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Chapter 8

Gregory continued to say even he lacked an explanation.

“Hes been searching for you until he found you.

Hes been standing next to you all the time.”

“T-that is…”

“I felt bad and sorry for him, so I dragged him out of your sight, and there was this misunderstanding too.”

“Ha, it would be unfair if Zion knew.

The maid took all the balls he had for you to play with.”

Gregory clicked his tongue a few times as if he felt sorry for Lexion.

I was so surprised that I just shut my lips.

All these new facts were hard to understand.

After a while, he asked me with a look of curiosity.

“Anyway, but who else would he be looking for”

“All the articles outside are hot with a lady and Zion.

There is also rumor that he has a hidden fiancé.”

I didnt think of anything even though Gregory was babbling loudly next to me.

I just stared into the air and organized my thoughts.

It turned out that Lexions sole act to find out as she thought was that he was investigating the disaster after receiving the emperors order.

If he didnt meet Gregory on time, he could have been driven into a rebellion.

That is an unbecoming reckless act.

Besides, he gave up his search and nursed me instead.

It is rather heartbreaking that he had been by my side for three days.

But Gregory wouldnt let me fall into these thoughts.

“Hey, you didnt faint while you were standing up, did you Can you give me an answer”

“Pardon What do you mean”

I am surprised at Gregorys hand-waving behavior in front of me and asked back.

He looked very unfriendly, as if he had other thoughts about me.

I was so surprised that my actions stopped and I couldnt respond properly.

“Oh, Im sorry.

Ive been thinking about something for a little bit….”

Then someone put a wide-brimmed hat on my head.

Thanks to this, the beaming sun was being shaded.

When I turned my head, he had dark hair.

His deep dark eyes looked straight at me and said,

“Youve been here all along.

You still looked unwell.”

His words of concern were very friendly.

Lexion smiles as soon as he sees me.

He looked like a large dog wagging its tail gently to find its owner, looking like he only followed behind me.

I tried to laugh in reciprocation, but hesitated and lowered my lips.

I wondered if I could be so happy.

Just by looking at each other makes me feel so good, and thus I kept looking forward to it.

But I am very afraid of the time when he would reject me afterwards.

‘Dont laugh at me.

I remembered what I had said to him in my previous life.

It was when Seirin and Lexion avoided their seats when I saw them trying to kiss.

When I saw their faces getting closer, I turned my head.

I cant even look at their kisses.

But the book strangely described as if I had seen it all.

That day I spoke coldly to Lexion who came to me because I couldnt stand it.

It is possible because it is a scene that is not part of the novel.

I am free to act in scenes that werent present in the novels plot.

Of course, it is possible because I ran into him outside of the novel.

I told him not to laugh at me with the lips – his lips he used when he kissed her, not to make me look forward to it and eventually make myself look pathetic, and if it is Tiarozety, she would probably never have said that.

What kind of expression did Lexion have at that time

When I looked up without saying a word, Lexion looked at Gregory and asked.

“Did you tell her to come”

Gregory replied with a look of disappointment to him whom he doubted.

“What are you talking about, I just ran into her when she went out.”

Gregorys face was filled with hurt and astonishment.

But Lexion didnt even care about how he felt.

He had a rather suspicious look.

I came to my senses late and made excuses while blocking them.

It was an excuse that I had thought about beforehand when I came here.

“Oh, I was lost…”

“Dont make me look like a fool, Greg.”

When I was about to explain, Lexion asked intently.

They seemed very friendly to call each other by the nickname Zion and Greg.

Gregory, who is completely upset by Lexions attitude, stuck out his mouth.

“I was just about to do something when you came.

You gentleman Lexion.”

“Thats enough, go mind your own business now.”

“Ill go anyway.

You jerk.”

Gregory tapped Lexion timidly on the shoulder and expressed his dissatisfaction.

Then I looked at my side and nodded my head.

I stared at Gregory, who was walking aimlessly.

I wanted to talk more about Lexion, but it is not a good time.

Then Lexion insinuated.

“What are you looking at”

“Oh, its nothing.”

“I thought you got lost, but Im glad I came out looking for you.

Ill take you there.”

He held out his hand as if escorting a noble lady.

I refused several times before, but he held my hand silently.

Chapter 3 “Things I couldnt do in the past”

On the way back to the inn, there was a line of plumeria trees.

The strong scent of plumeria flowers wafted all around the streets.

It was a flower that can only be seen in the south.

The scent was so strong that my nose was filled with the sweet scent.

“The flowers are so beautiful.

It also smells good.”

When I smelled the flowers and said, Lexion replied.

“…… There are many prettier flowers than that in the north.”

“Is that so”


Maybe there will be more flowers you will like there.”

He smiled beautifully and I glanced at him.

I am so unfamiliar to Lexion, who spoke like a person who didnt want to stop talking.

His speeches increased when I was silent.

I was bothered again by his minor changes.


He talks and talks about the tribe and some other stuff.

It is very strange for me – knowing his personality.

Did his personality change as I returned

I couldnt find the answer all alone, so I slowed down and asked.

“Your Grace, how are you sure that Im going to love the flowers of the North”

Lexion stopped walking and looked down at me.

His gaze was dimly fixed.

Meanwhile, the scent of plumeria tickled the tip of my nose due to the breeze.

The white petals shook in the wind and dropped gently.

Still, he hesitated and his mouth twitched.

I didnt know what I was waiting for but I waited silently.

After a while,


“Yes, Duke.”

“Call me Lexion.”

I was speechless at his unexpected order.

I didnt know what to answer to his order.

I whispered into my hand with a perplexed expression on my face.

“What But how can I… call your name casually, Duke…”

“Its okay, call me by name.

Its better if you could call me Zion.”

He smiled beautifully as he reacted foolishly.

I stared at him with shaky eyes.

It is inevitable that I should not think about anything he said, but I still naturally expected it.

I have never called him Zion in his previous life.

The stupid Tiarozety was too scared to call him by his name.

He always used the title “Duke” unless he would say so.

Thus, she chose to be next to him quietly rather than getting close to him.

The same goes to me.

That is my role after all, and I didnt call him by his name either.

So his order was rather touching.

‘Oh, yeah, Ive called him Zion once.

I had a bitter smile on my face from the past.

I called him Zion for one time.

It was a mistake that I made when I just realized how I felt about him.

I was surprised to think he was hurt and rejected what I was saying inwardly.

That day was also the day Lexion was hurt while saving Seirin.

At that time, I was struggling because I couldnt erase Lexion in my mind, and thus I couldnt stop myself.

Looking at him being surprised, I immediately equivocate that it was a mistake, and since then – I have never called him Zion.

Thus, I was scared to keep calling his name in my own mouth.

I knew very well what my mistake would bring.

“Well, I cant.

How dare I…”

“I want you to call me Zion.”

Lexion carefully lifted my chin to meet his eyes.

As if he doesnt like it when I keep looking down.

An unexpected look swept through me.

I opened my mouth slightly without saying anything.

“Will you call me”

Then he asked me again, seducing, pleading, and soothing.

I felt like I was being sucked into his deep eyes.

Those are the dark eyes that always reassure me.

I loved those dark eyes.

Maybe even now.


He asked me again to call him again courageously with a light smile.

“One more time.”


I murmured in my mouth and raised my voice slightly.

When I called his nickname, my face was flushed and I was out of breath for no reason.

Im sure hes blushing.

He didnt want to look red, but he couldnt avoid looking at me because of the expression he was making right in front of me.

He closed his eyes prettily as if he had heard a satisfactory answer.

His face is insanely beautiful.

And his smile was rather satisfying probably because I like him.

And thus my heart throbbed.

I shouldnt have fallen for him, but my heart is racing for him once again.

I took a step back.

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I did it because I was afraid that my heart would be heard because I was so close to him.

His touch that was on my chin also drifted away.

Lexion gently fiddled my finger.

I asked him carefully like that.

“Well… I have a question….Z-Zion.”


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