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[Lexion’s POV]

Above the Hawk Mountains.

Lexion was resting for a while after completing one job.

It was on a high mountain, so the clouds seemed to float shallowly.

Looking at the white clouds, Tiarozety’s immaculately clear silver hair came to mind.

The blue sky reminded him of her eyes.

Lexion was heartbroken that he hadn’t seen her for a long time.

I thought wanted to go there for a minute and secretly see her face just once.

Of course, I don’t even dare to try because I know that’s not the way to do it.

Lexion took a deep breath, and then exhaled, not knowing whether it was a laugh or a sigh.

I thought I had gotten used to looking for her for a long time and putting up with it.

However, after confirming her heart, it was a big deal because I wanted to hold her and keep her by my side. 

Tiarozety didn’t know how I felt about her.

She was innocent, and whenever she looked at me, it boiled like crazy inside.

It was very hard for me to endure it.

Her presence alone made me anxious.

However, I didn’t want my dark insides to be exposed, so I pretended with inappropriate consideration. 

Perhaps it is because I miss her that I feel foolish now.

‘Have a safe trip.

I will miss you.’

Her voice, which was shyly saying goodbye, was still clear.

He promised to return, so it was his job to return safely and reassure her.

Aiden approached when Lexion was looking up at the sky and thinking of Tiarozety.

“Duke, I’m ready for your instructions.”

Lexion got up from his thoughts and got up.

It was time to move diligently to get to her, whom I missed.


Gregory stared at Seirin.

At some point, there was a coldness on her face, which was unfamiliar.

Even in the silence of drinking tea like this, it seemed that some unknown waves were flowing.

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Gregory couldn’t help but open his mouth.



“Are you all right”

“There’s no reason not to be okay, brother.”

Seirin took a sip of tea with an elegant smile.

Behind that unshakable act, Seirin’s turbulent heart was mixed.

As if the seeds of hatred had grown in her heart, Seirin was terrified. 

She hated Tiarozety.

It felt like she stole everything from her.

All lovers and friends.

She didn’t realize that she was being unreasonable.

Tiarozety made her feel that they were “snatched away” with vague feelings.

‘I didn’t know Hegel Brandt was so stupid.’

He’s been sick since he was little, so she guessed he’s just a kid who doesn’t even know what to do.

Seirin smiled bitterly as she remembered the last conversation with Hegel.


‘Yes, a prince is supposed to be a king.

If it weren’t for the pain, there would be Prince Hegel in her place.’

‘No, my sister is better suited to the position than I am.’

Hegel grunted with an annoyed expression on his face.

Seirin changed the direction of the story when he couldn’t be persuaded.

‘Of course, she’s a great fit for the position.

But Prince Hegel, isn’t it such a waste for her to stay only in Bael’


‘If you weren’t sick, she would have already sat in an important position in the capital.’

‘But my sister said it’s okay…’

‘Do you believe that’

Hegel’s mouth closed like a clam at Seirin’s question.

So now she thought she could communicate a little, but Hagel’s answer was spectacular.

‘Yes! I believe everything she says!’


‘I’m just going to be sister’s escort warrior.

Sister looks good as a king.

Yap yap! I want to learn swordsmanship from now on!’

TL/N: Hegel is uwu.

The mere thought of it made her sigh.

Playing house that ended in such a rush.

The scheme of trying to entice the child to eye level collapsed.

After that, she tried several times, but Hegel Brandt didn’t get it at all.

He didn’t seem to have the ambitions common among the sons of nobles.

‘It would be more convenient to find a suitable person and have him sit there.’

After that, Seirin had given up trying to convince Hegel.

And more than that, she was nervous about something else.

It’s almost wartime now.

So everyone got together and was focused only on the evil dragon.

It was the right time to secretly assassinate Tiarozety.

Seirin laughed at Lexion who had left for the Hawk Mountains.

He thought Sparrow Castle was the safest, but not at all.

‘As long as I’m here, Tiarozety won’t be on the same ground as me.’

The preparations are almost ready.

Although Alois keeps trying to delay things, it is not long before they can put it into action.

By the time the other side noticed, it must have been after Tiarozety had died.

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Then Gregory said.

“Come to think of it, I couldn’t reach Kronos.”

“I’m sure he’s coming well on his own.”

“It doesn’t seem like you to be comfortable*.

Did you get a call”

TL/N: Seirin was panicking when she couldn’t contact the King or Prince Kronos in previous chapters.

At Gregory’s question, Seirin slowly focused her gaze.

“If he had contacted me, I would have told my brother.”

Gregory laughed bitterly at her natural attitude.

It was because he had already confirmed the circumstances in which she had communicated with Kronos several times through the spy.

‘What the hell is she hiding’

Gregory was very curious about Seirin’s intentions.

Also, what kind of interference Kronos is trying to come up with.

“Seirin, you’ve become an imperial family*, too.”

TL/N: I THINK, he means that she has changed into becoming the same as the rest of the royal family, who he deeply dislikes.

Back in chapter 60, it was mentioned that Seirin is the only member that Kronos regarded as his family.

“Of course, because I’m royalty.

And it’s the same with my brother.”

Seirin smiled beautifully.

The royal family is royalty.

She didn’t seem to know how these words felt like shackles to Gregory.

Gregory replied bitterly. 

“Yes, I’m also royalty.” 

Seirin smiled contentedly. 

As if she heard the answer she wanted.

“Excuse me.” 

Then Betty came in and whispered something to Seirin. 

He thought Seirin’s eyes were shining and she said to Gregory. 

“Brother, I’ve got to go.” 

“Where are you going”


Seirin got up from her seat with a bright smile on her lips.

Gregory wanted to smile, but as soon as she disappeared, he stopped smiling.

Then he followed Seirin as she passed through the corridor with his eyes.

After a while, Seirin welcomed a maid and headed somewhere.

Gregory stared at the maid he had never seen before.

While wearing a hat and covered with a veil, he already knew her identity.

‘Alois Beth.’

The last descendant of the magician and the woman Lexion is looking for.

The other day, Gregory accidentally witnessed a maid named Betty walking out of Bael.

He chased her with some kind of anxiety, and he thought it must be because he met a certain woman.

But the moment he saw the red-haired woman he met in Sparrow Castle.

Gregory realized that this was not unusual.

Gregory then investigated the red-haired woman and found out that she was descended from a magician.


A descendant of wise men who can fight evil dragons.

The wise man was the teacher of the first emperor, but his name was unknown.

There is only a single line of record that says “It was a teacher.”

Perhaps history was arbitrarily deleted in the process of establishing the empire.

He didn’t know how a magician, a descendant of a wise man, had the power to fight evil dragons with such a tank.

The Aden imperial family simply repeated taking them as needed and discarding them as a special power when the need disappeared.

Therefore, the relationship between the magician and the imperial family was generally bad.

They were good at hiding from the imperial family.

Nevertheless, in times of crisis, they always went out into the world to fight evil dragons.

This was because their own magic could not only seal the evil dragon, but also curse and bless the people.

He didn’t know how to seal the evil dragon or why he couldn’t get rid of it.

They thoroughly hid the principle of power.

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Gregory kept an eye on Alois Beth, who infiltrated Sparrow Castle under the name of ‘Luna Diason’.

He thought about telling Lexion in advance, but he couldn’t act hastily because he was afraid Seirin would be embarrassed for no reason. 

Although he knew that the reason Lexion was looking for Alois Beth was because of the expedition, Gregory could not say it. 

No matter how ugly she was, Seirin was his younger sister.

He could never accuse my sister with my own hands.

So he was monitoring with the intention of stopping her before she started working.

It hasn’t caused any problems so far, so he has only been silently observing.

On the one hand, he hoped she would take care of it on her own.

He didn’t want Seirin to go further because of love.

He wanted to prevent her from going on the wrong path because he was blinded by love.

However, Seirin acted like a carriage that could not stop.

She didn’t seem to have any intention of grabbing the reins and stopping herself.

Due to the nature of Tiarozety, Gregory was uneasy and moved.

It was obvious where Seirin’s arrow would be headed.

It seems that Seirin’s feelings for Lexion were bigger than expected.

Seeing that she’s trying to act so uncharacteristically. 

‘Seirin, please, for god’s sake don’t do anything wrong.’

Gregory let out a deep sigh and headed towards the Myersotis Room where Tiarozety was.


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