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Alois murmured in a calm tone.

‘It’s a relief.

I wasn’t the only one looking for my brother.’

‘Sir Chris doesn’t know yet.

Besides, he thinks his family has abandoned him.’



… I’d like to ask you to meet him right now, but I know the situation is not good.’

‘I’m sorry, Alois.’

‘Rather, it will be an opportunity to get to know more about my younger brother.

He grew up really bravely’

Alois responded pleasantly and chatted.

I also added a few words.

‘His swordsmanship is also great.

He is a knight whom the Duke trusts a lot.’

‘It looked like it.

As expected, isn’t it a good thing that he didn’t grow up to be a magician’

‘I didn’t mean it like that.

If you were offended… …’

‘I’m kidding.

I’m not a coward who blames my bloodline.

Besides, he’s a man, so he can’t be a magician.’

Since then, Alois has helped tell me about the situation in Asher Castle.

It was like she was playing the role of a kind of spy.

And Chris took on the role of a bridge between me and Alois.

Alois asked Chris to do the job.

It was also a decision that respected her desire to get to know Chris before revealing that they are family.

Then Chris sent another letter.

“A letter came from Alois too, saying that the movement of the Imperial Knights is unusual”

“It was already suspicious enough to bring so many people.”

“Fortunately, the expedition to the Hawk Mountains went smoothly, so I think he will return by the end of this month.”

“I don’t know if he’s trying too hard to come quickly for no reason.”

“Don’t worry too much.

No matter how busy he is, the Duke I know is not someone who skimps on what he needs to do.”

“Thank you, Sir Chris.”

“Then I’ll go now.”

Chris nodded and left the room.

The reason he didn’t stay any longer was he was busy, as he was currently in charge of the remaining Black Knights in Bael.

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I first opened Lexion’s letter.

[Titi, the expedition is going smoothly.

It’s snowing here, so there are so many snowflakes that you like.

It’s so beautiful that I want to come and play with you.]

A full-fledged story was written behind the content that began with a light talk.

[Unlike Hakun and Brandt, it became difficult to distinguish thoughts with the naked eye.

The exact cause is unknown, but I think it’s because the evil dragon’s energy is stronger than before.

Purification is proceeding according to the reaction of the purification stone.

When it is a source of infection, the purification stone sparkles.

I found this out through trial and error, but after that, the expedition became easier.]

I stopped at the words that the evil dragon’s thoughts were invisible to the naked eye.

It was because Seirin’s unexpected behavior was on my mind the whole time.

‘Is Seirin in a similar situation to the Hawk Mountains’

While I was skeptical, the addition of Lexion’s information made me even more suspicious.

‘If you can determine whether you are infected with a purification stone, I should ask Alois.’

Just in time, she stayed around Seirin, so I thought she could check.

What followed was an explanation of how the expedition was going.

And at the end of the letter, there was encouragement for me.

[I heard from Arnold that Kronos has arrived.

The knights in Bael remain armed.

Don’t worry too much.

The situation in the capital is not good, so it will be difficult to rush the Sparrow family.

I’ll try to get back as soon as possible.

Until then, take care, Titi.

I miss you.]

I repeatedly reflected on the sentence ‘I miss you’ and folded the letter.

That’s how much I wanted to see him.

‘But I’m glad he didn’t have a head-on collision with the evil dragon.’

I was a little nervous because I saw the evil dragon roam the northern part in my dream.

The conditions for dreaming were unknown.

I just dreamed irregularly at some point.

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I then opened Alois’ letter.

[The crown princess and the crown prince often argue these days.

The crown princess seems to be worried about the emperor and wants to go straight to the capital, but the crown prince is silent.

Besides, it’s all the more chaotic because she can’t contact the capital.

Something seems to be going on in the capital.… 

It would be good to check it out.

The behavior of the Crown Prince is also very suspicious.

Perhaps because the Crown Prince was entrusted with military power by the Emperor, the imperial knights all follow the Crown Prince.

Contrary to what I heard, he was a very cold person.

Last time, a knight that made a mistake was promptly disposed of.

The atmosphere was absolutely brutal.

Then, if there is any other information, I will contact you again.]

‘What do you mean you can’t contact the Imperial family’

In my previous life, Kronos had never acted on his own without the Emperor’s orders.

It was because the temper itself was on the ignorant side.

It was because he did not have a good temperament and his strong character was to blame.

Therefore, the emperor was displeased every time, and whenever he had a chance, he scolded him.

It was all because of the emperor that Kronos had a strong inferiority complex.

‘It’s strange, there’s no way the emperor would delegate military power to him…… Or is there a reason for that’

The emperor I knew held the military power tightly until the end.

Even if Kronos was upset about why he doesn’t trust him, he would never give up his seat.

Perhaps it was because he thought that military power was the emperor’s right.

He seemed to have any possible rebellion or rebellion in mind.

‘The emperor trusted Kronos and gave him full power.’

As Alois said, we should look at the situation in the capital.

I said to Daisy, who was beside me.

“Daisy, can you get Emelia”

* * *

After a while, Emelia came to the Myersotis room.

“Tiarozety, you’ve been looking for me.”

“I’m sorry to call you when you’re busy.”

Emelia smiled and sat down in front of me.

“It’s all right.

What’s the matter”

“Emelia, is there anyone who can contact the capital”

“Why the capital all of a sudden”

“I’m afraid the prince’s movements are suspicious.”


Emilia tilted her head and gave off a curious light.

I held out Alois’ letter to her.

Alois was never exposed because they did not mention each other’s names anyway.

“This is… “

Emilia looked at the contents of the letter and her expression darkened.

“There is a person close to the princess who gives information.”

“Tiarozety, you can’t do this dangerous thing on your own.”

Emelia said anxiously with a stiff face.

She didn’t want me to be stressed out about useless things.

I answered, shaking my head lightly.

“The Duke knows that, too.

He gave me permission, and now Sir Chris is helping me.”

“…I see.”

“As you can see from the content, they can’t get in touch with the capital.

The Crown Prince’s attitude is a bit suspicious.”

“It’s not difficult to find out.

However, it may take a while if the contact information has been changed since we have not been in touch for a long time.”

Emelia thought for a moment and readily accepted.

“I’ll give it a try.

I’ll tell you when I get in touch.”

“Yes, thank you, Emelia.”

I laughed bashfully, and Emilia laughed along.


Next Day.

I sent a letter to Alois with the help of Chris, enclosing a purification stone along with the identification method that Lexion had taught me.

Seirin may be being manipulated by an evil dragon, so be careful.

Unfortunately, the collaboration between me and Alua did not continue.

After that day, contact with Alois was completely cut off.

* * *

“You didn’t see her today either”


I think she’s been caught.”

Chris finished the report with a dark face.

It’s already been five days since I couldn’t reach Alois.

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Chris accompanied Gregory and secretly looked into Asher Castle, but couldn’t find Alois’ back.

‘If she got caught, Seirin would have found fault with it… Why is it so quiet’

“Is she dead”

“You don’t have to worry about that.

The princess can’t kill Alois.”

When Alois dies, so does the princess.

So it was obvious she was locked up somewhere.

‘There’s a high possibility that Alois didn’t open her mouth since I haven’t heard from her yet.’

When my thoughts reached that point, I felt like I had to rescue Alois in a hurry.

Even if he couldn’t torture Alois because of her oath, Kronos was a vicious person.

He will make Alois confess at all costs.

Alua wasn’t a professional soldier or assassin, so I didn’t know if she could endure that long.

If they find out that I am behind it, they will use that as an excuse to take over the Sparrow family.

“I should go there myself.”

“No, it’s too dangerous.

Don’t do that, I’ll sneak in myself and……”

“How can you infiltrate when you don’t even know where the location is And if you get caught, the entire Black Knights will be suspected.”

“Location, I’ll figure it out somehow… .”

I was arguing with Chris, and Daisy came in.

“Miss, I have an invitation from Asher Castle!”


“… … !”

Chris and I paused at the word invitation.

Daisy held out the invitation with a dark face.

The sender was Seirin Arden Werbel.

‘Did I get caught’

When I was about to think like that.

The book was activated and a notification sounded.


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