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As if Emelia’s face was distorted, she bowed her head and the tears that she had been holding back burst.

“Ugh…! I’m sorry.

I’m terribly sorry, Tiarozety.”

Emelia forgot to speak politely and she sobbed as she called my name.

Daisy and Emilia’s handmaidens, who were by our sides, flinched at the sudden tears.

Daisy poked her handmaiden out of the room.

Unknowingly, she seemed to have had a hard time.

It made me so emotional.

I got up and handed Emilia a handkerchief.

“You must have had a hard time.”


I thought Emelia was calling me with tearful eyes, and suddenly hugged me tightly. 

“Em, Emelia”

“Our family will never forget the grace we received from Tiarozety.”

“I didn’t do it for a reward…”

“It’s no use refusing.

We’ve already decided to do that, Tiarozety.” 

Emilia hugged me more and expressed her ambitions.

It’s so serious that I can’t even say that she didn’t have to. 

After a while, my shoulders got a little wet.

‘I never expected the day to come when I will receive a tearful oath from Emelia.’

When she did it, it was a new thing to me, and I felt dazed.

It felt like my heart was getting heavy for nothing because I was rewarded so much for my actions based on my own calculations.

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‘Is this the pride of the aristocracy’

I patted Emelia on the back because I felt like my heart was warming up.

“Are you pledging your loyalty to me”

“That’s right.”

“Emelia is a noble, isn’t it strange to swear allegiance to me”

“My father said.

‘Bael will soon cease to follow the old customs.’ ”


“When that era comes, there will be no one who can ignore Tiarozety.”

I flinched at the declaration that was like Emilia’s promise.

I wondered if Emelia was saying this because she was up to something at Lexion and the Elder’s Home.

‘Maybe they’re doing something for me.

Lexion, the elders too.’

When I didn’t say anything, Emelia added.

“Even if Tiarozety is not a noble, please don’t think the Brandt family is cold enough to ignore our lifelong benefactor.”

“No way.

Thank you, Emelia.”


I’ll protect you.


Emilia said, sniffling.

She sobbed like a child and said something reliable, which made me laugh.

It seems like the good complexion she was showing was just acting.

Emilia couldn’t easily stop crying.

I didn’t stop patting her until she stopped crying and calmed down.

I felt strange as I was comforting Emelia.

I feel like I just made a good friend.

She’s not a friend of mine, she’s a friend of Seirin… 

…but on the other hand, I thought I wanted to be a friend of Emelia.

So I opened my mouth impulsively.

“Emelia, please be my friend before you protect me.

It would be even better if you keep calling my name.”

It was a bold request for a mere minority race to make to a noble.

But Emelia smiled broadly, letting me go as if she were very happy with my request.

“If Tiarozety wants it…”

Her wide-open eyes were full of kindness towards me.

I was touched by her kindness and honesty, and I laughed.

Celebrating that we’re finally friends.

“I think we can be good friends, Emelia.” 


Afterwards, Emilia came to say hello to Seirin, who was staying at the villa.

Her face had regained its composure as if she had never cried.

But there was tension on her face.

It was even more so since it was the first time she had seen her since the event.

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“Princess, this is Emelia Brandt.” 

“Welcome, Young Lady Brandt.” 

Seirin welcomed Emilia who was greeting her.

However, she did not show the activeness of holding hands or guiding the seat as before.

The title was also changed from ‘Emelia’ to ‘Young Lady Brandt’.

Emilia simply bowed her head at Seirin’s change of attitude.

It was because she realized what kind of position Seirin had decided to take.

In a way, she was a felon who almost killed the royal family.

Of course, Seirin was not injured, so it was only an attempt, but she was almost charged with treason.

That day, Emilia’s memories evaporated, leaving nothing behind.

If Seirin tried to inflate this, the Brandt family would have suffered a severe blow.

Fortunately, however, the situation ended well because she said she would not report this incident to the royal family.

But Emilia knew.

Whether it’s aristocratic or imperial, it’s their nature to try to gain the upper hand when they find their opponent’s weakness.

And Seirin is also a member of the Imperial family.

Seirin was no different from the rest of the royal family.

Now Emelia and Seirin were not on an equal footing.

Emelia stood and said.

“From today, I’m in charge of managing the Sparrow Castle.”

“I see.”

Seirin didn’t encourage her to sit down, and Emelia stood by and waited.

Like a maid.

After Emilia had calmly finished what she had to say, she carefully started speaking

“There’s one thing I want to check.”

“What is it”

“I checked the list of maids, and found that you had a new maidservant in addition to the maid brought from the imperial family.” 


“As you know, there was a big deal in Bael regarding the evil dragon’s thoughts.”

“I know.

That’s why Brandt’s daughter even threatened me, didn’t she”

Emilia flinched at Seirin’s innocent words.

Emilia knew.

That Seirin is just threatening to move on and to pretend not to know.

However, Emilia was not one who would move on like this.

Because this was Sparrow Castle’s business before it was her business.

“I did, so the boundaries from the outside have become strict.

It’s late, but I need identification.” 

“I’m a guaranteer, can I verify her identity”

“Even if there is a guarantee from the Princess, she is an outsider.

I ask for at least your cooperation, considering the situation outside.”

When Emilia came out hard, Seirin frowned.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere became as breathless as if on a thin ice sheet.

Betty, who was by her side at that time, spoke up.

“Young Lady Brandt, are you threatening the Princess right now”

“It’s not a threat.

Even if you are a princess, it’s natural to accept the family’s request for cooperation as long as you stay in Sparrow Castle.”

“Since when has Young Lady Brandt been acting as the hostess of Sparrow”

“What do you mean, acting like a hostess I am only trying to fulfill the duties I have been delegated, with the rights that the Duke has entrusted me with for the time being.”

“Then do the work of Sparrow Castle.

Don’t try to exercise your authority over the Princess.”

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As Betty fired back and forth, Emelia questioned in bewilderment.

“Overstepping my authority” What the hell are you talking about, Young Lady Diason”

“If you don’t stop threatening the Princess …!”

“Betty, stop it.” 

As Emilia and Betty’s voices rose, Seirin intervened.

Betty mumbled with a sullen face.

“But, Princess…”

“You’re the reason I feel like I’ve done a real crime.”

“Ah… I’m sorry, Princess.”

Betty quickly bowed her head and apologized.

Seirin said to Emelia.

“Yes, I fully understand Young Lady Brandt’s position.”

“I apologize.”

“Luna is Betty’s niece.

I just got her because she came to recuperate nearby after she was stranded because of the evil dragon.”

“Young Lady Diason’s niece”

“Yes, she’s a distant niece, and she’s known Betty since she was young.


“Yes, Princess.”

When Betty answered straight away, Emelia said.

“Can you show me Luna Diason’s ID”

“Young Lady Brandt…!”

As Betty trembled and tried to protest, Seirin raised her hand and stopped it.

“I see.

Luna is on an errand now, so I’ll let you know her ID her as soon as she gets back.”

“Thank you for your cooperation, Princess.”

As Emilia bowed her head, Seirin smiled bitterly.

Of course, when Emilia looked up, the ridicule had already disappeared.

After the official talk was over, Seirin said.

The tone was quite different from the heavy voice earlier.


“Yes, Princess.”

“I let it slide because you were my friend.”


“It’s good to work hard, but I want you to do it while looking at the other person.”

TL/N: Seirin is lowkey warning her to watch herself and not “overstep”.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

As Seirin waved her hand, Emilia was silent and tried to step down.

“Oh, wait.”


“I heard Hegel is all better Did Miss Tiarozety help you”

Emilia was bewildered by her sudden mention of Hegel, so she replied late.

“…no, it’s just that his previous illness was cured in the process of purification.”


“Yes, then I’ll be on my way.”

“You know, if Hegel’s all better, don’t you need me more, Emelia”

“What’s that”

“The successor position.”

Seirin smiled slowly and tried to negotiate.

Only then did Emelia realize Seirin’s intention and bit her lower lip.

This meant that Seirin would push her to become the heir of the Brandt family, so she would become Sparrow’s spy.

‘Seirin, you’re a member of the Imperial family too.’

The imperial family always wanted to control the Sparrow family.

The Brandt family is one of the elders of the Sparrow family.

In addition, since he holds the chairmanship, touching the kite* will help the royal family in the future.

TL/N: So I did some googling and apparently, Kite also symbolizes relationship.

The actual words in the raws differ but my best guess is “touching the kite” = Brandt having this close relationship with the Sparrow Family. 

It is also suitable for keeping the Sparrow family in check.

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‘Emelia, please be my friend before you protect me.

It would be even better if you keep calling my name.’ 

For a moment, Tiarozety, who asked me to be a friend, came to mind. 

A person whom she’s only just known but is strangely comfortable with.

Perhaps it was so comfortable because she treated Emelia as a person herself regardless of politics or family.

But what about Seirin

She thought she knew her well because she had known her for a long time, but the more she knew her, the more she realized that she only knew her face.

Seeing that even being together became uncomfortable, made Emilia feel like a stranger. 

Emelia sighed and said.


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