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[Gregory’s POV]

In fact, it has been a long time since Gregory secretly protected Tiarozety.

After learning that Seirin was harassing Tiarozety, I was worried that she might be bullied, so I kept walking towards her.

Then, after learning about Alois Beth’s existence, he hovered around Tiarozety every day to protect her. 

Tiarozety didn’t even think about the danger she had.

She just drank tea peacefully, took a walk, and waited for Lexion.

It was Gregory’s joy and pain to watch her.

After a while, I hid behind a pillar and watched Tiarozety, who was just leaving the room.

She was heavily armed to go for a walk today as well.

Also, a maid named Daisy seemed to be tightly dressed.

She looked like a snowman waddling back.

A smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and low laughter flowed out.

Then, suddenly realizing that he was smiling, he frowned.

Just looking at you makes me feel so good.

Gregory burst into laughter at his state of mind.

It was pathetic to see myself wandering around like a puppy for fear of any danger.

I could’ve just said it.

I felt very cowardly for not being able to do this because I was afraid of sparks from Seirin.

“Gregory, what the hell are you doing”

He questioned himself and turned away.

Seirin wasn’t the only one who had to sort out her mind.

He also seemed to need a clean-up.


Then Tiarozety called him from behind.

Gregory stopped at the call of Tiarozety.

It felt like my heart was pounding.

Like a person caught running away, I didn’t know how to make an expression.

I couldn’t run away like this.

However, I couldn’t even speak calmly.

I just stood still and heard footsteps running behind me.

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Moments later, she tapped me on the shoulder.

Gregory looked back slowly, and Tiarozety asked, standing still.

“What are you doing here”



She tilted her head and gave off a curious light.

The moment Gregory looked at her face, it felt like his whole body was on fire.

He leaned back and hid his face.

Perhaps because I was thinking about her, so I was excited as soon as I saw her face.

Unaware of this, she took a step closer and asked.

“What’s wrong with you Where are you sick Your face is so red…”

“No, nothing.

I was just passing by.”

“It’s a long way from the villa to here…”

Tiarozety narrowed her eyes and stared at Gregory.

‘Again, you speak with your eyes again.

Like I’m talking nonsense.’ 

Gregory just liked the way she treated him without being rude.

The boldness that doesn’t care about his background.

A hint of timidity.

Still, I liked the stubbornness of having to say something even with her eyes.

Gregory stared mesmerized into her blue eyes.

My heart was pounding.

He prided himself on being more experienced than anyone in dating, but it was ridiculous that he acted like a fool in front of Tiarozety.

I can’t believe I’m in love like a fever.

Also a friend’s lover.

Even thinking about it myself, I felt stupid and pathetic.

Tiarozety blinked when Gregory didn’t say anything.

“Are you really sick”

A look of concern unlike before.

It was as if she had never dreamed of what the man in front of her was thinking, was about her.

‘Zion, what am I going to do now’

Gregory sighed deeply inside.

It was because of his dirty inner intentions of extorting his lover in the absence of his close friend.

Of course, he wasn’t ignorant enough to put it into practice.

Gregory quickly hid his expression and smiled.

I had to hide my true feelings with a fake smile.


more than that, miss, where are you going now”

He quenched his hot emotions with a cold chill.

TL/N: Aw man we all know what’s the end game so it feels bad knowing he has zero chance.


[Tiarozety’s POV]

I took a deep breath with a tense face and got up from my seat.

“Miss, are you leaving now It’s still early…”

Daisy glanced at her watch and gave off a curious light.

It was because it was still earlier than the appointed time.

I said with a smile.

“I’m going to check it out myself while I’m on my way.”

Last night, I got an invitation from Seirin.

It was a suggestion to have a cup of tea together after a long time.

Meeting for the first time since the Brandt family incident.

Up until now, Seirin had only been staying at the villa, so they never met.

It was good news because I had no reason to visit.

After all, she didn’t call.

‘Maybe today is an opportunity to confirm the identity of the newly hired maid.’

Clearly, the information about the newly hired maid was completely blocked.

It was probably because the mouths of the maids around the princess were heavy, but I thought it was a bit excessive.

Fortunately, thanks to Seirin’s invitation, I was able to visit the villa with ease.

It would be even better if I ran into the new maid while I was there.

“I’ll be back.”

“Have a safe trip.”

It was when I was just leaving the room while seeing Daisy off.

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After a few steps, I heard a low laugh from behind.

I turned around and saw Gregory, puzzled by the familiar voice.

‘Prince Gregory’

Gregory thought he was laughing alone and stopped, but he tried to turn around.

I thought I was the only person he could find in this hallway, so I called him.


Gregory shrank as if he got caught doing something.

When I called, he didn’t answer, so I approached him.

When I touched his shoulder, he turned around belatedly.

His face was full of embarrassment.

“What are you doing here”

Without answering the question, he flinched and retreated. 

Eventually, he even covered his face.

At first glance, his face seemed to have a fever.

It wasn’t like usual.

Usually, it is normal for him to talk or joke around. 

I asked, tilting my head.

“What’s wrong with you Where are you sick Your face is so red…”

“No, nothing.

I was just passing by.”

Gregory talked gibberish and avoided speaking.

It was somehow suspicious, and I narrowed my eyes.

“It’s a long way from the villa to here…”

It was a place where you had to have a purpose to come directly, rather than just pass by.

‘Come to think of it, I see the prince often these days.’

I remembered what Daisy said in passing.

Gregory, who was staying at the villa, had no reason to come to the main castle.

Especially if seen frequently by Daisy, it means that he is wandering around the Myersotis Room.

‘Did Lexion ask you to take care of me separately’

I missed Lexion like crazy when I thought about it.

Even on the day of the expedition, Lexion was worried about me.

‘If anything happens, send a messenger.

I’ll stick Chris next to you.’

‘We’re in the safest place, Sparrow Castle.

What are you worried about I’m more worried about Zion.’


I’ll be careful, too.’

Lexion’s breath, which he promised by kissing tenderly, still seemed to linger around my lips.

While chewing my lips, I was surprised to see Gregory.

It was because his face was flushed red and his dazed eyes looked so painful.

I asked carefully, wondering if I should have picked a fight with a sick person.

“Are you really sick”

At that moment, Gregory’s face seemed to harden for an instant, and then he changed his complexion and laughed. 

“No, more than that, miss, where are you going now”

It was Gregory’s usual self.

I answered calmly, wondering if I had misunderstood.

“Oh, I’m going to go to Princess Seirin.”

“…Why to Seirin”

Gregory stiffened and asked back at the mention of Seirin.

I shrugged without noticing his change.

“I promised to drink tea last night.”


Gregory licked his lips, unable to speak.

Curious about it, I tilted his head and asked.

“What brings you here”

“I, of course… came to pick you up.”

“What The prince himself”

When I asked, surprised, he grinned and nodded his head.

“I was supposed to be present at that tea time too.”

“But it’s a little early now…”

“It’s better than being late.”


In this case, it would be difficult to spy on the maid in advance.

“Come on, let’s go.”

Gregory naturally extended his arm as if escorting.

Remembering that kindness to the Lady was his joy, I put my hand on it without hesitation.

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At that moment, I felt his arms stiffen.

He smiled as if he were nervous.

‘You’re really weird today.’

After that, he went to the villa with a nonsensical story.


Gregory and I arrived at the glass garden where we were supposed to meet Seirin.

The tea set was already on the table.

The strange thing is that there are only two teacups.

‘Hmm Are you not ready because I came early’ 

Seirin’s expression, she seemed to be puzzled by the unexpected situation.

Seirin blankly called out to Gregory.


“Hello, Seirin It’s a good time for tea, isn’t it”

Gregory smiled and approached her and whispered something. 

For a moment, the two whispered together. 

I just stood there and watched the two of them talking.

Throughout the conversation, Gregory kept smiling, while Seirin looked a little shaky.

From the atmosphere, Seirin seemed to have just known about Gregory joining. 

Confused, I muttered to myself.

“Wasn’t it originally planned”


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