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Chapter 9: The Protagonist Came to Villain’s Door To Entrust His Mother

Chapter 9: Visiting the Prison

Uncle Fu didn't take long to bring these herbs to Ling Tian's study room.

Ling Tian looked at these herbs.

Of course, he needed them to prepare poison.

Ling Tian made two types of poison this time and then summoned Qiang Zi.

"Young master, what are your orders"

Qiang Zi respectfully asked the young master, who was crossing his legs in front of him.

"Didn't Song Hui of the Song family strike out You should try to loosen Ye Feng's bones in another way if that's the case.

It would be counted on Song Hui's head anyway.

Brother Feng seems to enjoy pursuing girls a lot.

I'm afraid he'll be lonely in prison, as he can't touch women.


but there seem to be only men in the prison..."

A playful smile appeared on Ling Tian's face.

Across the room, he glanced at Qiang Zi with deep meaning in his eyes.

"Young Master, I understand.

Arrangements for men can be reluctantly made since there are no women.

We can arrange for Ye Feng to get to know the swordsmanship masters inside the prison so that they can spar with each other.

Leave all that to me."

A wry smile spread across Qiang Zi's face.

As Ling Tian's trusted henchman, he understood immediately.

There was no need for him to say anything explicitly.

"Well, you can hire a professional photographer to capture the moments.

Let Brother Feng enjoy it when the time comes."

Ling Tian came up with a new idea.

"Roger, young master.

It would be a joy to watch you play."

Qiang Zi smiled flatteringly.

As Ling Tian's head bodyguard, he immediately flattered him.

He didn't lose to anyone when it came to flattering Ling Tian.

"I've got two poison bottles here.

This poison is for martial artists of the Body Tempering Realm.

They have little to no effect on ordinary people.

This red bottle can make a person feel weak, and the effect lasts about 3 days.

The other bottle of poison is a powerful aphrodisiac.

I don't have to say much about its effects, they last about half a day.

I want you to test it all on Brother Feng."

In front of Qiang Zi, Ling Tian placed the two bottles of medicine he had just prepared.

Ling Tian didn't have to worry about the rest, of course.

How else could his men be helpful

Ling Tian was still relatively comfortable with Qiang Zi's abilities.

"Young master, I'll take care of it with these medicine bottles."

As he took these medicine bottles, a smile spread across Qiang Zi's face.

There was now a sinister smile on his face.

He must have already had some ideas in his head.

However, Ling Tian didn't care much about that as long as the result satisfied him.

"Then get started."

Ling Tian instructed Qiang Zi.

Qiang Zi turned around and left after bidding farewell to Ling Tian.




(In the courtyard of the Ling family manor)

Ye Wanrou's fair face was filled with sadness and anger.

Earlier today, she received a call from the police station saying her son had been detained for fighting and eating ** in public.

She couldn't believe her ears.

On Ye Wanrou's phone, she found many videos of Ye Feng.

She saw her son's face swollen and his mouth full of **.

She almost didn't recognize him at first glance.

"Feng'er, what caused you to change so much"

Ye Wanrou sighed softly.

However, she also discovered that her son had changed a lot recently.

He used to be shy and obedient.

She noticed that Ye Feng had been acting abnormally recently.

In addition to looking superior and arrogant every day, he also had trouble walking when he saw pretty women.

It raised suspicion in Ye Wanrou's heart.

Ye Wanrou headed towards the police station after that.

Despite everything, he was still her son.

At the police station, mother and son met shortly.


An ugly smile spread across Ye Feng's face as he looked at Ye Wanrou.

He rushed to greet her as soon as he saw her.

He wasn't too keen on meeting his mother right now.

He looked very miserable at this moment because his face was still swollen.

Ye Wanrou could see that her son had only two teeth left, and his cheeks were swollen like pigs' heads.

"Who exactly did you fight with What's wrong with you"

At the moment, Ye Wanrou was very angry and had an ugly expression.

After all, her son had been beaten into this state.

However, she was also angry with her son for his behavior today.

Yesterday, her son beat up the Song family's young master, Song Hui.

They had to go to the door to ask for help from Ling Tian to ensure their safety.

She didn't expect Ye Feng to fight once again today.

"Mom, I didn't fight or brawl with anyone.

I was robbed while buying antiques.

I'm the victim."

When Ye Feng was rebuked by his mother, he immediately spouted nonsense.

However, Ye Wanrou did not believe what Ye Feng said.

"Where did you get the money to buy the antiques What antiques did you buy that others might target"

Anger and doubt filled Ye Wanrou's face.

She felt like she was about to lose trust in Ye Feng.

Before graduating high school, her son worked in a restaurant serving dishes without much interest in studying.

Antiques were worth a lot of money.

Where did he get the money to buy them




According to Ye Wanrou, Ye Feng did not speak anything true.

"I'm sure this is Song Hui of the Song family's revenge! Yesterday I beat him up violently, and today he looked for someone to deal with me!"

Suddenly, Ye Feng remembered his enemy and held him accountable.

As Ye Wanrou listened to her son's constant sophistry, she grew impatient.

In her opinion, Song Hui had nothing to do with this matter.

He would have done it yesterday if he wanted to.

In addition, Ling Tian was still protecting them, so Song Hui probably didn't dare to attack.

"What has been wrong with you lately There's something strange about your behavior."

Ye Wanrou finally asked Ye Feng the question she wanted to ask the most.

Nevertheless, how could Ye Feng explain this kind of question as a reborn person

Even if he said it, nobody would believe him.

"Mom, I'm fine."

After a moment, Ye Feng could only offer a perfunctory response to his mother.

"Also, why is Brother Tian not here Damn, why didn't he bail me out right away"

Immediately, Ye Feng changed the subject.

Ling Tian did not immediately bail out Ye Feng.

At this moment, Ye Feng felt deep resentment towards Ling Tian in his heart.

Ling Tian must have known about his detention at the police station; he knew in his heart.

The Ling family was a super financial magnate family, and their intelligence network was nationwide.

He, Ye Feng, would be able to leave here immediately if only the Ling family said a word.

"Damn it! It was such a small thing, and he didn't even help me."

Ye Feng hated Ling Tian.

His mother would not have reprimanded him like this if Ling Tian had just bailed him out.


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