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Lin Yiwei was very surprised.

“This regret powder actually has such a miraculous effect”

Lin Yuelan smiled again and said, “to put it bluntly, regret powder is actually similar to truth serum.

After one is affected, one will see illusions of the hidden secrets in ones heart.

It will bring the suppressed regrets up to the surface.”

“This … This is too ingenious!” Lin Yiwei and his son were really surprised.

However, Lin Mingqing thought of another problem.

He asked, “but, LanEr, can we find the witness just by using regret powder”

When Lin Mingqing asked this question, she looked at Lin Yuelan expectantly, hoping that she would give a positive answer.

However, Lin Yuelan shook her head and said, “no!”

“Then, you …” Lin Mingqing was slightly surprised.

“How are you so sure that we can find a witness”

Lin Yuelan chuckled and said, “Im not sure.

Im taking a gamble.”

“A gamble” The father and son looked at each other in confusion.

Lin Yuelan explained, “There should only be Grandpa Village Chiefs family and me who knew about the incident three years ago if it was really an accident.

However, we know that its related to Lin Laosans family.

Regardless, there were no witnesses or evidence, so the event was treated as an accident.

All the blame was pushed on me.

But,” Lin Yuelan changed the topic and said coldly, “once, when I passed by a villagers house, I heard the people inside mumble that she had nothing to do with something that happened three years ago.

She had just married over to our village and didnt want to attract the wrong attention.

“I thought about it.

Three years ago, two big things happened.

It was my separation from Lin Laosans family and Uncle Mingqings incident.

This person hadnt married over when my event happened, so she must be talking about Uncle Mingqings incident.

Her conscience was tortured.

Therefore, once I created the secret powder, I used it on her.”

After hearing this, Lin Yiwei and his son fell silent.

“Is this really okay” Lin Yiwei asked worriedly.

Just as the father and son were guessing how this would progress, there was some noise and loud talking outside.

It sounded like the voices of many women.

Lin Yiwei strode over and saw his wife pulling someone over.

He asked, “Wife, whats happening”

His wife pulled Zhou Xiaoliu over.

She said loudly to the village chief, “Husband, I think weve found the culprit who caused our QingErs accident!”

When Lin Yiwei heard this, he didnt react for a while.

He looked at Changxings wife, who had her head lowered, and said, “Is it her”

Changxings wife had just married over to the Lin Family Village three years ago, so why would she harm QingEr It didnt make sense.

Lin Yiweis wife looked in the direction her husband was pointing and was slightly stunned.

However, she reacted in a moment and knew that her old man had misunderstood.

She immediately shook her head and hurriedly stuttered, “No.

This… This girl said that she was there when our QingEr got in his accident three years ago, and she said its related to Lin Laosans family.

So, I immediately pulled her back.

Lin Yiwei immediately asked with a serious expression, “is that true, Changxings wife” Lin Yiwei was anxious, but there was determination in his voice.

Zhou Xiaoliu said, “its true!”

When the onlookers heard this, they began to chatter.

Most of the people had expressions of disbelief and surprise on their faces, but a small number of people were purely there to enjoy the show.

Lin Yiwei looked at the crowd and immediately told Changxings wife, “come in first and tell me everything.” Then, he turned to the crowd, “You all can go back now!”

Then, he turned to his wife and said, “Wife, go and invite Uncle An over.

Also, invite Lin Laosan and Lin Laoliu too.” Lin Laoliu was Lin Laosans brother.


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