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Chapter 80


“He can’t come today either.”

“Yes… there was a beast nearby.”

Daisy answered with a tearful face.

It seemed a little awkward to have to say the same thing all the time.

I sighed deeply inside.

It’s been many days since I met Lexion.

Contrary to the information Theo asked for that day, Lexion did not come to Sparrow Castle.

It was because of the appearance of a beast from a nearby area and the knights mobilized there.

Since then, on the pretext of continuing to be busy, Lexion stayed in a temporary barracks on the outskirts of the territory, not in Sparrow Castle.

‘I think he’s avoiding me.’

At first, I thought it was an excessive worry.

It’s a time when the situation changes so quickly, so I thought it was natural to be busy.


‘Lady, did something happen with Zion’

‘What No, nothing happened…’

‘Really That’s strange.

I thought you two had a fight again.’


‘He’s been living outside all the time these days.

No matter how busy he is, his bed would be better at home.’ 

As if it kept repeating, I kept worrying about what Gregory said.

I was a little disappointed at Lexion, who avoided me without doing anything.

‘You told me to stay with you.

Can I leave it like this Am I going back to the original world’ 

There were several days when the various thoughts in my mind got me heated up* for no reason.

TL/N: She got upset

But as time went by, I felt like I was going crazy missing him.

Will he hate it if I go to the barracks’

The moment I was just thinking-

“Shall I guess what the lady is thinking now”

Gregory, who was drinking tea with me, grinned with his chin propped.

I asked with a very wary face.


“You thought you wanted to see Lexion, right”


“Yeah, that’s right.

At any rate, I can see everything on your face.”

“…It’s not.”

I feigned ignorance, slowly denied it, and put the brownie in my mouth.

Then Gregory continued.

“If you’re that worried, why don’t you go visit”

I hesitated and mumbled at Gregory’s suggestion.

“I think I’m interrupting his work.

…He might not like it.”


Is Zion a guy like that The lady only becomes timid about matters regarding him”

Gregory grunted as he pushed the brownie plate towards me.

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He’s right.

The case of me being timid was always related to Lexion.

I asked, biting my lower lip.

“Will he really not hate it”

“Of course.

If you’re ashamed to go alone, I’ll go with you.”

“I’d appreciate it if you did, but…”

I hesitated, dragging the end of my words.

It was because Lexion knew that Gregory was the male protagonist of my book, so I was afraid that there would be some misunderstanding when we went together.

‘Shall I send a letter At least a communication….’

Gregory added as if he thought I was hesitant.

“I’m not going just for you, so don’t feel so pressured.”

“No, I’m…”

“I’m just about to go because I have something to do there.”

“Something to do”

What business does Gregory have outside of Bael

Gregory grumbled as I took on an obvious quizzical look.

“Lady, when I see you sometimes, I feel like you’re treating me as an unemployed bum.

I’m a pretty talented person too.”

“…I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize.

If you apologize here, you’re admitting it.

It hurts more.”

Gregory grumbled and asked again.


Are you going or not”


“Think carefully, young lady.

If you don’t go today, you might not be able to see Lexion for a while.”

“I might not be able to see him”

“He said he would go on an expedition soon.

Because of the current situation and the condition of the neighboring lands, it’s not good enough to defend only Bael.”


“I’m glad the Northern Union is doing well, at least.

Anyway, the expedition seems inevitable.”

Gregory sighed and murmured.

I was belatedly surprised by his words and asked.

“Wait, He’s on an expedition Where is he going”

“Was it the Hawk Mountains They say it’s going crazy right now.

The villages near the mountain range must have been severely damaged.” 


I bit my lower lip as I recalled the past.

If it is the Hawk Mountains, it is a place that used to be a colony of evil dragons.

‘Are you trying to purify in advance’

In the past, he had set up an expedition team late but failed greatly, resulting in a huge loss of power. 

‘Now, it may be different from the past.

…But why am I so anxious’

It may be because of the book’s warning that the evil dragon has become stronger.

It’s probably because I’m worried that Lexion will get hurt there.

‘If we only defend the Hawk Mountains, we could change the past when Bael was colonized.’

The Hawk Mountains were a large mountain that divided the northern part.

If you protect it, it will be easier to defend the entire northern part.

When the thoughts went crazy, it was decided that it would be better for Lexion to go on an expedition as soon as possible. 

At the same time, it was difficult to hide my disappointment.

‘You must have been busy organizing the expedition.

I wish you’d told me… …but we didn’t have time to talk.’

It was fortunate that Gregory had to go there, or I would have heard the news only on the day of the expedition.

‘I’m upset.

And very much so…’

Then Gregory said goodbye.

“I have to go now.

Think about it, lady.

The departure will be at five.”

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Then I tried to get out of my seat.


I called him for a moment and frowned.

There was a conflict between not wanting to interfere with Lexion’s work and wanting to see him.

But in the end, the latter won.


If it’s a short trip, it’ll be fine.’

“I’m going.”

Gregory blinked at my consent and said cheerfully.

“Yeah, well thought out.

He can’t meet you even if you want to after he goes to the military.”

“Yes, but just in case, please contact him in advance that I’m going.

It’ll be a problem if I suddenly visit him.”


Then, if you are ready, I’ll come back on time later.” 


[Lexion’s POV]

Inside the barracks located on the outskirts of Bael.

Lexion was looking at the list of knights in preparation for the upcoming expedition.

In his previous life, it was a key point that was discovered late and could not be settled.

So, this time, the idea was to recapture the Hawk Mountains and prevent the evil dragon from expanding its power.

– The Hawk Mountains are a good habitat for evil dragons.

If you set up an expedition team, your ending could be at a disadvantage.

The white book murmured in a disapproving tone.

From the moment Lexion became the “Evil Dragon,” the guide began to suggest an advantageous path for the evil dragon.

However, Lexion was not one who would follow it directly.

Rather, he focused on weakening the evil dragon by using the information in reverse.

‘The stronger the evil dragon’s power, the harder it will be for Titi’

If he had become Tiarozety’s enemy, he had to find a way to protect her, even avoiding the eyes of the book.

He was plotting the case to avoid penalties as much as possible and to favor Tiarozety.

Because of that, I gave up meeting Tiarozety and was only working.

It was because the penalty for the book was concentrated on Tiarozety.

TL/N: SO MUCHHH LOVE FOR LEXION!!! He really be out there doing the absolute most for Tiarozety.

‘I couldn’t even see Titi because of the damn penalty…’

Lexion’s nerves were as sensitive as they could be.

Penalties could not be added to the situation where assimilation was already in progress.

TL/N: assimilation with the evil dragon

As I avoided penalties as much as possible, it naturally became difficult to meet Tiarozety.

Then outside the barracks, Theo knocked.

“Sir, it’s Theo.”

“Come on in.”

Lexion allowed the entrance, and Theo entered.

“Your Excellency, I have received a call from the duchy.” 

“What’s the matter with the duchy”

“It’s… Tiarozety says she’ll visit here with Prince Gregory.”

“Titi and Greg”

Lexion blinked as he shifted his gaze from the paperwork to Theo.

His face naturally glowed.

Still, he missed Tiarozety so much.

I was very happy to have her visit me because I couldn’t go in person due to the obstruction of the book.

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However, Theo did not notice Lexion’s heart and spoke senselessly.

“Yes, she’s arriving around this evening… …if you’re busy, shall I ask her to come next time”

“No, she can come.”

When Lexion snapped and answered, Theo blinked.

“Didn’t you say you were going on a night patrol this evening”

“…what, tomorrow.”


“Or I can do it sooner rather than later…”

When Lexion answered slowly, Theo finally realized his intentions and nodded his head.

“Yes, then I’ll tell her to come.”

There was a hint of a smile on his lips.


Either way, as Lexion was about to turn his gaze back to the document, Theo said.

“Ahem! Oh, and the person you were looking for last time.”

TL/N: Sorry for the confusion! I was translating the next few chapters and Alois Beth seems to be female.

I alr went back to edit chapter 79 for her pronouns.

“Did you find her”

“Yes, I did find her… but she left not long ago.”

When Theo answered with hesitation, Lexion tilted his head.

“Leave Where”

“She disappeared without a word, so no one knows.

…I’m sorry I couldn’t give you the information you wanted.

This is a document that summarizes other information.”

Theo bowed and held out the papers, and Lexion took it and was silent.

‘I thought you’d be there until Lavita was destroyed…’

In her previous life, the village of Lavita was devastated and she went up to the capital to seek revenge.

At a time when Lavita is not ruined yet.

In the meantime, I was perplexed because I was trying to bribe her before the imperial family.

‘It’s more complicated than I thought.’

Lexion swept his hair once and opened his mouth.

“Just in case, ask the villagers and check the gate entry and exit records to figure out the route.” 

“Yes, I will.”

“You should hold her so that she doesn’t go anywhere else as soon as she is found.”

“If I find her, how will I treat it”

“You can treat her like a guest of honor.”

“I understand.”

Theo nodded lightly and left the room.

Lexion looked at the material Theo had left behind.

Then, his gaze was fixed on one document.


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