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I was on my way to the villa when I heard a horn and stopped.

“Oh my god! You’re here already”

This sound was clearly the horn of the Imperial Knights.

It also marks the arrival.

Judging from the faint sound up to here, it seemed that they had already entered Bael.

I quickly went to the window and checked the activity in the castle.

The knights were also aware of the news of Kronos’ arrival, so it was seen that they were busily moving somewhere.

Arnold and Chris were in the center of them.

‘It’s too fast, even if it’s faster than I expected.’

It was less than two months after Lexion left for the expedition.

Kronos came at a time when the expedition was in full swing and even news was scarce.

‘I’m sure Arnold’s already sent the messenger right Kronos is here.’

However, even if he received a messenger, if the expedition is in progress, it will be difficult to come even if he knew.

‘If he was going to come back in the first place, he wouldn’t have even started.’

Lexion went on an expedition even though he knew Kronos would come.

Because it will help Bael in the long run.

Maybe he left Arnold after telling him how to prepare for it.

‘It would take two full days for the messenger to arrive to say I found Alois…… ‘

Even now, if we send Alois there, the expedition may return sooner after completing the schedule.

I resumed the steps I had stopped and headed towards Seirin.

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Since Alois left looking for the princess, she will be next to Seirin.

‘”‘Let’s try to persuade her somehow to send Alois to the Hawks.’

After a while, I reached Seirin’s bedroom and knocked carefully.

“Princess, this is Tiarozety.

Are you inside”

I thought the room was noisy, but Gregory came out instead.


Why is Gregory here

When I peeked inside, Seirin was lying down and a doctor was examining her.

Gregory asked with a slightly nervous expression on his face.

“What are you doing here”

“I have something to do with the Princess for a while.

But why did the doctor…”

As I glanced inside, Gregory covered the room with his body.

‘What the hell happened inside’

It was even more suspicious because it was right after Alois left in a hurry.

When I looked up, Gregory changed the subject while rubbing his face.

“I heard the horn earlier.”

“Yes, I heard it.”

“I don’t know about the lady, but that’s the sound of announcing the entry of the Imperial Knights.”

Gregory nodded inside the room and continued.

“Seirin is in a bad condition right now.

Originally, we should have gone out together… …”

“What’s going on”

“I can’t say that……”

Gregory continued sweeping his face with his hands.

“Anyway, if Kronos enters Sparrow Castle like this, he may misunderstand.”

“…that you mistreated the Princess at the castle of Sparrow”


Gregory sighed, then exhaled.

His face looked tired as if he had grown old in a day.

I could see the inside slightly because he tilted his head a little while ago.

Subsequently, Alois was examined by the doctor.

Betty next to her kept glancing over here with an anxious expression on her face.

It looked like she was trying to hide something from me.

Alois’ expression was not so good either.

‘Did Seirin use a technique without Alois knowing’

The probability of failure was very high if the magic was performed without the help of the magician.

This was because the spell itself was created and tailored to the magician in the first place.

Even if she tried to imitate it, Seirin would not have been able to do it alone.

In case of failure, the caster took all the risk, so it was understandable that Seirin’s condition was like that.

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‘Currently, the two are bound by an oath.

At the same time as Seirin failed, Alois must have been affected as well.’

That’s why Alois suddenly collapsed.

I sneakily spied around the room, trying to find traces of the magic.

However, there were no other suspicious signs, as if they had already hidden it.

Soon I turned to Gregory.

He seemed to be roughly aware of the situation when he didn’t explain it to me properly.

Maybe he removed the evidence on behalf of Seirin.

Because he cares so much about Seirin.

He may have thought it was an accidental act and tried to hide it.

Even if Gregory didn’t know the details of the magic, Alois would have confirmed that it was a curse.

‘If you knew she was going to kill me and hid the evidence, it would be a bit disappointing.’

Then Alois came out from the inside and closed the door.

Gregory told her.

“Stay inside.”

“I need to tell you something.”

“It’s a little……”

Gregory blinked at me and tried to shut Aloi’s mouth.

But Alois was faster.

“Then where should I go Do you think that the situation is very relaxed right now, Prince”

“What do you mean….”

“The doctor says there is no internal injury, but there is no way that there is no internal injury even after failing the technique.”

“Are you saying she’s not in good condition”

“Whether it’s good or bad, I need to check the magic that the princess was trying to cast, but the prince just erased it.”


I blinked when I heard that he had erased the magic ceremony.

It seems that it was because of Gregory’s judgment that the traces disappeared in such a short time.

Alois pressed Gregory in a sharp tone.

“That’s enough.

I can find out if I reverse her destruction method anyway.

Of course, thanks to you, it’s a bit of a hassle.”

“I’m sorry.”

Gregory kept glancing at me with a troubled face.

He seemed worried about how I would take this situation.

Gregory asked, trying to capture his expression.

“How long does it take to analyze it”

” I think it’ll take an hour.”

“If it’s an hour.”….” 

Gregory was lost in thought, sweeping his mouth.

After a while, Gregory grabbed my shoulder and pleaded with me.

“First of all, I’ll go to Kronos and drag on the time.

Because I can say that she took a nap and it took time to get ready.”

“Ah, yes.”

“Please contact me when Seirin wakes up, Lady.”

As soon as Gregory finished speaking, the guide said.

– Enter the main stage “Eve of the Storm”.

Please stand by Princess Seirin.


– Following this, the Imperial Knights will attack Sparrow Castle.

A little fuss is expected.

A mediator is required.


My face turned muddy when I heard that a collision was expected. 

Gregory was the right person to be a mediator.

If I let Gregory go like this, our paths will cross.

Since Seirin was down, it was difficult for Arnold to face Kronos without him.

As Seirin fainting was so sudden, Arnold couldn’t have been prepared.

I grabbed Gregory’s arm as he was about to leave.

“Don’t go.”


His eyes widened.

He stared blankly at the hand I was holding.

I opened my mouth to hold him.

“Sir Arnold must have already gone and intervened.”

“It would be hard for Marquis Brandt to deal with it alone.”

“What if we cross paths Now there is no one in Sparrow Castle who can stop Crown Prince Kronos.”

“That’s true, but…… Seirin hasn’t woken up yet…..”

Gregory rubbed the corner of his mouth and gave a look of embarrassment.

I said it again in case he would go away.

“Please don’t go.”

Gregory let out a deep sigh as his hands trembled.

He patted my shoulder and said.

“Okay, I won’t go.”

“… …”

“Anyway, if it’s Kronos, he’ll still be able to come straight to Sparrow Castle.

I’d rather be blocking it here.”

“Thank you.”

He gently ruffled my hair as I expressed my humble thanks.

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Then I saw Daisy running from afar.

She had an urgent expression at the first glance.


“Daisy, what brings you here so quickly”

“Marquis Brandt is looking for you urgently.

This is the communication device.”

Daisy gave me the communication device without even wiping away her sweat.

“Marquis Brandt”

– Miss Tiarozety, where are you now 

“Oh, I was in the villa.

What’s the matter…”

– Soon, Crown Prince Kronos will arrive at Sparrow Castle.

He’s going to pick up Princess Seirin.

“What This fast”

No matter how much Seirin’s purpose was, it was too sudden to take Seirin as soon as he arrived.

Gregory looked surprised, too.

– I’ve informed Emelia of the details, so go to Emelia.

Gregory and my eyes met at Arnold’s request.

Gregory said shortly after the communication ended.

“If I hadn’t listened to you, I would have really missed him on the way.”

I glanced at the book that was already active.

It told me to stand by Seirin, so it was better to call Emelia this way.

“Daisy, ask Emelia to come over here.”

“Ah, I see!”

Daisy nodded and hurriedly left.

I subsequently spoke to Gregory.

“I’ll be watching the Princess, so first of all, go to the castle.

His Majesty the Crown Prince may come.”

“Okay, I will.”

“I’ll contact you as soon as she wakes up.”

I grabbed the doorknob to enter the room with those words, but Gregory held it.

“… … ”

I stared at Gregory, who didn’t say anything.

He moistened his lips with his tongue, unable to speak directly.

When I asked him why, he answered briefly.

“I beg you.”

“… …”

“And I’m sorry.”

I blinked when he said he was sorry.

Looking at his face which was like dead grass, I could guess one thing.


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