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The curse planned by Seirin and Alois was not without any risk, but it was a technique that did not leave a trace.

It was decided that it would be difficult to find a connection between Tiarozety’s death and Seirin herself since it was triggered after a certain period of time.

Before that, she was going to make an alibi.

She did but-

‘Seirin, don’t do anything for nothing.

What difference do you think killing her will make’

Gregory, who suddenly intervened, ruined everything.

It was because it was difficult to avoid charges if she used magic in front of him.

Seirin was bewildered that Gregory had seen through her plans.

She was also disappointed by Gregory, who was trying to protect Tiarozety.

His sister is herself.

She didn’t know why he was more supportive of her.

Seirin recalled the conversation she had with Gregory after sending off Tiarozety that day.

‘Brother, just pretend you don’t know.’

‘That’s not allowed.

I know you’re going to do something wrong, but you want me to stay still’

‘Something wrong What’s wrong with the death of one Esol’

‘It’s nothing’


She should have died at the time of the Esol disaster anyway.

What the hell is she–‘

‘Seirin, you were the one who said there was no distinction of statuses in human life.’

Seirin still can’t forget Gregory’s expression when he said it.

He looked very disappointed.

Gregory, who captured his expression, narrowed his brow and said.

‘It’s not too late.

Let’s stop when no one knows.’

‘If I was going to stop, I didn’t even start.’

‘Serin! Are you going to be so stubborn If I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t have followed you to Bael!’

‘Say it right.

You didn’t have a choice anyway.’


‘If I stop Then, Lexion will come to me’

‘Whether she dies or not, Lexion won’t go to you, Seirin.’


‘At least he would be engaged to me without her.’

“Stop being stubborn!”

Gregory shouted with a frustrated face, but Seirin remained indifferent.

It was because she had already made up her mind and his complaints did not come through.

It was a conversation that ended in an argument.

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Seirin opened the book without hesitation.

She quickly rolled her eyes, trying to find something.

‘There must be some fatal spell.’

In an instant, a dark energy loomed around her.

The evil dragon’s thoughts grew stronger and tried to manipulate Seirin secretly.

It secretly but meticulously seized Seirin so that neither the people around her nor even the person involved could not notice it.

The book explained the formula using the characters that Seirin had recently learned from Alois.

It was said to be a slang word used among magicians.

Of course, she didn’t know the entire language because Alois only told her a part of it.

So, Alois did not think that such a thing would happen and was negligent.

However, Seirin was confident that she could find the magic she wanted with those few words.

And she was pushed to the extreme to do it like this.

After a while.

“I found it.”

Seirin opened the page with a faint smile.

At a glance, it was a level of detail that was different from the technique Alois had previously taught.

Seirin tore the page and put it into her arms so that it wouldn’t be obvious.

At that moment, the black energy greatly engulfed Seirin.

Her eyes became dull in an instant.

With blank eyes, she took back the spell page she had put in her arms.

Then, biting her finger, she began to trace the formula on the floor.

A pretty big spell was painted on the floor.

It was a sophisticated and complicated technique that was far beyond her skills, but she was unstoppable.

Especially since the evil dragon is behind her.

Her fingers were already swollen, but she looked like she didn’t feel any pain.

It was when she completed the ritual and moved slowly into the middle of the technique.

“Seirin, it’s me.”

Gregory opened the door and called Seirin.

And she completely fell into the ruined situation as he approached.



Seirin belatedly came to her senses and uttered a shallow exclamation.


Immediately, she felt pain in her fingers.

It was very clear.

Blood dripped from the messed-up fingers.

She didn’t even know how hard she bit it.

Gregory was astonished to see the spell on the floor and Seirin’s blood-stained hands.

“What are you doing”

“Br, Bro, brother.

This, this is….”

Seirin looked at the spell in a trembling voice.

She didn’t know when she drew the spell.

With her current skills, it was natural that she could not draw such a sophisticated technique in that short time.

Originally, it was planned to be carried out alone after taking the recipe and practicing it.

She had no intention of doing whatever and dealing with this roughly.

At that time, the spell was about to start flashing.

“Uh, uhhh….”

Gregory bit his lower lip at Seirin’s terrified look.

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First of all, it was important to get Seirin out of there.

“It’s all right.

Let’s calm down for now…….”

Gregory was trying to stride toward Seirin, comforting her, and Alois immediately came in.

“You can’t go in!”

“…… what”

Gregory looked at Alois in surprise.

As he already knew her identity, he was not surprised even though she was a stranger.

It was because he had an intuition that Seirin might be in danger when he was told that he was not allowed to go in.

Alois quickly recited a breaking spell.

Then, the surroundings of the ceremony vibrated violently.


Seirin sat down with a shriek of surprise.

Gregory panicked and grabbed Alois.

“What are you doing Seirin is in pain.”

“Let go of this.

The princess tried to use magic.

If I don’t stop her, she’s dead.”


“Damn, she must be someone who can’t even tell where to die and run wild like this.

My life is still connected!”

Alois pushed Gregory with a swear.

Gregory was quietly pushed back.

There didn’t seem to be anything he could do right now.

He absorbed the absurd situation that happened before him.

“Heu, Heueu…!”

Seirin hugged her chest in pain.

Alois was also sweating profusely.

After a while, the spell slowly began to lose its light.

It was thanks to Alois’ blocking before it was activated properly.


Alois and Seirin shed blood at the same time.

After a while, Alois sat down helplessly and let out a smirk.

“Oh, I thought I was going through it.”

Eventually, the magic spell that was emitting light was extinguished, and Seirin fell to the floor.


Seirin trembled as Gregory supported her.


But she lost consciousness before she could speak.

“Seirin! Wake up!”

Gregory slapped her on the cheek and shook her to wake her up, but there was no answer.

Alois spat out a tired voice.

“Don’t worry.

There are no life-threatening consequences.”


After rubbing his face, Gregory first laid Seirin on the bed.

Then he said to Alois,

“I’m sorry, but can you call a member of the royal family”

“……All right.”

At the polite request that was not like royalty, Alois staggered and left.

Of course, Alois’ physical condition was not very good, so it was somewhat lacking in consideration, but it was fortunate that he did not blame all of this on her.

When Alois went out, Gregory sighed and exhaled.

The red colored blood on the floor felt dizzying.

There was a faint fishy smell in the room.

Gregory stared at her fingers.

It was still dripping with blood.

The wound seemed to be that deep.

“Seirin, where the hell are you going”

Since so much blood was spilled, it was only natural for her to faint, even if it was not because of the spell.

“Huk! Princess!”

Then Betty came in late and made a fuss.

Gregory said, putting his index finger to his lips.

“Don’t make a fuss.”

“Ho, how did this happen… …”

Her face was pale.

Like someone who just guessed what happened.

“You knew everything, but you didn’t stop her.”

Gregory looked at Betty coldly.

“Why didn’t you stop Seirin”

“I, I have sinned to death!”

Betty trembled and knelt down.

As expected, she seemed to have figured out what was going on.


Gregory sighed deeply.

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It was a good thing he discovered it first, but if the Sparrow servants had seen this scene, it would have been a mess.

Gregory didn’t want Seirin to be cornered.

Seirin was disappointed that he cared more about Tiarozety than she did, but it wasn’t.

Seirin was as precious to Gregory as Tiarozety.

Gregory ordered with cold eyes.

“First, erase the traces before anyone comes.”

“Ah, yes, yes!”

Betty wanted to leave, trembling, so she got a mop and cleaned the floor.

After erasing all traces, Alois arrived with a member of the council.

It was a member of the royal family who was attached to Seirin separately.

“Excuse me for a moment.”

A doctor approached Seirin and took a pulse.

Alois frowned at the scene where the traces had disappeared.

But she kept her mouth shut.

Gregory asked in a dry voice.

“How is it”

“She seems to have lost too much blood.

The wounds on her hands are pretty serious too.”

“Other than that, is it okay Like internal injuries.”


Other than that, it’s fine.

But why did the princess’s fingers become like this…….”

“Even I don’t know–“

Gregory was about to turn around lightly.


A horn sounded far away from somewhere.

“This sound…”

Gregory flinched when he heard the sound.

It was a signal used by the Imperial Knights to announce their entrance.


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