten about this matter.

After all, this matter had been told a few months ago.

After seeing that Lin yuelan hadnt made any moves, he didnt know how to ask.

Now that Lin yuelan had taken the initiative to ask him, he naturally wouldnt refuse.

Back then, Lin yuelan analyzed the benefits of having Jiawei as a supervisor.

Jiawei was his only child.

Of course, he would take everything to heart.

He didnt want his child to be like him, living a life of adventure and fear every day.

After buying 125 Mus of land from Lin Dawei and Lin Jiawei came to report, Lin yuelan started to build a greenhouse with people.

In terms of manpower, Lin yuelan recruited people from all the villages in the area.

She only recruited honest people who spoke less and worked more.

Although some of the Lin family villagers had their opinions, thinking that Lin yuelan had invited outsiders instead of her own village, it was impossible for her not to take it to heart after they had offended her so badly in the past.

Especially those who had hit and scolded her when she was down.

There was no need to even consider them.

Moreover, these people made up 80 to 90 percent of the Lin family Village.

Lin yuelan would not even consider recruiting these people to be her helpers.

In the past, some people were afraid that Lin yuelan was their jinx and that interacting with her would bring bad luck to them.

Therefore, some people were more or less afraid.

However, after seeing that the people who came to build houses for Lin yuelan were not plagued by bad luck and were even provided with good food and drink, they immediately became envious.

Therefore, every time Lin yuelan recruited people, many people would fight to work for her.

Guo Bing was the supervisor of the building, and there were still two buildings left.

According to Lin yuelan, there was still one dormitory building that had not been completed, so he had to continue to be his supervisor.

Therefore, he could not participate in the construction of the greenhouse and the planting of vegetables for the time being.

As for Jiang Zhennan, Little Six, Little Three, and Little Twelve they gradually had nothing to do after the rice was harvested and the rice fields were tidied up.

Now that they were going to build a greenhouse of more than 100 mu, they were short of manpower, so of course, they had to participate.

Since they were building a large shed, the first important thing was to have a large number of canvas.

Through Li Huaishengs channels, these fabrics were directly bought at the most favorable and cheapest price, and they were worth hundreds of feet.

After receiving the cloth, they had to follow Lin yuelans method.

They had to drip vinegar, add alkali, and use a chemical method to process the canvas into a transparent color.

Of course, they didnt have this technique yet.

They could only process it into a very vague translucent color, just like the transparent window paper.

After that, some of the helpers went up the mountain to chop wood and bamboo to build the frame of the greenhouse.

Then, they turned the soil over.

In short, each process required a lot of manpower and resources, which seemed to be time-consuming and energy-consuming.

The greenhouse caused a great commotion.

It was very more exciting than when she was building her house.

“Yes, thats right.” Someone immediately echoed, ” there are more than a hundred of these helpers.

The salary is a huge sum.

Speaking of which, why is the girl that rich she just built a house, and I heard that she spent at least five to six thousand taels of silver.

She bought land before, and now, she bought more land.

She must have spent quite a lot of money.

Now that shes doing this, just buying cloth alone costs more than a thousand feet.

The cheapest cloth costs twenty Wen a foot.

How much does it cost”

In short, every time Lin yuelan wanted to do something that involved money, it would be discussed.

They only knew that Lin yuelan had earned a few thousand taels from selling the tiger and ginseng.

However, as Lin yuelan spent money like dirt, they were more and more confused about how much money she had left.

“Where do you guys think this girl got all this money from” Someone asked curiously, ” could it be that it was all given by shopkeeper Lin ” They had already gotten used to calling Lin Deshan shopkeeper Lin.

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