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The Imperial Palace was in a mess.

Corpses were everywhere, and those who were still alive had found a place to hide.

The entire place seemed especially cold and strange, and the smell of blood was everywhere.

However, there was one exception, and that was the Cold Palace.

The Cold Palace, which everyone had been afraid of in the past, was now swarming over.

Even the Empress was no exception.

The Cold Palace had become a popular place of refuge.

The people that the Ghost King brought attacked the imperial study and killed all the imperial guards.

All the experts on the Heavenly Saints Emperors side had been slain.

Facing the murderous Ghost King, even if that person was his son, Heavenly Saints Emperor was still frightened.

His body was covered in a cold sweat, with his limbs shaking non-stop.

His face was filled with fear, and he almost cried.

“Unfilial son, do you want to kill your father What… What do you want to do”

“Its only right and proper to take revenge for my mother.” The Ghost King held a bloody sword in his hand and looked at it as he spoke.

His body emitted intense hatred and killing intent.

Despite going on a killing spree, his hatred was not reduced one bit.

He hated this palace, these people, and the master of this palace to the core.

That hatred would not be appeased even if he killed the Emperor.

“You… you know Ye Jiushang told you” The Heavenly Saints Emperor was clearly certain of the answer, but he still had to ask.

With each passing second, his panic increased.

If the Ghost King knew the real cause of Consort Qis death, it meant that Ye Jiushang was not dead.

Otherwise, how could he tell the Ghost King these things

He was conflicted.

He hoped that Ye Jiushang would die as soon as possible, but he also hoped that he would save him.

The only person who could save him now was Ye Jiushang.


Even he found this contradictory thought ridiculous, let alone others.

“You used the Asura Black Badge to take Ye Jiushangs life but failed.

Are you disappointed But I dont think so.

You seem to be hoping he will save you.

Youre really too ridiculous.

Ye Jiushang is far stronger than you think.

I only found out yesterday.

If you want to kill him, its like an ant wanting to kill a god.

Do you think you can succeed The funny thing is that you actually dare to dream of asking him to save you.

Dont think I dont know that youve sent those court officials to seek help from the Ninth Lords Estate.

After coveting his life, you actually have the face to go to him.

Your shamelessness really makes me admire you to the extreme.”

“Shut up.” The Heavenly Saints Emperors sore spot had been poked by the Ghost King.

He roared angrily and was about to collapse.

The Ghost King sneered.

“Do you think you still have the right to speak Mother gave up so much for you, but you sacrificed her for an Asura Black Badge.

Youre really heartless.”

“I told you to shut up, did you hear me”

“Its time for you to go down and accompany Mother.” The Ghost King ignored the Heavenly Saints Emperor and stabbed the sword in his hand forward.

He pierced through the Heavenly Saints Emperors chest but did not kill him.

Heavenly Saints Emperors tragic cry was quite loud.


Xue Fanxin was watching the scene through a small hole in the roof while munching on some snacks.

She was shocked by the Heavenly Saints Emperors sudden scream.

“He screamed like that with just one strike.

He doesnt have any endurance at all.

Hes definitely a spineless idiot.”

She already knew how those Asura sacrificial soldiers had come about, so she had no sympathy for the Heavenly Saints Emperor at all.

She even hoped that he would suffer more.


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