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[Seirin’s POV]



“Why do you think the Elder Council of the Sparrow Family works well”

“Well, is welfare good”

When Seirin said with a gentle smile, Emelia affirmed.

“Because we don’t harbor two minds for each other.”


“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear about today.”


“Then I’ll be on my way.”

Emelia bowed politely and left.

There was silence in Seirin’s bedroom.

Betty, who was beside her, spoke to her.


Seirin said while stroking her throbbing forehead.

It was a face that was hard to find in the past.

“You must have made Luna’s ID in advance, right”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“If you bring it right away, she’ll doubt it, so give it to her in half a day.”

“I understand.”



“Secretly approach Hegel Brandt.

So that the other Brandt family doesn’t notice.”

“To Hegel Brandt”

“Yes, I don’t mean to meet him right away.

I mean, take the opportunity to figure out where to go so that I can meet him in person.”

“Ah, yes!”

Betty nodded and left the room.

Seirin tapped the table with a cold smile.

She was planning to convince Emilia to find out what Lexion was up to.

But blatantly rejecting my hand.

This was really unexpected.

Especially since Emilia was a friend.

“How dare you…”

Seirin clenched her fists.

The smile was unchanged, but venom was reflected in her eyes.

The words spoken were also cold.

At that moment, a black haze hovered around her and scattered.

“Kicking the luck that rolled in.

Emelia is wrong to be a big person.”

Seirin seemed to recite it coldly, and she took out parchment with magic from the drawer.

A more sophisticated technique than before.

Seirin grinned and laughed excessively at the same time, highly elated by the upcoming game.

I hope Alois will succeed this time.

TL/N: this girl cray cray


It’s been a month since Lexion left the expedition.

Since we’ve always been together since returning, his absence felt very empty.

My desire to see him rose up like clouds in the sky and filled my body.  

‘I’m sure Lexion is doing well right’

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There has been little news since the letter stating that they had arrived safely and were looking at the mountains.

Perhaps it was because he was busy getting things done before Kronos arrived.

I can’t just wait, I was doing what I could here. 

It was because I wanted to be of some help to Lexion.

I had Daisy secretly watch Betty’s movements.

It was because I suspected that she was the blonde aristocrat who had inquired about Alois Beth the other day.

Of course, it could have been an excessive worry because it was only a strong belief.

There hasn’t been any movement yet.

In the past, I wouldn’t have suspected Seirin at all.


‘Seirin’s been acting weird.’

Her behavior sometimes felt foreign to me.

Especially when she aligned with Lexion’s mouth and made me misunderstand, it was truly exhausting.

It was something that the Seirin I knew would never have done.

I remembered the conversation I had with Lexion after confirming my heart.

‘Actually, I saw you kissing the princess in the greenhouse.’


‘That’s why I thought Zion fell for the princess again……’

‘No, I didn’t kiss her.’

‘What But…’

Lexion mumbled softly as he rubbed his face.

‘I didn’t know you’d be there… so that’s why you were so cold in the Carmel Forest.’ 


“Are you jealous”

Before I knew it, his eyes were smiling.

He seemed very happy to have received my jealousy.

I was somewhat embarrassed and stuttered.

‘Ah… well, it’s not like that.’

‘There’s nothing between me and the princess.

Before and now.’

‘What But before…’

‘You know it, how I came to recognize books.’


‘So you don’t have to be nervous, Titi.’

A friendly voice whispered in my ear.

Don’t be anxious, the lips that were comforting me were also soft and warm.

‘But I’m happy that you seem to really like me.’

‘Don’t misunderstand the relationship between Prince Gregory and me.

You know the book forces me.’


I’ll try.’

Lexion didn’t say he would until the end.

Perhaps it was a necessary measure to prevent further progress between Gregory and me.

Looking back, the Awakened seemed to be at ease.

You are freer to interfere with the book than I am.

‘Now I know.

Why did the princess say that then.’

‘What did the princess say’

‘If I don’t get it, I’ll have it even if it means I’ll destroy it.’

‘What! Did the princess really say that’

‘Yes, I was surprised too.

As you know, that wasn’t the kind of personality the princess had.’

‘Right, it’s a little shocking.’ 

‘Titi, this world is no longer a world before regression.

If you think of the princess as the former Seirin, you will be beaten.’

‘I’ll be careful.’

To be honest, I was still embarrassed that Seirin had said such a thing.

She was the symbol of the sunshine heroine.

I never dreamed that she would devise a scheme and backstab behind the scenes.

‘I’m sure she made me watch the scene on purpose.

She wants to separate me from Zion.’

If Seirin came out like that, I didn’t intend to regard her as a gentle princess any longer.

Because I don’t want to be stabbed in the back again.

Once doubts sprouted, all of her actions became suspicious.

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Just then, Daisy came in to check on Betty.

“Miss, I’m here.”

“How’s Betty Diason doing”

“It was similar to usual…”

Daisy hesitated to speak.

As I tilted my head, she continued.

“Young Lady Diason secretly took Young Master Brandt to the Princess.”


“It’s a little suspicious to see that she took him without anyone knowing.

It is also worrisome that Young Lady Diason used to go to the floor where Young Master Brandt stayed on under the pretext of running errands.”

My heart grew heavy at Daisy’s report.

Why did Seirin meet Hegel Brandt On top of that, secretly.

I thought it had something to do with the Brandt family succession issue.

She is a member of the royal family.

This was a big problem if the royal family was trying to get involved in the succession of the Brandt family.

Besides, Hegel Brandt was young.

He was very good hand* for an experienced Seirin to grip and sway with words.

TL/N: Like Hegel is a good card for Seirin to make use of in her plans.

‘Should I tell Emelia’

But when she asked how I knew that, I had nothing to say.

It’s like revealing that I’m monitoring the princess.

What’s more, she might think of it as making false rumors about her younger brother.

Daisy told me to think about it carefully

“Oh, come to think of it, the maid I saw for the first time in the villa was next to Princess Seirin.”

“What do you mean you’ve never seen a maid before”

“Well, I guess she’s a new maid… …but she doesn’t come out of the room until Princess Seirin calls her.” 

“I heard that she has a personal task, but no one knows what it is.”

“What’s your impression”

“According to villa servants, she always wears a veiled hat.

So no one saw the maid’s face properly.”

“Didn’t anyone talk to that maid”


The Princess is very involved and they said they had never even talked to each other.

Actually, I didn’t report it separately because I thought it wasn’t related to Young Lady Diason, but she turned out to be Young Lady Diason’s niece.

I’m telling you just in case.”

I told Daisy to keep an eye on Betty, so it was only natural to post a report now.

‘It’s a little suspicious…’

The more I listened to Daisy, the more suspicious I became.

However, it was hard for me to find out deeply about the Princess’s handmaiden.

Even Daisy, a maid, had her limits.

‘Should I ask Emelia’

After thinking for a while, Daisy asked.

“What should I do ”

“Um, first of all, keep your eyes on Young Lady In a way that is not dangerous.”

“Yes, I will.”

“And I want to meet Young Master Brandt……”

As I muttered, Daisy said with a smile.

“Young Lady Brandt suggested a simple tea time for the three of us with Hegel Brandt.”


Then it was a good occurrence. 

It wasn’t easy for me to meet Hegel separately. 

In the first place, I, who is not an aristocrat, could not have asked a noble to come and go.

Emilia would say it was okay, but first of all, the social atmosphere was like that.

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Daisy was pleased and looked at me as she said with a faint smile.

“Yes, then I’ll let you know when the tea time date is set.” 

“Yes, thank you, Daisy.” 


Clear Morning.

I was accustomed to walking along the trail with Max.

Tea time with the Brandt siblings was scheduled for this afternoon.

It was when Max pushed his nose and sniffed on the grass.

Someone walked towards me from the other side.

It was Hegel Brandt.

He found me and stopped walking, I guess he was taking a walk too.


Hegel gave a short exclamation and licked his lips.

I’ve already seen him once at Brandt Castle, but in a way, it was my first time seeing him because he was not in his right mind.

‘Now you’ve gotten better enough to take a walk alone.’

It was the first time I had seen him in person, although I knew he had become healthy.

The early meeting was somewhat awkward because today’s tea time was scheduled.

‘Even if you don’t recognize me, I should say hello, right’

While I was pondering with my eyes wide open, Hegel approached me.

“It’s Miss Tiarozety.

My name is Hegel Brandt.”

He smiled brightly and lightly brought a hand to his waist and bowed in silence.

It seemed like a courtesy in the sense that he respected me in his own way, but it was rather sloppy.

The less refined appearance made him look more childlike.

I said with a smile.


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